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12 Comments on The Salisbury Review Autumn Magazine.

  1. Dear editor,

    I was wondering whether the review is sold in any newsagents or if you can get it by subscription only. Thank you in advance

  2. Hi,

    I have just started reading the summer edition and in fact, Jane Kelly is my favourite writer.
    I still work at the age of 67 in a school in HK and quite a number of my students are heading for the UK. Parents have asked me about England and I have said each time, that they should be very cautious leaving a still great city for a country which I believe will change quite rapidly in the coming years.
    Hopefully, the children will accept the changes in their present lives and become ‘Little Brits’ but I would have thought that parents will be dismayed to learn that more and more aspects of life in England are ‘racist’ and life is not all roses in the garden!
    Anyway, a very big thank you to all the contributing writers!!

  3. I’m only up to Page 9, but it’s all good so far.

    Does the library of the Oxford Union Society still subscribe to the Salisbury Review? When I was an undergraduate in the mid 1980s, there was a motion to cancel the subscription, which was narrowly defeated.

    If they no longer subscribe, perhaps I ought to send them my pile of recent back issues.

    • Although I was not the editor then I am immensely cheered up by this news. ‘What a compliment ! Under the present president of the Oxford Union only left wing speakers are being invited, and one prominent conservative having being invited was subsequently disinvited on the grounds that a more ‘nuanced’ debate was required

      • I remember standing on the stairs that led from the back door of the Oxford Union Society to the Snooker Room, ready if necessary to defend free speech with my life against the riotous gang of radical feminists who wanted to stop Mrs Victoria Gillick (remember her?) speaking in a debate about abortion. It was a defining moment for me: until then, I hadn’t understood that the Left are scum.

        But the heroes of the Battle of the Back Door weren’t us poncy undergraduates, but the society’s downtrodden staff: Brenda the office manager, Tony the security guard, Chris the barman and others. My faith in the decency of ordinary people also dates from that day.

        I’ll let you know what happens when I offer to pay the OUS for a Salisbury Review subscription.

      • >being invited was subsequently disinvited on the grounds that a more ‘nuanced’ debate was required

        ”Nuanced” – one of the 57 varieties of leftism.

        • “J. O’Connell How old do you mean ? We may have some going back before that but I am not sure of their format. Editor”

          Would it be possible to archive all the editions that have been released since you went with the digital format? That would be a great start. And I’m sure there are many, myself included, who would be happy to pay for the older pre-digital editions if they could be digitised.

        • Ideally to the Ray Honeyford area , if that is not possible as far back as is practical. I am interested in collating the Conservative Classics feature. Are any back-issues available by post? Would pay of course.