The Tate Britain Annual Narcissist’s Prize

5th December 2019 12

The annual Turner Prize jamboree started at Tate Britain in 1984. I began demonstrating against it in 2000 with the ‘Stuckist’ painters, so named by Zeitgeist jack-pot winner Tracey Emin when she accused her then boyfriend, artists Billy Childish of being hopelessly ‘stuck’ because he still painted, using traditional paints.  Apart from joining a protest against sexually segregated lectures at … [Read on]

Climate Fascists are closing down our theatres

6th October 2019 5

From 1982 The RSC at the Barbican made Shakespeare a real presence in London. The theatre was easy to get to with a new tube station, it had a thousand comfortable seats and air-con. The first RSC shows, directed by Trevor Nunn, starred Patrick Stewart, Timothy Dalton and Harriet Walter. That was all made possible by the generosity of the … [Read on]

Is Jo Cox buried in the Church of Christ the Remainer ?

26th September 2019 16

I first met humbug full on when attending a literary festival in Oxford, in April 2017, where old fashioned feminist Jenni Murray of the BBC, was heckled and threatened with ‘no-platform’ after she questioned whether men can really be women, just because they say they are. She was accused by students of making, ‘transphobic’ comments. The humbug came bursting from … [Read on]

All rise to clap Comrade Corbyn (Minimum 15 Mins)

5th September 2019 10

Someone in the street recently wanted me to open a direct debit for charity. He suddenly raised his hand in front of my face. ‘Well, don’t leave me hanging here,’ he said disconcerted.  He wanted me to strike his palm with my own. A kind of clapping for people with one arm, well he was collecting for the disabled. It’s … [Read on]

Channel 4 wokes up

29th August 2019 7

Channel 4 posted its annual report in June, revenues were up by £15m in 2018 and its digital audience had increased by a quarter. Strangely Channel 4 News viewing figures are down by almost a tenth, nine percent year on year. They blamed ‘Brexit fatigue,’ as many of us do. But there is probably a more obvious reason staring them … [Read on]

‘Stand to attention when the teacher enters.’

15th August 2019 4

 ‘As you have utterly failed to unify these dark tones how are you now going to manage the half tone correctly?’ ‘What are these?’ She rasped. I tried to explain to the art course teacher that in trying to find the correct half tone I’d discovered a second colour which looked better. ‘So now you’ve got two of them?’ she … [Read on]

Have I Swallowed the wrong pill?

7th August 2019 18

I met someone on the bus who I know from my church. I was glad to see her, meeting people in the street and chatting is so different from my former life in London. Unfortunately, some of these conversations are all too predictable. ‘I’ve just been to the memorial gathering for Hiroshima,’ she breathed, barely audible with self-righteous satisfaction as … [Read on]

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