The Giant Prison that Muslim women inhabit

Whatever his motives, Boris Johnson’s remarks about Islamic dress have drawn attention to an area of extreme tension; the Muslim practise of sexual apartheid. While the Left in the UK and bizarrely Mrs May’s government, are trying to abolish binary gender recognition in favour of saying there are several valid sexes, the Muslim community recognises only one gender as the norm; the male. The female is just an adjunct.

Women who are demanding punishment for Boris claim that they are free as men to choose what they wear, that may be, but they are a small percentage of this country’s 2.8 million Muslims, and less than one hundredth of the world’s 1.6 billion.

In the UK they have the freedom to choose to disappear from view and walk around with their heads in bags if they choose, but when they say they do it, ‘to be closer to God,’ they are being as disingenuous as any politician. Boris may be ready to sacrifice his political party to get into power, but they are willing to ignore the plight of millions of women who have no voice and no choice.

Until three years ago I lived in Acton Vale, or Acton Veil as some called it, in West London. Over fifteen years it changed from a white working class area into part of the Islamic strip stretching from Shepherds Bush to Southall. Living there I didn’t see many women wearing the Niqab or Burka because I didn’t see many Muslim women at all.

A great many Somalis arrived and were put into a local housing development. The young men of that community began getting into gangs. I met them close up when I began teaching in nearby Wormwood Scrubs prison, very sweet they were to me in my role as prison teacher, but out on the streets I rarely saw their mothers or sisters.

I once did see a very young Somali woman sitting on a bench in the middle of the estate where I cut through to get to leafy Chiswick. She looked distraught. I went back to see if I could talk to her but she’d gone.

All our local food outlets quickly became Halal. I stopped using them but still went to the grocer’s. I rarely saw a Muslim woman in there, except occasionally, in groups usually on a Friday evening, after prayers.

I found myself in an area of migrant men and my sense of living in a community melted away. The shops were run by young Muslim men who manned the tills whilst talking loudly into their mobiles. They would not look at me, or spend even a moment to chat. It seemed that the gulf between us could never be crossed by normal conversation.

I decided to leave, not just because of the strangeness of living among people who made me feel invisible but even the local buildings were changing. On my way to work I had to pass the King Fahad Academy, funded by Saudi Arabia.

As much a fortress as a school, it seemed to taint the whole area with an atmosphere of entrenched hostility. Paranoia and fear stalked the pavement. Ten years ago, the school was forced to shred 2,000 textbooks after being accused by Ofsted of ‘teaching hate.’

The 1,250 pupils at the school, the sexes educated separately, the girls all covered from head to foot, included the five children of jailed cleric Abu Hamza and of Abu Qatada, who was Bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe. Last year’s report says the school still ‘requires improvement.’

Across the road from there stood a row of large Saudi owned houses. 1950s style detached houses, the type once embellished with pebble-dash were now adorned by security cameras and massive satellite dishes. What bothered me most was that they were fenestrated by Burka glass; large grey windows without curtains through which people, I suspect mainly women, could look out but no one could see in.

I left Acton with its immured, invisible women, for a more pleasant place. In Oxford there are three mosques, one three acres wide, costing £60 million to build, but Muslims are not the majority and I still see women of all kinds moving freely in the streets.

There are elements which bring back memories of Acton Vale.The last time I used a Muslim green-grocer, I stood waiting to be served but when it came to my turn the youth behind the counter served a man standing directly behind me first as if I was not there. Again, I was invisible. When I complained he looked at me with utter contempt.

In the Islamic communities where I’ve lived women outside on the street and in shops just do not exist or if they are there and in western costume they are not worthy of basic respect.

By donning the burka when it is not required, Muslim activists today are wrapping themselves in the green flag of Islam and running it up a poll for all to see. It’s an exciting game, declaring allegiance to political Islam rather than the pluralistic values of the West. But it’s a sad and dangerous game for them to play, for if by some chance their agenda was to win and Britain became part of the caliphate they desire, they and all women would be the losers.[pullquote]

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22 Comments on The Giant Prison that Muslim women inhabit

  1. We, collectively, need woman to challenge the inherent mysogony of Islam and its followers. Muslims have worked out how to execute lawfare against the West, it has neutered our response to their threat to our way of life. Islam has never had to deal with feminism. Feminism and the rightful equality of women with men is our best hope of slaying this monstrous ideology.

