Putin: Russia’s Capo di tutti Capi

When I first read that Putin was worth £20 billion, I thought it must be a misprint. Admittedly, £20 million would be on the low side for a Russian dictator, and so £200 million or even £2 billion (property is expensive these days) would seem fitting. But the shameless greed and depravity that would enable someone, by sheer virtue of their political position, to amass £20 billion is almost beyond imagining. It is obscene. But apparently, this is only a conservative estimate. According to Russian fund manager Bill Browder, the true figure is more like $200 billion, which include oil shares, palaces, country estates, real estate, planes, helicopters, yachts and luxury goods of every description. In short, Putin and his cronies own Russia.

What is Mrs May worth? Well, Mr and Mrs May owns a nice four-bedroomed house in a fashionable Thameside village nice Maidenhead. Mrs May has, in her political career, earned an above average salary, first as member of parliament, then as minister, and lately as prime minister, for which she is paid £150,000 a year. Her accumulated savings will, as a result, also be above average. And when she retires, she will be guaranteed a comfortable income, bolstered by any lucrative directorships she chooses to take on (a regrettable but possibly unavoidable feature of our political system) and earnings from any speeches she chooses to make (or that anyone would be prepared to pay to listen to). So, she will be worth a few millions. But hardly super-rich.

Putin and May differ somewhat in their backgrounds. Whereas Mrs May, the vicar’s daughter, entered politics with a vague idea of doing some good, and worked her way up by displaying a certain managerial efficiency, together with qualities of decency and common sense (her only nakedly ambitious Machiavellian act having been to have remained silent during the run up to the Brexit referendum), Putin entered politics as a KGB agent.

Putin and May also differ somewhat in their attitude to their opponents and critics. Whereas those who criticise Mr Putin (political opponents, investigative journalists, lawyers challenging corruption) have a regrettable tendency to end up dead, whether murdered, beaten to death in prison, or found dead in suspicious circumstances, those who criticise Mrs May face no penalty or hindrance whatsoever. The worst Mr Corbyn can expect is some sharp words across the floor of the House of Commons; and George Osborne was told he should learn some ‘emotional intelligence’. Corbyn and Osborne have both made good recoveries.

Of course, there is much wrong with our system of representative government, with capitalism, with the West. But perhaps the most serious flaw of liberal democracy, and liberalism generally, is its tendency to self-destruct. The ascendant values of equality, respect for others, tolerance and so forth constantly eat away at the values that at root hold society together – family structures, traditional attachments and loyalties, religion, patriotism. Throw in the fashionable notions of postmodernism which have taken hold of academia, and the cancer spreads. Throw in a bit of disinformation from outside, some half-plausible conspiracy theories, a bit of foul play by those who are not bound by high-minded liberal principles, or by any rules at all, and the whole edifice is in danger of toppling. No such danger threatens the dictator of a totalitarian state, so long as potential opponents are subdued with fear, and the wider population maintained in a state of nationalistic fervour through a suitable personality cult.

Much the most disturbing feature of the Russian spy poisoning affair, then, is that for a growing number of our fellow citizens, perhaps even the majority, the word of a British prime minister, heading a democratically elected government, and acting on behalf of the nation in a matter of national security, is judged of no more worth or value than the word of the thuggish leader of a totalitarian plutocracy. We are, in fact, in dead trouble.[pullquote]

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25 Comments on Putin: Russia’s Capo di tutti Capi

  1. rif and William, question is if there anything that can be done to reverse the disintegration, given circumstances of the power set-up that is result of history.

    First try: 100,000 new members to join local Tory branches and work diligently, quietly and unseen, to introduce better sense in policies and to stiffen, perhaps replace MPs, candidates and local branch exec members.

    Also needed: a non-Leftist media entity -use half the funds from current BBC budget to set one up.

    Also of course: Constituted non-Leftist schools and non-Leftist universities -again using half the funds currently put into the respective (Leftist) systems.

    It’s our version of the Great War, I think. Much sacrifice is required by the Plain Folk, and by a sizable proportion of the middle and upper classes.

  2. Planned by the Whitehall establishment. RIF has about as much idea of Whitehall as the man in the moon. The most striking thing about Whitehall is its stupidity, laziness and incompetence. The idea they could plan anything is hilarious. Britain has succumbed to the inherent decency and tolerance of its citizens who have allowed so many unwelcome guests to overstay their welcome and now have their feet on the table. America too is inundated with unwelcome migrants , in the last 3 years African immigration has reached an all time high in the States. The failed. Pcoup against Wilson was because he was thought to be a Soviet agent in place. It sounds fantastical but the pattern ofvhis visits to Moscow and his early history as a don gave rise to some justified suspicions. His sudden departure ‘for undisclosed health reasons’ says a lot.

