Technoplegia in the age of data harvesting

10th February 2020 6

I had to face the fact that the flat I rent out in London needed a refit. Estimates for the work ranged from crippling to only mildly extortionate. I felt I could just about manage it when my managing agent said, ‘Of course you’ll have to get the council tax back in your name and sort out parking permits for … [Read on]

Give me the old time bakelite phone

29th January 2020 3

I still have my stick shaped telephone land-line. It seems easier to have it sitting there rather than carrying a mobile around which was designed for a man’s hand, and has to be constantly charged. Just before Christmas the trusty old phone rang out and took messages, but no one could phone me. I bought another and set it up. … [Read on]

Check your Black Privilege

1st January 2020 52

In Specsavers there was nothing to read except stuff about glasses, so I glanced over the walls with their brightly coloured posters. Perhaps my eyes needed testing but there seemed to be only young black faces up there and older couples; one white the other black or Asian. Black and brown faces outnumbered white by six to three, a strange … [Read on]

I Cornbynistae

20th December 2019 8

Review. Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, or as it might be renamed: Poverty is Better for Women Than Marriage I first saw Measure for Measure aged seventeen at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton. Much has changed since then; all the actors were white, women didn’t play male roles and all the seats were full. At this RSC production at the Barbican last … [Read on]

The Tate Britain Annual Narcissist’s Prize

5th December 2019 12

The annual Turner Prize jamboree started at Tate Britain in 1984. I began demonstrating against it in 2000 with the ‘Stuckist’ painters, so named by Zeitgeist jack-pot winner Tracey Emin when she accused her then boyfriend, artists Billy Childish of being hopelessly ‘stuck’ because he still painted, using traditional paints.  Apart from joining a protest against sexually segregated lectures at … [Read on]

Climate Fascists are closing down our theatres

6th October 2019 5

From 1982 The RSC at the Barbican made Shakespeare a real presence in London. The theatre was easy to get to with a new tube station, it had a thousand comfortable seats and air-con. The first RSC shows, directed by Trevor Nunn, starred Patrick Stewart, Timothy Dalton and Harriet Walter. That was all made possible by the generosity of the … [Read on]

Is Jo Cox buried in the Church of Christ the Remainer ?

26th September 2019 16

I first met humbug full on when attending a literary festival in Oxford, in April 2017, where old fashioned feminist Jenni Murray of the BBC, was heckled and threatened with ‘no-platform’ after she questioned whether men can really be women, just because they say they are. She was accused by students of making, ‘transphobic’ comments. The humbug came bursting from … [Read on]

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