Climate Agonistes

7th May 2020 15

‘The world is in a mess, politics and taxes and people grinding axes, no happiness; zoom, zoom, zoom.’  Slap That Bass, performed by Fred Astaire in the 1937 film, Shall We Dance. Like most people I’ve been zooming about like a rocket; on screen life-drawing, portrait painting, church and neighbour meetings, and as like many middle-class women I’d like to … [Read on]

When We Walk Free Again

13th April 2020 17

No one knows how this thing will end, but we conjecture, all the time. A bit like death; if only knew exactly when, we would know what to do with ourselves now. I can only look forward to a time when depilating my legs will no longer be the highlight of the day, when I can go outside to paint … [Read on]

Tin foil hats, cunning men, fortune tellers and astrologers.

9th April 2020 5

Day 16    The Wuhan Wet Market Papers.                                             09/04/2020 Death toll tops 7,000. Boris is still with us. I visited my corner shop yesterday, succumbing to a faintly suicidal urge, that strange mix of elation and apprehension many of us feel at the moment. It does seem strange even now that going to a shop can be a lethal decision, but … [Read on]

Diary of the Chinese Pestilence

2nd April 2020 0

Day 15   April 1st        The Chinese Virus is affecting the Brains of Old Ladies. Hospital death toll up by 563 to 2,352 – 31% up on yesterday. The original plan for today was a portrait group this afternoon, and the first of a series of ‘2020 Climate Change Seminars,’ tonight in the local church hall, under such headings as, ‘Climate … [Read on]

Diary of the Chinese Pestilence

31st March 2020 3

Day 14.         Of the unrepentant Chinese Virus          Monday March 30th 2020 1,228 deaths in the UK so far, 260 on Saturday alone. The big question is, how did we manage before the word ‘vulnerable’ and terms, ‘front line’ and ‘Underlying conditions,’ came into modern parlance? They are now about every second word heard from the BBC. ‘Go on, it’ll do … [Read on]

Diary of the Chinese Pestilence

29th March 2020 5

Day 13.    The Wuhan Plague Papers.     Sunday 28th March 2020 Deaths from Covid-19 have reached 1,000 in the UK and doubled to 2,000 in the US in two days. It’s Passion Sunday. First Day of Spring! Clocks forward – was ever an hour so gratefully lost?  I’ve forgotten all about Lent! The whole of life is now some kind of … [Read on]

Diary of the Chinese Pestilence

27th March 2020 2

Day 12.   The Bat’s Answer.   Thursday March 26th 465 deaths in the UK, 28 since yesterday. Spain, deaths 738, looks like a massive Auto De Fe  of  white hooded figures moving in lines through the silent streets looking for people to remove from their homes. Boris (Covid 19 positive) has inadvertently launched a radical socialist programme: half a million have applied … [Read on]

Diary of the Chinese Pestilence

26th March 2020 0

DAY 11   Of the Royal Pest.                            Wednesday    March 25th 2020 Parliament closes tonight. I made my final walk into town. Describing a strange and lonely sojourn through an unknown land.   10am. Our little, local hardware shop is closed, all the colourful boxes of Spring plants for sale put away. Walk for about half a mile without seeing any person … [Read on]

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