The religion which dare not speak its name

Christians are frightened to reveal their religious beliefs to colleagues at work. When they do declare their faith whether in the office or on the shop floor, they are often mocked and presumed to be bigots. Their children are bullied in school. Many Christians now think their faith is being pushed out of its role as a cornerstone of life in Britain.

This was the conclusion of a major study by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, published today, 19/3/15. Probably none of this comes as much of a surprise; the indigenous religion of Britain has been marginalised for years and now comes under constant attack from the National Secular Society, gay groups, and is given lower priority behind other faiths.

What was most interesting in this report was the information that atheists claim that they are the victims of unwanted proselytizing from religious people at work, but at the same time they feel themselves excluded from religious meetings and group prayers!

In the old days, not so long ago, any Christian who might or might not be wearing a cross in the work place, would invite anyone around to come along to a prayer meeting, it was a natural very low level form of proselytizing. At university I was constantly being invited to things by ‘born again’ Christians. Their efforts to convert provoked both humour and scathing comment.

Anyone asked to attend a religious gathering would either go along or decline, no offence taken. That has now changed and no sane Christian would dare to ask anyone whom they weren’t sure shared their views, to go along, just as no health worker or hospital visitor would risk their job by asking anyone if they wanted to pray with them. However now it seems that is not enough because by not asking an atheist colleague to come to prayers with you, or holding a religious service at all, you are offending and transgressing across the rights of another worker.

The message to Christians and other faiths is clear, they should disappear, become silent and invisible. But if the findings of this report are true, it’s the sheer disingenuousness and ruthless commitment of atheists to drive out faith groups, particularly Christians, which is really worrying.

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