‘Is it cos I white?’

18th November 2020 36

Dear English Heritage, Thank you for providing your new program for ethnic minorities as described at this web site: https://historicengland.org.uk/services-skills/training-skills/work-based-training/paid-training-placements/ I wonder how you define ‘ethnic’. I have two daughters, both half Nepalese. Is that ‘ethnic enough’ to fit your definition? They have both English and Nepalese names, so if one applied as Zangmu Llama, I presume her application would … [Read on]

School Meals in the holidays: The Big Fat Lie.

24th October 2020 11

I wrote an article in Conservative Woman suggesting that Britain is awash with food that has never been cheaper and yet we have a food crisis. I immediately received hate mail saying that I was a hard-hearted bitch and had no idea what it was like to be poor. The local rag ran a derogatory article headlined ‘Let them eat … [Read on]

Corona Virus Legislation: The Gagging of Parliament.

11th September 2020 23

What do the new abortion laws in Northern Ireland, the new mental health sectioning laws, the new local authority disability benefit rules and the £10,000 fine given to Piers Corbyn have in common? Not a lot one would think, but of course they do – they were all passed under new Corona virus legislation without Parliament ever voting on any … [Read on]

Dover Patrol: Giving away your country for free.

14th August 2020 20

In Dover with a camera man to follow the illegal immigrants. The action started even before we arrived. We had taken a detour to Romney Marsh to pick up a local woman who runs a small local coastal defence group tracking all the beach landings, as well as an ex-Home Office official.  Immediately, we saw coast guard trucks and police … [Read on]

Who is this highly uninformed ball kicker and why should we listen to him about school meals?

18th June 2020 8

ACCORDING to the Independent, 500,000 children in Britain go to school on an empty stomach. A quick Google search for ‘People going to bed hungry in the UK’ returns 56million results. You can find article after article with such headlines as ‘Shocking figures showing hidden hunger’ and ‘1 in 4 UK parents skipping meals due to lack of money’. According to the Guardian, more than … [Read on]

Drinking from bone china while London burns

12th June 2020 70

The Conservative Party and many who vote for them, sit around at home in the Shires or their bungalows in suburbia drinking tea, chatting and saying ‘How awful.’ ‘ Did you see what happened in Bristol and London?’ But they do nothing. When will they realise what is happening and the danger that our country is in? When will the … [Read on]

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