The Meaning of Honour and why Britain has lost its own.

13th November 2018 7

Poland celebrated its 100th Anniversary of independence this Sunday. A frightening picture is depicted.  One of a divided Polish society in an unhappy country, with claims that many citizens have rejected liberalism and democracy in light of a growing nationalist sentiment. A conveniently worrying image for those discrediting a democratically elected government running their country. I should know, I was one … [Read on]

Poland; The Country that Britain has twice betrayed

10th October 2018 31

At the recent Conservative Party conference in Britain,Theresa May announced that Poles would not get preferential treatment when it came to apply for work in post Brexit. This means that Somali and Pole, Afghan and Bangladeshi, Mexican and American, will in future stand equal for the purposes of gaining entry to the UK. This is despite the huge contribution to Britain’s economic growth … [Read on]

Poland – Europe’s Problem Child

12th September 2018 3

The EU has a problem child, Poland. Since its election two years ago Poland’s governing Law and Justice Party stands accused of killing the separation of powers, judicial independence, fundamental rights and even democracy. EU values, Brussels has declared, are at stake, and, for the first time in its history, the EU Council has threatened to trigger Article 7 of … [Read on]