    • Except that loonie feminists such as Mary Beard are too busy arraigning Western civilization on various charges while cowardly failing to bring the same indictments against other civilizations in history equally or more guilty of all the same sins.

  2. “…privileged buffoons of the Johnson/Rees-Mogg stripe…”

    Until that happy day when they’re gone, I urge you to place an ‘X’ next to their names or next to the names of people on their candidate lists. Better them than other possibilities I can think of. But I’m not a denizen – presently or formerly – of your fair land, so perhaps I should leave problems like this to other cranial vaults, such as yours and Disney’s.

  3. Johnson is a crass opportunist. A few years ago he was arguing passionately for Turkey to be admitted to the EU, despite others’ concerns that this would lead to a vast demographic shift of young Muslims into a continent that has no idea how to integrate the ones already here; and now we have his half-baked and insincere ‘stand’ again an entirely Islamic tradition. Everything about him smacks of personal ambition, for which it seems he would sacrifice any principle.

    Johnson’s ‘courageous’ remarks about the veil were typically slippery – he doesn’t want to ban it, just ridicule it: simultaneously accepting it as legitimate for those who want it, but registering his personal disapproval by way of a bad joke. (Sorry Rowan, it was lame joke, as the visual association is all wrong – no one wears a red burka.)

    As this article shows, the whole ‘Boris burka joke kerfuffle’ is a euphemism. The issues is not whether people should be allowed to cover their faces in public, but specifically the Islamic tradition of requiring women (only women) to veil themselves so as not to be provocative to men. If Johnson had said that veiling is an uncivilised thing in itself, because it unfairly and unacceptably makes a woman responsible for the thought and actions of men, and contains within itself the idea (utterly repellent in the West) that there is anything intrinsically provocative or shameful in a woman’s face, then he would indeed have been courageous.

    But he didn’t. Instead, he used the issue to falsely position himself as the ‘champion of British values’ bravely saying what no other politician has the nerve to say (but not actually saying it). He is nothing more than a privileged buffoon who clings to the idea that he has some born-right to rule. He would be a disaster as Prime Minister – incapable, weak, appeasing and dangerous.

    There are real and very difficult problems created by the presence of an increasing and insular Muslim population, not just in the UK but across all of Europe. The political response to this – inevitably a nationalist one – needs to be very sensitively handled. No doubt some very tough decisions will need to be made and, inevitably, this will involve confronting the Islamic population about some of its deeply help, ostensibly immutable beliefs. Can you imagine a Class One plonker like Johnson handling this without plunging the nation into civil war?

    If European politics is telling us anything at the moment it is that the nationalist groundswell is occurring in multiple countries at the same time. A new generation of politicians, free from the faux-guilt of multiculturalism, is emerging determined to represent the unsung majority. They are proving to be successful, like it or not.

    What they don’t need are unreliable characters like Johnson, assuming that they have all of the answers and have just been waiting in the wings to take over. Johnson has been a politician for a long time – he is a part of the problem, not its solution. Let the younger and braver generation take the lead, without being encumbered by privileged buffoons of the Johnson/Rees-Mogg stripe.

    • Excellent Major of London, unlike the present one, and a very good Editor of the Spectator. I think most people in journalism knows how hard he works on the appearance of carelessness. Whitehall, the beating heart of Remain and mass immigration hate him.

      • Mr Harris: I was acquainted with Boris in our undergraduate days. Even then, it was apparent that his bumbling public exterior concealed a very sharp mind. But nobody I knew in Oxford ever suspected him of having any conservative sympathies, and his public speeches at the Oxford Union amounted to mere empty demagoguery. He may be the best of a bad lot among plausible candidates for Tory leadership, but I’m still inclined to treat him with suspicion. Does he ever say what he really means? I’m not at all sure.

        • You mean to say that other politicians’ speeches are full of truth and heartfelt sincerity? ‘As the hart pants for the spring.’

          • No, Mr Harris, I just mean what I said: he’s probably the best of a bad lot. Possibly even by far the best of a bad lot, but still not quite deserving of eulogy.

