The BBC sees Britain through a forest of strutting jackboots

28th February 2021 17

In my Midlands comprehensive school in the 1970s, the boys in the 6th form were all planning to be Labour voters like their fathers and grandfathers. I’d joined the Labour Party aged 15 and we regarded the NF as uncouth ‘skin-heads,’ the sort you avoided at all costs. In London Professor Lez Henry had more to fear. ‘Us black yoof, … [Read on]

An unsayable epidemiology

29th December 2020 65

The priest’s sermon this Sunday concerned the integrated nature of things, all reaching up to that great controlling intelligence which lies somewhere beyond our ken. I think that was it anyway. I was having happy thoughts about how well Christmas with my friends had gone.   As I walked home in the weak winter sun, I passed an Asian grocer’s … [Read on]

Do you suffer from migratism ? Will there be clinics for it ?

11th December 2020 21

Six years ago, in a lovely part of Tuscany, there was some tension between my married friends, an English solicitor and his Albanian wife. She was obviously miffed about something but every time she started telling me about it he hoved into view. They united as a couple, against me, during a conversation about mushrooms. We’d picked some for tea … [Read on]

Defending your terf

26th November 2020 26

It was a usual morning; someone on BBC Woman’s Hour was talking about Caribbean cookery but doing it in the new, to my ears, strange language of woke: ‘Cookery is a vehicle.’ Long important pause. ‘Cooking is about identity. It’s about learning your history.’  On Twitter I asked if anyone recognised the origins of this new- speak, which perhaps originates … [Read on]

The left has performed a humour resection on Britain

14th November 2020 24

I recently had the luck to see ‘Murder Ahoy!’ on TCM, which shows classic films on TV, mainly aimed at the over 50s. Made in 1964 it taken from one of Agatha Christie’s twelve novels about Miss Marple, her indefatigable spinster detective. Starring Margaret Rutherford, the eccentric character actress, it was astonishingly amusing and entertaining, at least in comparison with … [Read on]

Gluten Free

5th October 2020 4

‘Mother Bessie’s Scones, two a tenner each,’ a voice growled as I passed my local Co-op. I knew there was nothing on the shelves inside, apart from dry goods like loo rolls and antiseptic wipes which no one wants. I’d used my carbs token to buy rice. I hadn’t tasted wheat for so long that I was tempted by Bessie’s … [Read on]

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