Time Gentlemen Please

23rd September 2020 17

Some things have inadvertently improved due to the Chinese eating bats; children now have to sit in rows, spaced out, facing the front. Most teachers, even those purporting to teach history don’t know that this was once the norm and worked well for hundreds of years. Pubs are now going to close at 10pm. Many have forgotten, but from 1914 … [Read on]

The BBC redoubles its efforts to get rid of whitey.

15th September 2020 16

After ignoring several scary warnings about what I was to see, it was pleasantly surprising to find myself enjoying The Singapore Grip, a new Sunday night series on ITV. I hardly ever watch TV drama anymore, certainly not from the BBC who recently trashed Howard’s End, and can no longer be trusted anywhere near Dickens. Recent BBC attempts at period … [Read on]

Don’t Swallow that!

3rd September 2020 6

This article is in the new edition of the Salisbury Review out September 1st. Buy the digital version for as little as £10 a year I sometimes see Vera in the street, a small scurrying person with that slightly distracted look older women sometimes have, as if they might have left a boiling pan on. I met her recently as … [Read on]

The BBC advocates Black Lesbian Farming

31st August 2020 27

It used to be soothing to drift into Sunday morning listening to BBC Radio 4’s On Your Farm, hearing advice on stock ownership and agricultural practice. Recent issues have included Brexit, the EU Common Agricultural and Fisheries Policy, GM crops, biotechnology, pesticides, animal welfare, organic farming and problems with rural broadband; a good start to a day dominated by The … [Read on]

Leicester: The rules only apply to whites.

19th August 2020 24

Lockdown eased in Leicester ‘It’s all them sweat-shops they have!’ The rare voice of what sounded like a white working-class woman on BBC R4 ‘Any Answers,’ after a question about why Leicester was going into another lock-down. The presenter quickly moved on. The following day the Sunday Times revealed, under a blaring headline: ‘Fashion giant faces ‘slavery investigation,’ that Asian workers … [Read on]

Getting ready for travelling when BLM takes over.

9th July 2020 4

‘Everyone’s getting on their bikes,’ said a voice from the radio. I walked to my first cycling lesson up the middle of Oxford High Street once clogged with cars now deserted as a cityscape by Giorgio de Chirico. A bus driver slouched against the college wall, everything still apart from cyclists joyfully zipping up and down towards the Magdalen Bridge … [Read on]

A Stark Warning

7th July 2020 18

David Starkey blotted his copybook again, allowing one foolish word, ‘damn’ in a fifty-minute interview which of course got picked up by the left- wing cohorts eager to destroy him and all those like him. Of course, he shouldn’t have said ‘blacks’ either, but ‘black people,’ or better still ‘people of colour,’ or better still not mentioned them at all. … [Read on]

‘Culture’ now means black. White culture has been abolished

9th June 2020 10

I like the idea of further study but didn’t expect to have a whole new learning suddenly required of me. Like many I am struggling to keep up; it began on Friday June 5th when registered nurse Carol Cooper told BBC Woman’s Hour about something very like genocide. Just back from the Birmingham Black Lives Matter demonstration, she described the … [Read on]

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