Diary of the Chinese Pestilence

25th March 2020 0

Day 10              Of the Pangolin’s Reply.             Tuesday.  March 24th 2020 ‘Stay at home and save lives,’ said Boris, issuing a 329-page document almost a page for each of the recent dead, with 87 clauses, ordering us all to stay at home.   The police, public health officials and immigration officers have been ordered to enforce these new rules and detain … [Read on]

Journal of the Chinese Pestilence

24th March 2020 0

Day 9       Of the Oriental Visitation or the Ruin of the Abundance of People. Monday 23rd March 2020 All new jury trials have been abandoned and ‘emergency powers’ are going through Parliament; a hastily written document of 300 pages, which will clear the Commons in one day after a hasty debate, giving as David Davis MP put it, ‘Incredible reach.’ … [Read on]

Diary of the Chinese Pestilence

22nd March 2020 0

Day 8.            22nd March 2020             Mother’s Day 5,000 in the UK infected. 233 Dead. Andrew Marr has just said on his BBC 1 programme: ‘The virus isn’t trying to kill us. It is just trying to do what all living things do, reproduce.’ Is that the most relativist comment in the history of the BBC, the apogee of Liberalism?  Good … [Read on]

Journal of the Chinese Pestilence: ‘Racism will vanish once the old people are dead’

22nd March 2020 5

DAY 7           Saturday 21st March 2020 627 die in a single day in Italy, the biggest rise so far, where BC now means before Coronavirus.  UK  177 deaths were reported last night. Pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants have ‘closed indefinitely.’ Even Toni & Guy have put down their scissors. We used to hear about competitive international school league tables, now … [Read on]

A Journal of the Chinese Pest.

20th March 2020 6

‘Passing through Token-House Yard, Lothbury, of a sudden a casement violently opened just over my head and a woman gave three frightful skreetches, and then cry’d, Oh! Death, Death, Death! Which struck me with Horror and a Chilness, in my very Blood.’ Daniel Defoe, A Journal of the Plague Year, 1665. Day One. 16th March 2020 To London at the … [Read on]

An Easter retreat at the Church of Zengland

19th March 2020 17

‘I need you to put your thumbs in your ears, fingers over your eyes and say ‘Ooohm.’’ At that moment it wasn’t certain that I was going to enjoy my weekend away at the start of Lent. What could be nicer in the lead up to Easter; beautiful grounds, English Gothic buildings, even a church nearby with crosses cut in … [Read on]

Old white people, an endangered species.

15th March 2020 10

The atmosphere in the paper shop was subdued this morning. I tried a bit of cheery banter, as you do in a war situation. The headlines screamed: ‘Most frail will not get elderly care,’ ‘Police get special powers to deal with victims,’ worse, the Sun ratcheted up alarm with: ‘New born baby has virus,’ with photo of an unrelated infant … [Read on]

The Skills Gap: Whites need not apply, or are too fat?

21st February 2020 12

Priti Patel, self-styled head-mistress from hell, wants to get the British working again, all of them. She says eight million Brits are ‘economically inactive,’ so idle they don’t even collect their dole money, presumably spending their time hypnotised by eating pizza and watching on-line porn.    She plans to stop importing cheap labour from Europe and push fat white Brits … [Read on]

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