‘Take Novichok bitch, monkey brain, die!’ (Twitter)

14th September 2018 6

It all began with a Twitter discussion about the British bombing of Dresden. The ethics of the attack are now much discussed. I knew it wasn’t going to be an informed debate as one participant had expressed his views with emoji showing several flames; he disapproved of the attack and hated the British. I said it was a good thing … [Read on]

Green for Danger

29th August 2018 6

It’s not often I read something really sickening; I wilfully ignore items about cruelty of any kind which flash up on-line. But the Sunday Times this week, had a truly astonishing and repulsive story; a man tortured and raped a ten-year-old girl in the attic of his small house while his family were living apparently oblivious to her screams. One … [Read on]

The Giant Prison that Muslim women inhabit

14th August 2018 23

Whatever his motives, Boris Johnson’s remarks about Islamic dress have drawn attention to an area of extreme tension; the Muslim practise of sexual apartheid. While the Left in the UK and bizarrely Mrs May’s government, are trying to abolish binary gender recognition in favour of saying there are several valid sexes, the Muslim community recognises only one gender as the … [Read on]

Come Back Gina Lollobrigida

24th July 2018 6

Something was very missing; Romeo & Juliet usually begins with a rather stately and very well- known prologue. ‘In fair Verona where we lay our scene,’ etc but instead we were somewhere more like Peckham, our ears attacked by a shouted gabbling sound as if we were overhearing a tiresome all-night party which has spilled out onto the street at … [Read on]

We have ways of making you think

1st July 2018 16

Astonishingly Margaret Atwood, that great saint of feminism, is facing a social media backlash after calling for due process i.e. normal justice for a former university professor accused of sexual misconduct. In the wake of this she recently asked where a society can go if its legal system is bypassed. What will take its place, who will the new power … [Read on]

Biting the hand that feeds you

12th June 2018 14

Author, Kazuo Ishiguro OBE FRSA FRSL, Order of the Rising Sun, Second Class, recent Nobel Prize winner, is now also a knight. ‘When I think back to when I arrived here,’ he told the BBC, ‘it was 1960. I was six years old…’ My hand moved towards the off button as I knew what was coming next; ‘after all the racism I’ve experienced, … [Read on]

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