Twitter revives the ducking stool for unwoke witches

30th November 2021 24

I’ve just received an email from Twitter showing a list of accusations against me, accusing me of violating Twitter rules and German law, via the ‘Network Enforcement Act. Alarming, especially when followed by a second one. I considered a new ‘Nuremberg Defence;’ ‘I was only trying to stop people following orders.’ Happily, Twitter acquitted me on all charges. Relief!  But … [Read on]

The Blob

24th November 2021 7

My grandfather seemed really fond of me as a child, expressing it by praising everything I wrote, drew and painted, carrying extracts from my oeuvre around in his pockets, showing examples to people on trains. My other relatives thought he was eccentric. Praise was not usually given, the idea being that it was bad for children and would put them … [Read on]

1642 the Puritans closed all the theatres, 2021 and the left is at it again.

9th November 2021 22

Comedian David Baddiel recently commented that his last play had every line scrutinised to see whether it might offend or ‘trigger’ anyone on the grounds of race, gender or disability. Strangely, he wasn’t bothered at all and wants more policing of our language. Last February, his book, Jews Don’t Count, argued that antisemitic bias remains largely unpoliced and this week … [Read on]

History is more bunk than ever

10th September 2021 9

An eight-part drama about the Nuremberg Trials has started on Radio 4. Rhian Roberts, a BBC Commissioning Editor said it was, ‘Designed to present phenomenal moments of history in a compelling style so we can all continue to understand how our world was shaped by them.’ What we got was inexplicable; no Lord Shawcross, Britain’s lead prosecutor, whose opening speech, … [Read on]

The show is not over until the fat lady stops singing due to diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

31st August 2021 6

My holiday on the south coast was rather dismal, not just for the expensive, poor-quality food and accommodation and the rain, but the sight of morbidly obese young women clad in floral leggings. It was like visiting Willendorf-on-Sea. A backside the size of Sussex is obviously no embarrassment anymore, even something to flaunt, and it seems that we are being … [Read on]

Snowflakes in Summer

6th August 2021 13

The summer of 2021 may be remembered not so much for great sporting events as for top  athletes deciding to proudly run away. ‘Dina Asher-Smith has pulled out of the Olympics altogether, after failing to make the 100 metres final,’ says a voice from the radio. ‘I’m really proud of everything I’ve done to this point,’ she says. In July … [Read on]

Ofsted rears a generation of human hyenas

28th June 2021 10

Getting older, the mores of one’s own country can start to look strange, if not inexplicable. Such was the effect of the case of Mandy Copper, a head teacher, as they are now called, at Wimbish School, Essex. She was attacked eighteen times by one pupil, despite her warnings that the un-identified child’s ‘needs’ were too complex for her small … [Read on]

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