Stabbings: Silence of the Lambs

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has called for a summit on knife crime, involving the leaders of all London’s thirty-two boroughs, senior police officers from seven of the forces most affected by violent crime, members of the criminal justice system and the NHS, to tackle knife crime.

Last weekend in Manchester, Yousef Makki, 17, died after being stabbed, while in London, Jodie Chesney, 17, suffered the same fate. Last month, in Birmingham three teenagers died within twelve days. Two hundred and fifty died by stabbing last year, five of those in London within nine days of each other. This is a ninety-three per cent rise in teenagers being stabbed to death over the past five years.

Worthy heads are now desperately trying to fathom out how we came to this; Dame Louise Casey, DBE, CB, former director of the charity Shelter and the ‘national Anti-Social Behaviour Unit’ opines that knife crime is caused by the government’s austerity programme. Sarah Thornton, Chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council blames, ‘education in schools,’ (meaning lack of it). She wants ‘More funding’ for education.

Sadiq Khan, London’s Mayor, points to exclusions from school. He’s written a letter to the PM about it, which according to newspaper reports, she hasn’t read. Jeremy Corbyn blames the carnage on vicious government cuts. Others like to claim that knife crime is a new form of disease caused by reduction of mental health services. Rappers such as Akala, blame it all on poverty.

This view holds that if you don’t have youth clubs and extra money from the state you will  invest in a kitchen knife, not to become an apprentice chef, but to go for an afternoon stroll and use it to stab someone straight through the chest.

There is a call for more policing but £138m has been invested in the past two years and there will be a £970m increase in funding for 2019-20. 

As they ponder and talk, knifings continue, another one since I began this piece, a boy stabbed to death in broad daylight, (06/03/19) the twenty first this year. School children are now being given classes on how to treat life-threatening knife wounds.

It’s as if London had been mysteriously turned into Verona in the fifteenth century, where gangs rule and boys die in the dust on a whim while the elites rage about it. Some have been murdered for putting the ‘wrong music’ on snap chat, for their mobile phones, for casual mistaken identity, out of jealousy over better trainers or a football scholarship, also for racism, but if that is black on white it isn’t mentioned. The unmentionableness of the subject is the main problem. 

Lord Hogan-Howe, the former Metropolitan Police commissioner, is calling for a knife crime ‘Czar’ to coordinate nationwide action. Why not a Kaiser, Poohbah, Nabob or Akond?  He or more likely she, will fail because they will not be able to name the problem.

The issue of knife crime splits the nation as evenly as Brexit. The day the ‘summit conference’ was announced the Guardian didn’t even mention it on the front page, while The Sun called for a call out of the army.

A left wing ‘expert’ on BBC Today, on Thursday, (07/03/19) explained how exclusion from schools cannot be responsible for the killing because, ‘the worst areas for exclusions are Gloucestershire and Norfolk which have very little knife crime.’ Similar spurious comparisons are often made with Glasgow, in a deliberate refusal to acknowledge the difference in ethnicity in those populations.

On the Today programme on Wednesday, John Humphries interviewed the mother of Jason Isaacs, 18, an apprentice carpenter, who was murdered on his way to the pictures with friends in Northolt, by two moped riders. In hospital Jason had a lung and his spleen removed, but died, the eighteenth teenager stabbed to death last year. Humphries did not ask who the attackers were.

This deliberate absence of information immediately creates suspicion: was it Rumanians who used mopeds in a recent spate of phone thefts and acid attacks. Were the assailants part of a black gang, we are not encouraged to know. He did not ask about motive: was its robbery, yet another case of mistaken identity, or racial, along the lines of the Stephen Lawrence case but black on white? That suggestion amounts almost to blasphemy.  

The programme was followed by Dub poet Benjamin Zephania, in his home town, Birmingham, which he happily calls, The Jamaican capital of Europe,’ talking about ‘black anger,’ and why black people in the UK, ‘should be angry.’

What the anger should be about, Zephania, who was offered an OBE and hold seven honorary doctorates, did not say. Yet he is beloved of the BBC, a darling of the white liberal establishment, a walking Bunbury, a living embodiment of their refusal to look realistically at black culture.

He speaks affectionately of Jamaica which has the highest murder rate in the world according to UN estimates. Most of that crime is connected to the illegal drugs trade. Nearly a million Jamaicans now live in the UK, some have brought that culture of chaos and violence with them.

There is a tradition there of young men making war on the police which has continued in the UK. Rather than bolstering the boys in blue, the liberal intelligentsia, including Mrs May as Home Secretary, have consistently undermined them in favour of ‘community sensitivities.’

