On the phone to my GP

23rd June 2021 4

I am on the telephone to my 20th patient of the morning (don’t worry I’m used to it). My patient is sure she has a kidney infection. I take a history, prescribe a strong antibiotic and firmly attempt to say goodbye. However, she reveals she has 3 other issues. During the next few minutes I decide to cut things short and … [Read on]

Megan should have seen me

17th March 2021 22

I wish Meghan had come to see me. I would have known just what to do. People see their GPs about mental health problems all the time, it’s something I manage almost every week (and recently most days). I could have easily squeezed her in to my Monday clinic, or even done an initial assessment over the phone. If someone … [Read on]

Dancing with Dr Death

2nd October 2019 16

‘Its in ‘ere doc’. The thickset man, dressed incongruously in a dress suit, opens a door to a windowless room. Only synthetic light to make the examination. I hesitate in the doorway. The sheet is folded back neatly and shows the patient in repose, lying on her back. Her face is so serene and her colour so warm that she … [Read on]