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12th February 2015 0

Posh-basing has escalated recently, dressed up as championing the cause of downtrodden working-class performers. The tabloids seem torn between hailing the achievements of actors Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch, and then telling us they only succeeded because they are privileged, not to mention the inverted snobbery of Labour MP Chris Bryant towards singer James Blunt. Actually hailing from a good … [Read on]

Nazism – Left or Right?

6th February 2015 2

I’ve always had a problem with the way the media, not so much the offending parties themselves, endlessly define extreme nationalist, anti-Semitic groups as “extreme right”. The anniversary of the Holocaust always give rise to this assignation, thrown around willy nilly. It’s a strange label that routinely goes unchallenged. The implication is clear: the further “right” you go on the … [Read on]

When Portugal almost became Europe’s Cuba

24th January 2015 0

The other night I was at Sofia’s Red House for Culture and Debate – a discussion venue which doubles as a shelter from the cold. The ostensible occasion was Portuguese Film Lab Day, a day of screening for Portuguese documentaries and arty movies with political themes. First up was a movie about the revolution of 25 April 1974. For the … [Read on]

Paris. The Blame Israel Brigade rides into town

16th January 2015 0

We gleaned some illuminating insights into public figures – including the sometimes predictably despicable nature of the usual suspects – in the aftermath of the Paris slaughter. And understand that I am now moving beyond discussion of the normal reactions of grief, anger, insecurity and reconciliation. Firstly, Obama is as autistic as ever – failing to either attend in person … [Read on]

A marmalade sandwich with Paddington Bear

10th January 2015 0

Families lack a sense of togetherness these days. John Cleese tells how people come up to him – not just to compliment him on the ingenious scripts and ensemble cast of Fawlty Towers – but to mention how his 70s comedy classic united the family, if only for half an hour. Nowadays everyone does their own thing; one person is … [Read on]

A British Night Out ‘Three pints of beer, eight double vodkas and an ambulance to follow’

30th December 2014 0

Christmas in the UK always brings with it accounts of drunken mayhem. What I find doubly disconcerting and depressing, and call this a strange form of sexism if you like, is to read about mindless violence among so-called ladettes or, worse still, hear of youngish mothers dying from liver cirrhosis. Every yuletide the tabloids regale us with pictures of horizontal … [Read on]

Russell Brand laughs all the way to the bank

22nd December 2014 0

Facebook is getting worse with all its ridiculous observations, injunctions and bons mots of supposed wisdom. Doubtless sometimes these words of (usually) leftist insight are broadcast because the poster sincerely supports the message. Sometimes, one suspects, they are put out because the poster feels that it is good for his or her image to hold leftist views. These statements pass … [Read on]

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