La France éternelle

14th July 2020 22

In 1933, when the Nazis took power in Germany, Churchill pronounced, ‘Thank God for the French Army!’ Subsequent events proved his confidence to be misplaced. But judging from the Bastille Day celebration in Paris this morning, the French military are in good shape. Especially impressive is the amount of French designed, French built hardware on display, from tanks and armoured … [Read on]

Starkey. Freedom of speech’s Kristallnacht.

4th July 2020 27

The shocking thing about David Starkey’s public shaming, and silencing, for being ‘a racist’ is that it comes as no surprise. For any white person who refuses to kowtow to the BLM doctrine of white privilege and black victimhood is by definition ‘a racist’ – and must be denounced as such. One only wonders who will be next. For a … [Read on]

The Silence of the Prime Minister

15th June 2020 13

In the cellars of Kronborg Castle in Denmark (Hamlet’s castle), there broods the statue of Holger Danske, a mythical Viking figure who will awaken from his slumbers if Denmark is ever threatened. A similar figure is said to exist in England in the form of Weyland Smith, who will arise from his hidden forge with his magical sword if the … [Read on]

Let them eat PR

24th May 2020 17

As expected, more bluster from Boris this evening. Viewed rationally, the Cummings affair is a storm in teacup, a concocted media frenzy cum vendetta. No doubt Cummings himself was acting rationally. But after eight weeks in lock down following government rules, which for many have involved great personal sacrifice, these are not normal times. People are angry, not because they … [Read on]

Little England

8th April 2020 0

The economic and financial problems we will face in a few months from now are as nothing to those we faced in 1945. After enduring six years of war, millions of servicemen needed to be demobilised, millions more workers redeployed, the nation’s bomb-damaged housing and worn-out capital stock replaced, exports massively increased to compensate for the loss of foreign income … [Read on]

Do Conservatives have an absolute right to be conservative?

29th March 2020 3

Judging from the debate raging in the conservative media, it is conservative political principles that are being tested unlike any other in the current crisis. Socialists and modern ‘social justice’ liberals have little problem with big government and totalitarian society. But framing the current emergency measures in terms of loss of individual liberty is, I think, not how conservatives ought … [Read on]

‘Bring out your Dead!’

23rd March 2020 15

Anger is growing at the number of people openly flouting government advice to socially distance, travel only when necessary, and stay at home if possible. Parks, beaches and streets are packed with people out enjoying the sunshine, as if it were a normal bank holiday weekend. Crowds of youngsters were having a great time at my local skateboard park. Until … [Read on]

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