    • William: Lazy; yes, undoubtedly. Any group entitled by birth to a special role in society will become lazy.
      Incompetent; perhaps, but then your judgement of their competence may be clouded by your ideas of what they should be doing, rather than an appreciation of what they are, and have been doing, extremely competently, in pursuing their own interest and agenda.
      Stupid; absolutely not, stupid people do not graduate PPE or greats from Oxbridge.
      Mass 3rd world immigration into the UK, and interestingly, into most of Europe, Canada, and the US has obviously been coordinated at some level. I suspect at the UN. It is difficult to overstate the importance to Whitehall of the UK permanent seat on the UNSC, that puts Britain, and therefore Whitehall, at the highest levels of international diplomacy. Without that seat Britain would be a second or even third ranked European power, alongside Portugal or Denmark (Whitehall shudders at the prospect).
      It is also interesting, and clearly no accident, that during the post WW2 period when 3rd world immigration into Britain was being encouraged, also being encouraged was the emigration of millions of native British white people (including kidnapped orphans) to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc.
      The inherent decency and tolerance of British people was exploited by the Westminster/Whitehall elite, confident that perhaps the greatest betrayal in history could be perpetrated without any significant political push back.
      Harry, there is nothing to be done. 50 years of brainwashing; to believe in the multicultural claptrap, has produced a society completely oblivious to reality.

      • rif, perhaps you are right: Nothing can help now.

        Still, who said “Give me ten men who are stout-hearted men…”?
        It’s our version of the Great War, I say.

        Quietly, unseen, let ten men, let ten thousand men work away with feints and distractions, and begin to rectify matters -locally.

        There are certain folk, now among us, who need not co-ordination from a central authority to cause destructuion on large scale, in their aim to replace Western Civ with another one. Learn from them.

        I say, let’s give it go, do our bit, keep calm and do the necessary.

        Very resourceful folk there are among us, with the right views.
        They just need it pointed out to them that Western Civ now depends on them.

        That worked wonders in the past, and I think it can work well again.

        I’m much impressed that both the Old Testament (Kings esp) and the Baghavad Gita both say:
        Listen man: There are times when you must fight, damn the torpedoes…and the casualities.

        And of course, the Old, the Very Old Greeks said the same thing.

        As did the very excellent men who successfully got us through the Big Wars of C20.

  3. ” …fashionable notions of postmodernism… ”

    No, no, that’s not right. The correct expression is “fashionable nonsense of postmodernism”. Look it up. Better, try reading some of it. Pure, solid gold idiocy. Shiploads of it. Enough to out a whirling dervish into a tizz.

  4. To me, Editor Harris is a bit rough and tough on the USA with his implied criticism using the phrase “greatest country in the world bores”.
    Oh the USA is unpleasant in many aspects.
    Due to its geography (that includes natural resources along with the location, shape and size of its lands and waters) and its British founding/heritage, it is indeed the world’s greatest country.
    Sans the US economy and military, most of us contemporary Westerners would perhaps not have drawn breath.
    And similar for many non-Westerners.
    So there’s that.

  5. Yes sure, we are in dead trouble.
    Only question: What to do?
    Hard to see any effective fix-up that does not include many elements of what the Pinochet regime did in Chile, just as an example.
    And that is far too icky for most of those who like not the Big Decline.

    • Harry: A couple of observations: General Pinochet led a coup against a completely out of control leftist (Allende) who claimed the right to revolutionize Chile based on a minority election victory. Similar covert, but unsuccessful, plots were made against Harold Wilson during the late 60’s and early 70’s. Culminating in a military seizure of Heathrow Airport in 1974, later claimed to be a training exercise, but which was more likely intended as a part of a military coup, it was a fiasco but then most of what the British Establishment does can be so described.
      The point is that the demographic transformation of England is not an accident, it was planned and carried out by the Westminster/Whitehall clique, the Establishment, TPTB, and as such will not trigger action by the military. However the election of Jeremy Corbyn to PM and his band of lunatics to power is almost certain to result in a coup, especially if he carries through on his threat to eliminate the Monarchy as Head of State. The Monarchy underpins the whole class structure of Britain, such an action will not be tolerated.
      There are other potential situations that could trigger a military coup, such as complete societal breakdown on the Venezuelan model, but any coup will see TPTB protected and defended. There will never be action such as Gen. Pinochet took in Chile; the introduction of a free market system based on individual liberty and equal opportunity for all citizens, such principles are completely incompatible with class ridden Britain.

