All louts together. Rolling in the cultural gutter with the BBC

Isn’t it strange, unexpected and tragic, that the BBC, that great
institution which got us through the war and once fearlessly introduced its
listeners to high culture has been one of the chief agencies for British decline.
Of course no one in 1922 when the BBC was born would have guessed
that this elegant child of Lord Reith, which he schooled to ‘educate, inform,
entertain,’ would one day grow into a Frankenstein like monster hell bent on
the destruction of all his creator stood for.

When we reached the 1960s the future might have better been guessed.
As a child then I loved Aunty BBC; providing endless children’s programmes,
now long extinct on terrestrial TV, and hideously scary adaptations of
Dickens’ novels almost every Sunday. As I grew up I relished it as it
introduced me to adult culture. As a teenager I saw many of the plays of
Ibsen and a constant stream of work by radical dramatists such as David
Mercer and later Denis Potter, plus work from what was excitingly called,
‘the fringe.’
What I saw was mostly produced by left-wing writers and producers,
but it was high quality and interspersed with classic drama and even
productions of Gilbert & Sullivan. The BBC still aimed to please its middle
class viewers, but its most powerful battle seemed to be between ‘progressive’
producers and Mrs Mary Whitehouse who represented a petit bourgeois
reaction against what many even then saw as a corrosion of our national
moral values.
Mrs Whitehouse believed that BBC programmes encouraged young
girls to have sex. Most of us thought she was laughable. The religious right,
led by Malcolm Muggeridge, or ‘St. Mugg’ as he was known to Private Eye,
presented viewers with regular debate about how society was changing, and
despite such gatherings as the, ‘Festival of Light,’ nicknamed, ‘The Festival of
Trite,’ evolving into what became known as, ‘The Permissive Society.’
That may now be seen as stage one in the great BBC/Left wing plan to
change Britain into a very different society, making it fully post-imperial and
post-Christian.’Pluralist’ and ‘multi-cultural’ were terms in fashion by 1968
thanks to BBC pundits. But we now seem to be plunged into stage two, the
final shifting not just of values but of British ethnicity and deep culture, from
cohesive and white/Christian to secular/Muslim.
For the first time in my life, BBC news has abandoned all attempt at
impartiality and gone whole heartedly onto the side of the people seen by the
liberal elite as victims. No questions are asked of them, their story is
accepted. If they say they are asylum seekers, then they are, just as anyone

who thinks they are a victim of abuse is just that. And no distinctions can be
made between the deserving and undeserving, the refugee and the economic
They’ve even got a new name for it, calling what BBC reporters such
as Matthew Price pour out, ‘Participatory reporting.’ He’s pictured on his
Twitter account surrounded by sad looking children. Academic papers term
this, ‘Participatory Performance Story Reporting.’ On our TV screens it’s
done by professional journalists but is very close to the passionate,
impromptu ethos of ‘Citizen Journalism,’ conducted via mobile phone and
During this migrant crisis we have seen how this new style has been
embraced by the BBC, not in the interest of truth telling, hey, what is truth,
but to further their own agenda in support of what historian Simon Schama
calls, ‘communities of exhilaration,’ and ‘campfire enthusiasm politics.’
The BBC, so long an objective voice in the free world, is now hitched
firmly to Agit-prop and Left wing direct action. This currently comes in the
form of supporting migrants journeying to Europe. Protestors on behalf of
mass migration not only enjoy ‘campfire politics,’ but according to Radio 4
today, 8/9/15 many Britons are now travelling to Calais just to, ‘hang out
with migrants.’
They are the same people who were recently agitating over food-banks.
When Jeremy Corbyn becomes their official leader, what Schama calls the
‘Jacorbyns’ will be conducting many more of these public pieties, not out of
charity no matter how hard they and the BBC try to represent it thus, but out
of a revengeful desire to rattle the Tory government which defeated them at
the last election , as well as a more fundamental will to destroy the last
vestiges of detested white Christian British culture.

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