Tory Shock Jocks emerge from their slime pools

23rd April 2015 0

Shock jocks and jaundiced journalists – those who just say something to court attention – are not serious figures. They do not realise that words can have repercussions or that some malleable, moronic misanthrope may even act on them. They are shallow people who seek, and may get, an instant reaction but leave nothing for posterity. Unfortunately, many of these … [Read on]

Cameron – The Political Prince who turned into a Frog

14th April 2015 0

We were watching Sky News’ coverage of the general election when my Bulgarian wife commented on the triviality and vacuousness of the proceedings. We witnessed “tough-guy” Miliband – at least in his recent incarnation – keen to point out his resilience following an attack by Michael Fallon. We then had Nigel Farage pretending to be sympathetic to Miliband, doubtless hoping … [Read on]

***END OF ARTICLE MISSING*** Only Footballers listened to on British TV

30th March 2015 0

Foreigners too often still harbour certain misconceptions about the UK, in particular that the highest standards in broadcasting are always maintained. Perhaps this is an impression dating from the glory days of the BBC. This means new arrivals, as well as accidental visitors to British TV, are taken aback at the shallowness of proceedings, the cheerfully ignorant guests and the … [Read on]

Miliband. A political Mithradetes.

27th March 2015 0

Vilification of Miliband had reached fever pitch. I wouldn’t vote for him under any circumstances but I’ve never been very keen on character assassination. Yet I don’t think even this is the right term. It’s more like the kind of juvenile facial/voice ridicule that you find in the school playground. The hatred, expressed in comments posted to tabloid stories, has … [Read on]

***END OF ARTICLE MISSING*** Helping police with their enquiries – Bulgarian style

18th March 2015 0

You always know a state has failed whenever it starts talking about an orchestrated campaign from outside to bring it down. Sure, there are the obvious suspects. Zimbabwe’s Mugabe has long since claimed that British enemies have been trying to topple him. If so, they haven’t been successful – sadly – because the 91-year-old despot is still partying while his … [Read on]

Is the Media overdosing on Sadism?

6th March 2015 0

Why did Mohammed Emwazi behead people? Expect no Western self-flagellation coming from me. He’s a sadist. Simple. Sadism robs me of sleep. It’s not that I’m especially caring person. In fact I would like to reciprocate it to its practitioners. It unnerves precisely because of this desire. And also because I fear torture: being locked in a confined space, tied … [Read on]

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