This began after serious civil disorder in the 1980s, when there was an attempt to make Brixton a ‘no-go’ area, after which the perpetrators became the first rioters in history to be rewarded for their actions. The Scarman Report, at least the way it was interpreted, forced the police to ignore their local knowledge in favour of the ‘Support and consent of the community.’ Ten years later black culture was given further huge victim status after the death of Stephen Lawrence.

It seems extraordinary how a small section of the 1.2 million black people in London, have been allowed to transform our society; the police turned into anxious social workers, schools disrupted, prisons full. Thanks to the abandonment of British cultural norms in favour of cultural relativism and cringing before a weaker culture, we now live within a drug culture where murder is little more than a teenage game.

It is surely significant that in all the desperate hand wringing, no one ever mentions personal responsibility. The aspect of West Indian culture with its chaotic, fatherless families cannot be challenged.   

 In November 2018, in the Mail on Sunday, Sir Trevor Phillips, former head of the Equality Commission, was scathing about ‘white liberals’ with their ‘hand-wringing’ and called on them to admit the truth that the wave of knife crime is often black children killing black children. He called for Police dealing with gangs to be given powers akin to anti-terror laws which would allow them to detain the leaders who give the orders rather than wielding the knife. 

Being black he was able to say the unsayable, that, ‘The victims and perpetrators are mainly from a narrow range of backgrounds, and we should not be afraid to say so. They are usually from black, Afro-Caribbean backgrounds.’

Describing the dead as ‘sacrifices in an unwinnable war,’ he said that the political response had been ‘pathetic.’ As long as it remains the case that no white person in the UK dares to say anything similar, a minority of a minority have gained an absurd and terrible victory.  


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6 Comments on Stabbings: Silence of the Lambs

  1. I have just read about a stabbing taking place on a bus in the heartlands of the smug liberal left, Muswell Hill to be exact. I wonder if that will distract them from their virtuous hand-wringing. Huge publicity given to the knife crime epidemic in recent months has not deterred the thugs in the least. Their arrogance clearly shows that they have little to fear even if caught.

    Even the sainted Sir Trevor Phillips admits that there is a problem with black youths (sorry “children”). Jane Kelly credits him with saying the unsayable but why can’t we speak the truth about black violence? Are the Left so intimidating that they are able to force those who do not share their world view into craven self-censorship?

    So we learn from the article that, according to UN estimates, Jamaica has the highest murder rate in the world. Only a few years ago South Africa had that honour. Do other areas with high African or Afro-Caribbean populations have disproportionately high rates of murder and violent crime? Or is it “unsayable” merely to ask that question?

  2. “WE ARE ALL GUILTY!” It is the knee-jerk reflex of the liberal elite, now the mantra of the useless Mayor of London and the politicians too cowed to speak the truth. London will never see a white mayor again given the demographics and the power of Islam.

    • Given Mayor Khan’s appalling spell in charge of London, he ought never be voted in again. But I think you are correct William Hosking, Khan and Khan replicas may well be the only future for London now. There might be a final English mayor after Khan – just might – but if so, he or she will be the last. The demographics are only going one way and demographics, as they say, are destiny.

  3. A terrific piece by Jane Kelly.

    The mainstream media is just tentatively starting to discuss the ethnic component of these brutal attacks now that it has become impossible to ignore. That discussion will not get very far. Conservatives and law abiding people in general are far too scared of left wing censure. Even the consistently overrated John Humphries has to tiptoe nervously around the subject. Where is that tough no nonsense manner he is so often credited with?

    There may be some brief criticism of black communities who fail to control their young but it won’t last. As Jane Kelly shows, analysis of the problem quickly focuses on how THEY have been failed by wider society. There will be the usual calls for new schemes and new investment to lift “deprived” communities out of danger. As ever, alternatives to tougher law enforcement will be over-promoted. The Glasgow initiative to lure kids away from knife crime is currently being given uncritical praise by those too squeamish to take a tough line with offenders. Desperate to find a socialist-friendly therapeutic solution they grasp at anything plausible and claim to have found the true remedy.

    Left wing pundits will engage in the most convoluted sophistry to bully us into accepting that the real moral responsibility lies not with the perpetrators of violent crime but with the law abiding public. If only they knew how much the gangstas despise them.

  4. As usual, Jane hits the nail squarely on the head. Even to suggest that knifings are largely committed by non-whites is to risk being charged with aggravated racism – whatever that is. Stop and search must include grannies and busines-men to make sure the police are not biassed. There is only one way to curb violence and murder,. but we may not mention it.

  5. There are surely myriad reasons for the uptick in violence, the acid attacks, scooter muggings, the mass raping of young British girls in every city in the land, the knife murders, and each occurrence with its own set of tragic facts. But a starting point, never openly recognized nor spoken aloud, is that if you import half the third world, you can inevitably expect to get third world problems.