Re-writing history with the BBC

6th October 2014 0

Last week the BBC Trust ruled that during one of its children’s programmes in the BBC ‘Learning Zone,’ Florence Nightingale was shown racially discriminating against the travelling Afro-Caribbean cook Mary Seacole. Of mixed race, she called herself a ‘yellow woman,’ and set up cafes for soldiers on the battlefield. She was never a nurse but wrote an interesting book about … [Read on]

Toffs versus Vulgar Meritocrats

7th March 2014 0

Columnist Jemima Lewis, aka Mrs Dimbleby, is an interesting example perhaps of the way newspapers have changed over the last twenty years, and reflects something of how society has shifted too, from vulgar meritocracy of the Thatcher years, when all journalists including feature writers had to leave the office to investigate and write stories, to well – what we have … [Read on]

Life is tricky in a country that has no national tongue

13th March 2013 0

I was in Morrison’s yesterday and noticed several stacked rows of Lindt chocolate bunnies wrapped in gold paper, lined up in their boxes horizontally, except many of them weren’t; their little chocolate bodies replaced by bunny shaped empty spaces, as many of them had been nicked, purloined, and guzzled before getting anywhere near the till. As I had heard that … [Read on]

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