The Daily Telegraph on the great unwashed and their inexplicable love of country.

16th September 2020 12

In a column entitled ‘Is ‘wokism’ creating an army of alt-Right teens?’ and headed by a photo of Miss Hitler beauty pageant contestant Alice Cutter next to a swastika, the Telegraph’s Celia Walden expresses alarm that young whites are turning to extreme white supremacist ideologies. She concedes that this reaction comes as no surprise in the current climate of PC … [Read on]

Transgender “Ooh… you are awful!’

30th August 2020 10

J K Rowling is in ever deeper trouble for offending the trans community and virtue signalling liberals by daring to suggest that biological women are different from trans men (women). Yet I suspect the real source of the anger among the trans community lies elsewhere, and has, not to my knowledge, been remarked on. It is pure and simple resentment. … [Read on]

Skin Creams: A whiter shade of racism

26th June 2020 10

The latest manifestation of the collective soul searching induced by the Black Lives Matter movement, which has revealed the Western world to be built on and all whites to be racists, is the move from cosmetics firms to reassess their product lines and marketing strategies. So, we hear from the BBC News website in a report by Lora Jones [] … [Read on]

White lives matter

7th June 2020 12

I confess I had some sympathy for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests – the peaceful ones – until I tuned into the evening phone-in on the radio and was subjected to a succession of young white liberals expressing their guilt at ‘white privilege’, their own unconscious racism and microaggressions, and the normally level-headed presenter, terrified of causing offence or committing … [Read on]

Bring out the flags

2nd May 2020 14

We are to have a ‘stay in your front garden’ street party to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day on Friday, weather permitting of course. A nice idea given current circumstances and I am strangely enthused. Something different, but also an opportunity to escape from NHS fetish worship and celebrate instead two far greater ideals: (1) England, and (2) … [Read on]

Getting the clap

18th April 2020 9

I read on other conservative websites that the clapping lark is now getting out of hand. It might have been justified first time round, just about, but now we are into North Korean territory. True conservatives, who value liberty, I learn, will not descend to this infantile sheep-like group-thinking sloganizing mind-manipulating Stasi Maoist NHS-worshipping emotive nonsense. Nor will they submit … [Read on]

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