Scruton: Another reason to see off the Tories at the next poll

11th April 2019 19

The sacking of our most eminent conservative philosopher, Sir Roger Scruton, from his post as chair of the ‘Building Better Building Beautiful’ Commission for having expressed opinions about the validity of the term Islamophobia, the influence of George Soros, and the brainwashing of the Chinese – opinions with which most conservatives would agree – tells us all we need to … [Read on]

The Pied Piper of Brussels

24th March 2019 1

Some of us predicted the DUP would cave in, succumb to government bribes and threats, and support Mrs May’s dreadful deal. The threat of a Corbyn government is a potent weapon if you are a beleaguered Unionist in Northern Ireland. But the Unionists showed themselves to be men and women of their word, unlike May, and stood firm on the … [Read on]

The Perpetual Prime Minister

19th March 2019 6

Despite the parliamentary and governmental chaos, the coronation of Theresa May as Brexit Queen will be accomplished. Somehow, she will win her third meaningful vote. The DUP will be bribed to support her deal with cosmetic legal assurances concerning the backstop, and by the promise of extra cash – the latter being much the more persuasive. Jacob Rees-Mogg, the principled … [Read on]

Mrs May succeeds in chaining us to Brussels forever

9th March 2019 0

With any luck, the House of Commons will vote on Tuesday to reject Mrs May’s appalling withdrawal deal and bring into play votes on ‘no deal’ and extending Article 50 that a desperate May was panicked into promising to prevent mass resignations from her government. The delicious irony is that she will then be forced in person to vote ‘for’ … [Read on]

Government sells the BBC to Brussels

5th March 2019 3

In a supposedly good news article entitled ‘European investment bucks Brexit’, The Telegraph revealed today that all is well with our long-term economic prospects because European investment in Britain has doubled over the past three years. In the past year alone, EU buyers ‘snapped up 533 UK assets through mergers and acquisitions’ including ‘companies, property and stakes in fast-growing firms’ … [Read on]

Celebrating Diversity

24th February 2019 4

There is nothing wrong with ‘celebrating diversity’ and ‘valuing our differences’ – it all depends how it is done. Until quite recently, comedy played a major role in this therapeutic process. Our foibles and eccentricities, our traits and national characteristics, all the things that make us different from each other, have long been a rich source of humour. Whether it … [Read on]

Pantomime; The terrible lightness of the Graham Norton show.

2nd January 2019 9

Because my wife is French, the televisual backdrop to our New Year’s Eve gatherings is usually the traditional three-hour-long family variety fest presented by Patrick Sébastien on France 2. It is great fun – a succession of acrobats, dancers, singers, knife throwers, magicians and performing dogs interspersed by chat round a table with a succession of studio guests culminating in … [Read on]

On a Winter’s Afternoon

17th December 2018 23

Last week, there were only two children at Sunday school at my local parish church – one of them was my eight-year-old son, the other a girl of about the same age. They duly reported back to the congregation, got a round of applause for what they had managed to remember of the story of John the Baptist, and then … [Read on]

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