World Wildlife Fund should add white men to their endangered species list

In May President Macron broke off from wrestling with Mrs Merkel over the future economic shape of Europe to deal with a more pressing matter; men wolf-whistling in the streets.

In future, Frenchmen caught ‘puckering up’ or making comments such as, ‘I bet you don’t get many of those to the pound,’ or, ‘cheer up love it may never happen,’ will be fined the equivalent of nearly a thousand pounds.

The law must ensure that, ‘women are not afraid to be outside, he declared. His anxiety might be connected by the wave of young male migrants to Paris who frequently pester girls sunbathing in the parks, but that is not stated. It seems sexual constraints are mainly directed at whistling white men.

The law is going the same way here. Violent abuse of girls through FGM and by grooming gangs has largely gone unchecked for years but in 2016 a building firm in Worcester was investigated by police after Poppy Smart, 23, complained about ‘lecherous’ men whistling at her in the street. Last year Nottinghamshire police tried to make cat calls a crime. That was followed by the Met police announcing that they were speaking with other forces to assess whether it is worth cracking down on gender-based ‘hate crimes.’

Earlier this month, the National Council of Police Chiefs told the government’s Women and Equalities Committee, that they were busy deciding whether to take action on ‘sexism’ earlier on, before it escalates into a crime. The assumption being that a wolf-whistle might lead to rape, although so far that has not happened.

Assistant chief constable Mark Hamilton told MPs: ‘Issues such as on street behaviour that people feel should be accepted as part of the interaction of daily life actually has a detrimental and damaging impact.’

In other words, the public don’t think there is a problem, but they are wrong.

‘The debate in policing now is moving much more to identify those issues in the same way as we would other types of incident or crime,’ he said, ‘establishing if a crime has been committed or not. But even if a crime hasn’t been committed the debate now is similar to other hate crime incidents.’

‘Hate crime’ is an newly expanding legal category, or perhaps industry might be the word, including ‘misgendering.’ A teacher was recently suspended for using the wrong pronoun to a child, and another was dismissed.

Men, if that term is still allowed, better be quiet, behave and do as they’re told. But it’s surprising to someone of my generation, growing up in the 70s, that none seem to be fighting back. I suspect that northern European men, now freely called ‘Gammon Heads’ by other ethnic groups, are now utterly confused about what is expected of them and many have stopped caring out of exasperation.

In the West we are heading for a culture where there is no space left for white male masculinity even in its more frivolous forms, such as whistling. In marriage many must see themselves as providing a useful service to women for a few years before the separation when they get fleeced in court.

Of course, many English men like a bossy Emily Thornbury nanny figure, but they’ve now got her running the show in schools and universities where the female preference for course work is wiping out the exactitude of exams; in the Anglican church, where clergy now talk to the laity as if they are five year olds, in medicine, where girls now make up sixty one percent of medical students, but the profession is losing status, and in the law, where judges send men to prison for groping girls at parties fifty years ago.

Having men turn into self -hating wimps is not good for anyone, particularly not for women and their children. I was first aware that well-dressed Englishmen had lost their chivalry and their guts when I moved to South London thirty years ago. At night I had to get from Denmark Hill railway station to my flat through an area encroached by muggers from Brixton and Peckham. Their victims were mainly women. Getting home involved ten minutes of anxiety. I longed for one of the young men in suits to offer to walk with me, but none of them did, they just scurried away in the dark.

They lacked courage and good manners, male virtues which are now probably illegal. The distinctly male protect and fight mechanism has been almost entirely discredited and extinguished from our culture. An offer to walk beside someone in the dark would be construed as intrusion, or worse, and a woman would be expected now to be highly suspicious of any gallantry of that kind.

After at least two centuries of debate and legislation,  an increasing determination to make the two sexes increasingly alike, and now attempts to abolish the idea that there are two separate genders at all, men and women in our culture seem to be further apart in understanding each other than ever before. In place of legal and social inequality a gap has opened up between them which is full of mistrust.

Recent acts of manly valour have all come from men from traditional cultures where they’ve never heard of sexual politics. We recently watched on line as Mamoudou Gassama, an illegal migrant from Mali, hauled himself up the front of a tower block in a Paris suburb to save a toddler about to fall to its death.

‘Luckily, there was someone who was physically fit and who had the courage to go and get the child’, one of the firefighters told the French news agency. We can’t call them firemen, although that is what they were.

No French man or woman came forward to save the child. In 2015 a French migrant from Tunisia rescued two children from a burning building near Paris.

Another example of male migrant valour happened exactly a year ago, during the attack on the Borough Market when three Jihadists wielding enormous knives killed seven and insured fifty, many of them critically. At Café Brood, Albanian chefs pulled out their kitchen knives on the terrorists who hesitated then fled. Others helped pull customers to safety from a terrace where they were dining.