      • Dickson: if you’re addressing me, I’m not sure that my ninety-word “attack” on Boris can reasonably be described as long-winded. I’m not sure that it was even an attack; I merely think, based on personal knowledge from long ago, that his public statements should be treated with caution. And he hasn’t really attacked Islam. (And neither, alas, has any other Tory MP.)

    • “Can you imagine a Class One plonker like Johnson handling this without plunging the nation into civil war?”.

      My difficulty is that I can’t see anyone handling it. Our Islamic neighbours will react in exactly the same way Muslims have reacted everywhere else when confronted, that is belligerently. Our politicians are understandably terrified of British Islam which is now to big to destroy, deport or reform. You can ask British Muslims to reform (which they probably won’t) but you can’t make them. You can only compromise, and there may lie the problem.

      If I have to guess the future then I reckon it will go something like this. The Muslim population will continue to grow and isolate itself from the rest of the population and that as a result current Muslim strongholds will enlarge and become ever more exclusively Muslim. These areas will seed other exclusively Muslim areas and eventually create entire local authorities where the predominant religion is Islam and the predominant culture Muslim. These authorities will then pass Sharia-based bylaws where they can, and push for the powers to create such laws where they can’t. They will do this on the back of equality and diversity legislation which will become the politician’s excuse for pusillanimity and compromise (or capitulation, depending on your view of Islam). The much maligned Rowan Williams will be proved right.

      The only thing that might derail this miserable process is the strengthening of the secular ideal within Islam and a clearer idea as to what it truly is to be British. This will require a wholly different approach to the one we are currently taking which is no more to be found in Boris Johnson’s head than in anyone else’s.

  4. London is lost. Hitler failed to destroy London, but post-war immigration policies have ruined it. The only consolation for aesthetes like me is that St Paul’s Cathedral will probably look very pretty when the minarets have been added.

    Oxford may be a temporary refuge for Jane Kelly, but how long will it last? Will a mere three gigantic mosques be enough? Aren’t the two towers of All Souls’ College just begging to have the call to prayer announced from their summits?

    Two years ago I moved from a Somerset town to a sleepy Lincolnshire village, where I hope to live out my declining years in peace, cultivating my garden. I have no children, so I’m tempted to turn my back on the rest of the world and stop caring about the future. But even sleepy Lincolnshire villages won’t be safe for the children of other SR readers. You people need to stop retreating and start resisting.

    • There’s no shame in following the advice of Izaak Walton. Go fishing, or gardening.

      It wouldn’t be surprising if St Paul’s eventually became a Hagia Sophia. And if dressing in this garb makes one closer to God perhaps the Archbishop of Canterbury should try it.

      It would be instructive to remember Ms Kelly’s description of these divisions in society the next time a mayor or other politician claims that a terrorist or the far right ‘seek to divide us’.

  5. Boris won’t stand up for anything except his own political career. He is just another unprincipled chancer of the type that infest the English body politic.
    As for the despicable 3rd world muslim scum that exist in every English city or town, they are being reinforced daily: Hundreds more came in last week, and the week before. More will come this week, and next week, and the week after.
    How many are there? Do you think the govt. knows?
    Analysis of utility usage and food consumption puts the population of England at between eighty and eighty five million, of whom a clear majority are 3rd worlders with no human capital value whatsoever.
    Good luck in Oxford, but I think a real escape will entail a much longer journey.

    • “Analysis of utility usage and food consumption puts the population of England at between eighty and eighty five million”. Please quote the relevant studies or at the least provide your source.

  6. The problem is that the muslim women are too frightened to protest. An apostate risks exclusion – harassment – injury – and frequently death. That this should happen in our country is beyond understanding, and the sooner Boris stands up and demands the abolition of the niqab/burka the sooner will we take him seriously.

  7. Boris’ comments were actually quite restrained. The true horror of Islam’s view of women has not yet registered with the British public. This despite the steady parade of Muslim mass-rape gangs – another one reported in today’s news.

  8. You have, as usual, hit the nail right on the head. But for Boris, whatever his motives, to equate our nice, red, friendly, familiar pillar boxes with the sinister, deliberately unfriendly and not nice nor familiar should call for an explanation.

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