Mental Health ‘Ishoos’

30th July 2019 3

A friend of mine is in trouble after naïvely writing a piece for Oxford’s Merton College magazine containing the words: ‘Mertonians attended the college Gaudy, reviving the strong camaraderie and easy-going friendships we experienced in the long-ago days when Merton was still a men’s college.’ He was immediately reported for using ‘offensive language.’ The college warned him that,  ‘Those words … [Read on]

The left demands censorship of all white male writing ?

29th June 2019 16

It’s obvious; sexual identity is part of the fatal flaw of sexuality, at least according to Jean Paul Sartre. However, it maybe not so much sexual identity that’s part of the flaw but rather the genre and social structure imposed on it by the patriarchy, a.k.a white supremacy. No idea? Neither have I but its fun looking up the ‘Postmodern … [Read on]

Something of the night about Brexit?

21st June 2019 18

Picture -Berlin 1924 In der Volksküche by Otto Nagel | It’s the 30th of January, 1933, somewhere in a nice suburb of Berlin. I know that the other ladies, sharing tea and cakes with me are voting for Ernst Thalman, the handsome leader of the German communists. I am voting for Hitler. This is because Thalman’s party, which I once … [Read on]

Gove the Inhaler

12th June 2019 4

One of my earliest memories is watching a TV series with my mother, noting her distaste at seeing young people furtively passing around fat looking cigarettes. She was a smoker herself but told me those were, ‘reefers,’ and not nice. Teenagers, the kind I longed to be, were obviously keen on them. When we weren’t watching trendy drug-taking we were … [Read on]

ANATHEMA – The Two Minute Hate

17th April 2019 12

‘The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining in’. George Orwell 1984 Sir Roger Scruton – Two minute hate. Tommy Robinson – Double hate. Julian Assange – Triple hate. Israel Folau – Wonderful Rugby player, oh yes, Evangelical Christian aka – Three … [Read on]

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