  6. I read somewhere a long time ago that there was once a Roman Emperor who had a slave with just one duty – to see the Emperor each morning and say to him “Remember that you must die”. There was also a parable told approaching 2000 years ago about a man whom had accumulated great wealth and who decided to use some to enlarge his property preparatory to a life of ease and luxury. Unfortunately (for him) he did live long enough to carry out his intentions. Mrs May will someday die, so will Mr Putin, so must we all; who then will benefit from any accumulated wealth? “Having food and rayment, therewith to be content”.

  7. “…the word of a British prime minister, heading a democratically elected government, and acting on behalf of the nation in a matter of national security, is judged of no more worth or value than the word of the thuggish leader of a totalitarian plutocracy.”

    …and your point, Alistair Miller?

    Looking in, I think Britain is still a better place than Russia, but not overwhelmingly so. Consider that most young Russians, although skeptical of Putin and knowing that he’s lining his pockets, are satisfied with his rule. I’m sure you’ve read “Meet The Puteens” in the 17 March issue of The Economist. Why do you say that a man who left East Germany with a 20 year old washing machine in the boot of his car is less to be admired than Mrs May with her gold-plated pension? And are you saying that Britain and the USA are above assassination?

    What exactly is the moral difference between Mrs May’s millions and Putin’s billions? How can either deserve what they’ve taken or been given? That’s life.

  8. Corruption map link below.
    The US is about 35% more corrupt than the UK where 0 is not corrupt and 176 is very corrupt. The US scored 18/176 while the UK scored 10/176. Sudan is the most corrupt at 174/176

    Thuggish Police?
    US police killed 1,129 people in 2017, British Police 4 (If UK had the same population as the US, our police would have killed 20.


    • Entirely meaningless perceptions of corruption.
      If the British police actually addressed crime and criminals they would do the British public the great service of “offing” a lot more criminals than they do. It has apparently escaped your notice that London is now vastly more violent than New York, not that causes Cressida Dick or Mayor Khan any concern.

      • Oh you mean we should be gunning down people in the streets? Was it you who agreed with the idea of teachers in the US having guns? Perhaps not. In any event London is not vastly more violent than New York, there were 15 homicides in London in Feb and 22 in March, in New York there were 14 and 21 respectively. Populations 8.8 million London and 8.5 million N York. We have lots of Americanophobics in the UK, irrational, narrow-eyed and ranting, made even more angry by the facts, you are the first Anglophobic to grace our blog site! Welcome

          • You wrote ‘If the British police actually addressed crime and criminals they would do the British public the great service of “offing” a lot more criminals than they do’. Do you mean that? You also wrote ‘It has apparently escaped your notice that London is now vastly more violent than New York, not that causes Cressida Dick or Mayor Khan any concern.’ The difference in the death rates between cities was 2 people, is that what you mean by ‘vastly more violent.’ This is a very weird obsession of yours about the UK. I live here and what you describe is a fantasy fueled by the oddest rage. Travelling in the US one comes across ‘Greatest country in the world’ bores, sitting next to you on a plane. You are not one of them are you?

        • Count in burglaries (including those in which the victim is home, that doesn’t happen much in the US as most of us are armed), rapes, street muggings and assaults, acid attacks, etc. and yes, London is vastly more violent than New York. The reason is that New York is improving, gentrifying if you like, while London (like most English cities) slides towards complete 3rd world dysfunction.

  9. How foul are those disgusting Russians! Not at all like us!
    But wait a moment, isn’t Putin the Head of State of Russia? Then can we make some comparison between the Head of State of Britain, rather than to PM May, a transient political figure of no particular significance.
    That British Head of State would be Elizabeth II, of the Windsor family, how much is she worth? Does anybody really know? How did she come by her undoubtedly fabulous wealth?
    How about her cronies? How much is the Duke of Westminster worth? How about the Duke of Buccleuch? There are dozens of other fabulously wealthy royal cronies, corrupt oligarchy much?
    “those who criticise Mrs May face no penalty or hindrance whatsoever”. Wow, what a statement, I suggest you have a conversation with Tommy Robinson about that, or Kevin Crehan, oh, wait a minute, Kevin is dead, killed in prison. Do yourself a favor and read Tommy’s book “Enemy of the State”, in it he details the harassment he received and is still receiving from the thug police of England. You might also consider the cases of Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding, as Mark Steyn has said; in England of today everything is policed except crime.
    Wake up man, England is a thuggish plutocracy.

