Afghanistan: Boris the weak and Biden the Senile

23rd August 2021 16

We hear from our political leaders that the British and Americans were taken by surprise by the advance of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the sudden and complete collapse of the Afghan forces, and by the Taliban’s surrounding of the airport at Kabul, where chaotic and tragic scenes are now unfolding. Apparently, our 20 years of first-hand involvement in the country … [Read on]

Chinese takeaway our Nuclear Power

8th August 2021 15

It seems that the Johnson government is getting cold feet about Chinese involvement in the building of Britain’s new nuclear power stations, whereby China puts up a share of the money for Hinkley Point C and Sizewell (whose reactors are being designed and built by EDF of France), and then build their own (Chinese) reactor at Bradwell in Essex. The … [Read on]

The Maggot in the Liberal Apple

20th June 2021 6

Can we escape the nightmare of egalitarian liberalism? First published in the Summer 2021 edition of The Salisbury Review Few pastimes are more perversely consoling in an age of civilisational collapse than taking refuge in that notable twentieth-century literary tradition, the depiction of dystopian worlds to come. George Orwell’s (1984) and Aldous Huxley’s (Brave New World) are the most celebrated of … [Read on]

Chelsea is no more an ‘English’ football team than the Boston Red Sox

30th May 2021 8

There is celebration in the football world at Chelsea’s winning the European Champions League on Saturday night. But I notice that Chelsea’s A team features only two or three English players, the rest consisting of foreign internationals purchased courtesy of the largesse of the club’s billionaire Russian owner Roman Abramovich. Truth be told, it is no more an English club … [Read on]

H.R.H The Duke of Edinburgh. 1921 -2021

13th April 2021 3

It is only with his death that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is finally being accorded the recognition he deserves for what he achieved in an extraordinary life of service to this country, and, of course, steadfast support for the Queen. Royal protocol requires that those who knew him best are only now able to share their memories, and we … [Read on]

Damn the Union!

23rd March 2021 12

Daniel Hannan has struck a chord with Telegraph readers this weekend by suggesting that we should embrace the Scots, promote ‘Britishness’, and ‘leave the SNP to fall apart’ instead of the Union. He reminds us of how much the Scots – that ‘hardy and intrepid race of men’ – have contributed to our country, helping to make the UK ‘the … [Read on]

Britain’s finances in hands of a hedge fund manager

28th February 2021 8

Has Sunak lost his Midas Touch?The Tories’ golden boy is finally losing his lustre, and not before time. Having charmed us with his assured manner, his slick presentational skills, and his winning smile; and having risen to the occasion of the pandemic with lavish funding of emergency relief; Rishi Sunak is, judging by Treasury leaks, about to mess things up … [Read on]

A virtual world of one’s own

18th January 2021 49

Following Trump’s demise, the question is this: Can some semblance of a shared political space be recreated in which civilized debate can be carried on, and appeal made to sources of evidence judged by common consent to be impartial? Or does the rise of the worldwide web and social media, and the accompanying fall from grace of the mainstream media, … [Read on]

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