Forced Marriage

The police were being lambasted again, by voices from the BBC, nothing new there. A damning report has recently been published, 2/7/15, by the Inspectorate of Constabulary, stating that the police are neglectful over child abuse cases. They must change their attitudes and put ‘the protection of children at their core,’ and at present it says, little is done to arrest suspects.
One particularly insistent voice, that of Drusilla Sharpling CBE, formerly Chief Crown Prosecutor for London, repeated said that the whole ‘model of policing must change’ to make them more effective in combating what the BBC calls, ‘a staggering increase’ in child abuse.
Sharpling, who is currently in charge of projects dealing with ’21st Century Child Sexual Exploitation’ and protecting, ‘vulnerable people in custody,’ said the police must act more decisively on child protection, allocate more resources to ‘bring the perpetrator to justice.’
The Home Office also says that the ‘police must improve in this area.’
A united force against the evils of child abuse then. So how do they all explain a mysterious case which came up at Manchester Crown Court .
At her home in Longsight near Manchester, two years ago, a schoolgirl was woken on her 14th birthday and told she was not going to school that day. Her siblings were sent off to school as usual. A few hours later she was dressed in wedding finery and forced to marry a man in his 30s in the lounge of her family home. Sometime later she was was allegedly forced to have sex by her new ‘husband.’
She had no idea what was going on during the ceremony, which was performed by a local Imam, or the language being spoken. She was pinched by a relative at certain points to indicate that she should speak, a court was told.
The girl’s terrible ordeal only came to light when after the alleged rape, she fled her home and flagged down a passing police car. They rescued her and brought about the prosecution.
The court heard that she told the police officer that she had been forced to take part in a marriage and  that her ‘husband’ had forced her to have sexual intercourse, which was the trigger for her to run away.
Her father told police that a birthday party had taken place and the Imam attended to give his daughter a blessing. Elizabeth Nichols, prosecuting, said there were ‘cultural pressures’ forced on the girl’s father by others and he was ‘not alone’ in facilitating the marriage, but said he was ‘uniquely placed’ to protect her.
Mr Batra, defending, said that the father now ‘displayed real insight’ and posed no threat after being placed on a series of forced marriage courses. He did not envisage or wish any harm to come to his daughter. He would never have consented, and did not consent, to any physical contact.’
Judge Patrick Field QC told her father: ‘It was not your intention that there should be any physical contact between husband and wife until she was 18. But this case is brought against you because you are her father. You owe to her certain grave duties. Duties to nurture and to protect your daughter during her childhood. You were in breach of those duties. By forcing her into this union you betrayed her. It is important to stress that the law of England and Wales is that young girls should be free from such a threat and the courts will be diligent in enforcing this law.’
He said the girl had been ‘betrayed’ by her father and exposed by him to the risk of ‘long-lasting harm’. The father admitted child cruelty. He was then sentenced to a mere 14 weeks in custody. No one else was prosecuted. The ‘husband’ skipped to Bangladesh and no enquiries have been made or charges brought against him.
The defence counsel congratulated the court that, ‘A message has clearly has to be sent out to communities. Values and beliefs have to be adapted.’
Responding to the Constabulary report a police inspector spoke on R4 today, 2/7/15 admitting that the police were, ‘letting children down.’ He blamed some of the increase in abuse on the internet.
But the case in Manchester was nothing to do with new technology, it was to do with very ancient customs and practices of abuse which are apparently not taken very seriously by the courts despite the best efforts of the police.
We currently have quite a few well known elderly white English men sitting in prison cells after being convicted of child abuse. Aged 84, Rolf Harris received five years and eight months for sexual assaults. Max Clifford, 71, is languishing for eight years, without any conviction for rape. However it seems that if you are the ‘husband’ allegedly involved in such a case,who disappeared to Bangladesh you are above the law.
How one wonders does this tie in with the Prime Minister’s words on in June this year, about everyone in this country respecting British values?  ‘British values aren’t optional, they’re vital,’ he told us. ‘I’m clear about what these values are and I’m equally clear that they should be promoted in every school and to every child in our country. The values I’m talking about – a belief in freedom, tolerance of others, accepting personal and social responsibility, respecting and upholding the rule of law – are the things we should try to live by every day.
‘Our freedom doesn’t come from thin air,’ he went on. ‘It is rooted in our parliamentary democracy and free press. Our sense of responsibility and the rule of law is attached to our courts and independent judiciary. Our belief in tolerance was won through struggle and is linked to the various churches and faith groups that have come to call Britain home. These are the institutions that help to enforce our values, keep them in check and make sure they apply to everyone equally.’
The police are not only struggling with an exponential rise in child abuse caused by the internet. But also against a left-wing judiciary which is absolutely dedicated to cultural relativism which makes it impossible that our values can apply to ‘everyone equally.’
The culture of our courts cherishes a ludicrous fantasy that cases like this will lead to unacceptable ‘values’ and beliefs changing. It will have the opposite effect as everyone involved must know.  This case sanctions the rape and forced marriage of young girls in the UK. Perhaps the redoubtable Ms Sharpling will get refer to it in her work on  ’21st Century Child Sexual Exploitation.’ And Haram pigs will fly.

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