It’s not easy to imagine any middle-class English or Frenchman doing anything like those deeds. Who would you rather be with in a terrorist emergency – an Albanian chef or a decent English chap?

Mssr. Macron should realise that it is men rather than women who may soon need protection if they dare to go out. What they could do, if afraid of persecution and deeply uncertain if the role of heterosexual man has any meaning anymore, apart from being seen as a threat and object of derision, is to join the winning side and self-identify as women. The government is currently consulting on bringing in more legislation to enshrine their rights if they do, and transgendered men, acceptable as a sex at last, have no need to worry.


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5 Comments on World Wildlife Fund should add white men to their endangered species list

  1. We seem to be running out of middle terms here.

    For males – plenty of old-womanish cowardice, plenty of brutal violence, but what about manly courage?

    For females – no lack of whores, no lack of harridans, but what about ladies?

  2. The UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia, and NZ; what you may consider “The Western World” are in peculiar cultural and economic situation. Thanks to German, Japanese, South Korean, and particularly Chinese industrial production, and thanks to highly organized “industrial” type agriculture, the people of the Western World are now essentially free of “want”.
    Or to put it another way, we are now wealthy enough to act completely stupidly without that stupidity causing us actual discomfort, as it certainly would have done in earlier times. Thus the cultivated standards of behavior and attitude that were essential in earlier times are now unnecessary and, in fact, regarded with contempt.
    As long as the monetary manipulation and accumulation of huge debt, that is underpinning this behavior, continue without consequence this situation will continue, and actually get worse.
    If, and when, it unravels, and society reverts to a situation where people actually have to offer real value in exchange for their living, the pain will be immense.
    There is no guarantee that we can return to our productive past. In fact, history shows us that ruin, once achieved, is likely to be permanent.

  3. Masculinity, among white Europeans is steadily being made unacceptable by the highly influential and aggressive feminists who always get what they demand in the long run. Of course, they insist that the process of de-masculinisation of our culture has not gone anything like far enough. White male privilege is routinely denounced and the war against men is becoming more aggressive as feminists realise they have got their men on the run.

    Meanwhile aggressive machismo of other cultures is left untouched – just listen to the brutal sexist lyrics of rap/hiphop “music” as just one example. This has the benefit, to white women, of providing an alternative when they want to step outside of their own culture to enjoy a “real man”.

    Feminists flatter themselves that they have fought a hard battle for equality but how hard has this really been? They have not been fighting against an aggressive culture of male dominance in spite of their claims. Loud protests at social injustice, a few noisy campaigns and they always get what they want. Feminist victories are always hailed as making the world a better place. You will rarely see criticism of the long term social problems generated by the rapid tranformation of male/female roles.

    Jane Kelly grumbles that white men are not fighting back. She clearly has no understanding of the problems involved. A fight-back requires the careful demolition of the myth of white male oppression/privilege. Too many influential men believe this myth, despise their own gender, and are doing their best to satisfy the ladies by striving to make the world as non sexist as possible. Look at the sneering contempt our media elite have for groups such as Fathers for Justice or men’s rights activists. The mass media have enormous power to influence public opinion. The media elite know what the world should be like. There is no place the privileged white male in their vision of the future.

    The strange capitulation of our authorities to the so-called transgender activists gives an indication that another front has opened up in the war against masculinity. Now there is nothing special about manhood. You can opt in or opt out.

  4. The trouble with all of this, dear Jane, is that describing the situation is now, almost – I say, almost – counterproductive. Why? Because it merely depresses us further and increases the degree of our acquiescence. To sum up the world you describe, it is soviet. No more than five years ago, I was mildly exasperated when people referred to the EUSSR but I now see that they were prescient. Junker has unveiled a statue of Marx in Germany, for heaven’s sake. Who’d have thought of that, back in 1989? And thought-crime now spots the statute books like a sinister fungus. Thanks to this development, people are deemed guilty until proven innocent and “innocence” is seen as a purely relative term, none of us being free from suspicion. How else to understand the deeply ominous notion of “micro-aggression”, for example? The law, as you rightly observe, is applied differentially. Bang goes the vital, Capital L Liberal principle of equality before the Law. The Muslim who rapes a little girl is winked at; tried in secret (if at all) and no conclusions are ever drawn about his religion or wider community. The white man who wolf-whistles any woman is fined; if the woman in question is black or Muslim, the fine would probably be higher. All this is now common knowledge. The 68 left has taken control by means of infiltration and legislation, with the same result: oppression, inefficiency and misery. So what to do? Do you have answers? Or are you offering a version of the De Profundis, crying from the depths? I don’t blame you, if you are; it’s just that the comfort of hearing one’s woes crystalised is wearing thin.