The EU. A bureaucratic storm in a whisky glass.

11th March 2020 0

The casks beneath the old distillery at Vokzalnaya Street street, Tiraspol, have slept through some rough times. Three major civil wars, the Nazi occupation and the USSR’s attempt at a general prohibition in the 1980s haven’t prevented the annual harvest of two-thousand hectares of Riesling vines which grow on the banks of the River Dniester. Named for the capital city, … [Read on]

Gibraltar leaves the EU sinking ship

1st February 2020 1

A small crowd gathered at one of the only terrestrial borders that British territory shares with the EU. The line was closed by General Franco in 1969 and re-opened as part of Spain’s bid to join the European Community in 1985. Last night, the British authorities didn’t even close it for the twenty-minutes required to give a ceremonial nod towards … [Read on]