Are you being served?

18th January 2019 5

 ‘What does the ‘plus’ mean?’ I asked the young assistant as I bought a new DAB + radio in the John Lewis post-Christmas sale. ‘I’ve no idea,’ he said smiling confidently. He made no attempt to find someone who did know or look it up on his phone. I bought it anyway, not really knowing what I was getting, good … [Read on]

A Burning Concern

14th January 2019 4

When I moved house in 2014 I was pleased to find a wood-burning stove, a mark of worldly success similar to owning an Aga, endorsed by arbiters of taste such as Lily Allen and Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall. One hundred and eighty thousand people had their chimneys unblocked and stoves installed that year, five times higher than in 2007. Around two hundred … [Read on]

Why old age pensioners should be forced to pay their BBC TV licence

24th December 2018 4

Britain was riveted on Saturday when mega wealthy David Dimbleby guest-edited the Today programme. Not because, like a previous guest, the crime writer PD James, he wrenched the programme away from its liberal bias, but because of a scrap with a programme stalwart, hugely rich John Humphrys. Trouble started during a discussion on the monarchy. DD: I’m sorry, there was a total sneer … [Read on]

Going to prison for having the wrong thoughts

21st December 2018 9

Three young people from a wide range of backgrounds have received lengthy prison sentences this week, perhaps I should say four, as one small baby was involved. Good riddance many people will say in reaction to lively headlines. Sudesh Amman, 18, a former maths and science student at North West London College, is going to prison for three and a half … [Read on]

Sajid Javid will import more Muslim Voters

5th December 2018 9

Breakfast was enlivened today (03/12/18) by the Home Secretary Sajid Javid on BBC Radio 4, saying he’s ‘determined to implement the will of the British people,’ followed by his declaration that he loves immigration, believing it has brought ‘immense benefits’ and made the UK, ‘culturally richer’ than it was before. Javid doesn’t need to do this carrot and stick routine; … [Read on]

A Tweet too far.

3rd December 2018 11

Before rushing off to London to meet a friend and give out Christmas presents, I had to look at Twitter, which has become an increasing part of my day. There it was: Do you reckon your mum cried when she gave you up, Jane? I stared at it, shocked, and my mind raced; someone I don’t know had researched my … [Read on]

European Court of Human Rights declares the truth to be a crime

4th November 2018 6

I recently lost enthusiasm for Brexit. Many are now equivocating; cold feet about leaving the club, worries that any deal we get will be poor, or make no real difference. My wavering began with the hideous death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi who was butchered on the orders of a Saudi prince who didn’t like his writing. A tyrannical ruler hasn’t … [Read on]

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