    • Nonsense. Robinson was not in trouble for criticising May. His freedom of expression may indeed by unfairly circumscribed, but this sort of broad brush bluster does him no favours; nor does it help the cause of freedom. It merely discredits it. It is equally nonsensical to attack particular individuals for being rich; gaining and maintaining wealth are key features of a free society. You’re very free with the word “thug” and cognate terms. Are you quite sure that you haven’t stooped to a certain thuggishness yourself – in the inaccuracy of your complaints and the wild animosity of your tone?

      • Tommy wasn’t criticizing May, it would actually be difficult to criticize her as it is impossible to discern any principle or belief beyond her own career that is of interest to her.
        “His freedom of expression may indeed be unfairly circumscribed”. Is that how you would characterize an attempt by the prison service to allow muslim inmates to murder Tommy? That result was only prevented by the actions of one warden who had a conscience. Had he actually been killed while in custody you can be sure that Home Secretary May would have been well satisfied.
        “The cause of freedom”? In the context of modern England, are you completely delusional? There is no freedom in England other than than the “freedom” you are allowed by TPTB, and that is no freedom at all!
        No constitution, no Bill of Rights, no freedom of association or speech, no freedom of possessions and now no freedom of thought.
        How thoughtful of you to defend the rights of the hereditary thugocracy, there is prisoner so pathetic as the one who locks himself in.

    • ““those who criticise Mrs May face no penalty or hindrance whatsoever”. Wow, what a statement, I suggest you have a conversation with Tommy Robinson about that, or Kevin Crehan, oh, wait a minute, Kevin is dead, killed in prison. Do yourself a favor and read Tommy’s book “Enemy of the State”, in it he details the harassment he received and is still receiving from the thug police of England. You might also consider the cases of Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding, as Mark Steyn has said; in England of today everything is policed except crime.”

      Thanks, Mr. rogerinflorida for your spot-on comment: you took the words out of my mouth.
      How can the author consider Jeremy Corbyn as being “opponent and critic” of Theresa May totally escapes me, when BOTH are 100% pro-globalism, pro-corporations, collectivists, pro-sharia law, and anti-free speech (that is, anti-freedom of conscience/freedom of thought/individual freedom).

  10. Quite so. There are people with whom I am moderately well acquainted busily using facebook to denounce our Foreign Secretary as “a liar” and to defend Putin – Putin! The most accomplished liar since Goebbels. And these are persons for whom the slightest dissension from the “gay rights” agenda, for example, is flat heresy; yet they give succour – if that is the word – to one of the most vigorous and relentless “gay-bashers” in Europe. Why? Because they are in thrall to a dark creed in which “white” / European / Western “guilt” is the foundation; anything which opposes or even menaces the “white” or European west, therefore, is to be given support – even when it takes the form Eastern European neo-fascism. One can only imagine the dangerous relationship which the Russian dictator may be contemplating with these people, under the leadership of our “loyal” opposition. After all, he says “we’ll be sorry”; how better to make us “sorry” than by helping “Momentum” to stuff ballot boxes or engage in multiple voting through fake identities? And our alternately purblind or toothless “watchdogs” will do nothing to prevent such a scenario, of that we can be very sure. We are often told on certain pro-market websites – and I write as an economic liberal – not to be “pessimistic”; to look to the continued achievements of science, the increasing standard of living and so on. How absolutely such Panglossians miss the point! They are whistling in the dark, even as the last rays of light fade away – a dark composed of the massive, hostile resettlement of Europe; the mass of laws designed to stifle complaint; the disintegration of “social capital” among our people; and the rising levels of violence and despair – audible in the aggressive tone of modern culture and visible in our slovenly dress and miserable streets. A cancer patient may give every sign of health; their blood pressure may be normal, their mobility unhindered; they might hear and see and walk and talk – but they are nevertheless in mortal danger. Just so our economies tick over and people pour in and out of work every day – but the profound, unchecked, malignant progress of surrender and despair proceeds as well and who knows when the crisis may come?