The Telegraph: Running scared of Islam.

29th October 2020 55

All too predictably, the Islamists have struck back in France in the only way they know how: by cutting the throats of infidels, this time in a church in Nice. Throughout the Islamic world, massed crowds will be cheering this act committed in the name of the Prophet, giving the lie to the liberal pretence that Islamism has nothing to … [Read on]

Will flesh and blood Trump beat Biden, the Democrat Zombie?

27th October 2020 24

The mainstream conservative press here is busy writing off Trump and preparing us for a Biden presidency. They argue a Biden presidency would be better, both for America and Britain. Trump is too dangerous, too unreliable, too divisive. Biden would work better on the international stage, repair alliances – especially with Europe. Trump’s response to Covid has been a disaster, … [Read on]

The Islamist beheadings: How long before the head count in the west is like the picture?

18th October 2020 61

Two days ago, in the town of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine on the outskirts of Paris, a 47-year old French teacher of the humanities, Samuel Paty, was decapitated in the street by an Islamist for having dared show his pupils cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed as part of a course on freedom of expression. It is no exaggeration to say that France is in a state of shock. Mass demonstrations are … [Read on]

Microsoft joins the dash to universal censorship

11th October 2020 26

I read this morning on my impeccably liberal MSN/Yahoo news feed – first rule of warfare: know your enemy – in a story entitled ‘Priti Patel criticised for planning to deport homeless people’, by Yahoo staff journalist George Martin (I would say he’s about fourteen judging from his photo), that home secretary Priti Patel is planning new measures to stem … [Read on]

The Daily Telegraph on the great unwashed and their inexplicable love of country.

16th September 2020 12

In a column entitled ‘Is ‘wokism’ creating an army of alt-Right teens?’ and headed by a photo of Miss Hitler beauty pageant contestant Alice Cutter next to a swastika, the Telegraph’s Celia Walden expresses alarm that young whites are turning to extreme white supremacist ideologies. She concedes that this reaction comes as no surprise in the current climate of PC … [Read on]

Transgender “Ooh… you are awful!’

30th August 2020 10

J K Rowling is in ever deeper trouble for offending the trans community and virtue signalling liberals by daring to suggest that biological women are different from trans men (women). Yet I suspect the real source of the anger among the trans community lies elsewhere, and has, not to my knowledge, been remarked on. It is pure and simple resentment. … [Read on]

Skin Creams: A whiter shade of racism

26th June 2020 10

The latest manifestation of the collective soul searching induced by the Black Lives Matter movement, which has revealed the Western world to be built on and all whites to be racists, is the move from cosmetics firms to reassess their product lines and marketing strategies. So, we hear from the BBC News website in a report by Lora Jones [] … [Read on]

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