Tommy Robinson: Political Prisoner No 1 Belmarsh

13th September 2019 26

Tommy Robinson is being held in solitary confinement, in his own vast isolation block in the heart of Belmarsh Prison. The great names of Islamic terrorism have all been inmates; the Manchester bombers, the 2005 London bombers, Abu Hamza and Anjem Choudary and an assortment of other mass murderers. There were secular criminals Ronnie Biggs, the great train robbers spent … [Read on]

UKIP; the party that buried itself with its own spade

19th December 2018 26

A political party is like a very large, extremely annoying extended family. Active involvement takes over one’s life. One can therefore imagine the emotional wrench Nigel Farage experienced when he left UKIP a couple of weeks ago. His was the face of UKIP. Not only had he given his life to UKIP but as a founding member in 1992, he had … [Read on]

Snouts in the HS2 Trough

28th September 2018 0

Many people are naturally conservative. I am sure most of the people in Liverpool are quite clear what is the difference between a man and a woman. They also know that open borders. leads to lower wages. But what the people in Liverpool, Stoke, Mansfield and many other towns do not like, is the feeling that they are being completely … [Read on]

Prayer mats or Beer mats?

4th September 2018 5

According to The British Beer and Pub Association, 10,500 pubs have closed since 2000. Just imagine if even a small proportion of these pubs get turned into Mosques. That is what seems to be happening in East Anglia. Disused pubs are generally cheap to buy because they have commercial planning permission and few other uses. They can be found on … [Read on]

Apartheid USA.

12th August 2018 7

In 2012, Charles Murray, the American author, famous for the book, ‘The Bell Curve’, wrote a new and similarly controversial book called, ‘Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010.’ In it, he examined the American, white working class, losing all the traditional values that had previously held them, their families and their society together. At the same time, Murray … [Read on]

The first Islamic State of the Union?

7th August 2018 8

I run a volunteer education and healthcare charity in an extremely rural and traditional area of Nepal. When we send students to villages to help, I always write them a list of cultural ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ so as not to cause offence to local people. The list includes clothing, washing, food, people’s houses, money, gifts, temples and monasteries and so … [Read on]

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