Christine Keeler; A chance for a working class girl to attend an orgy

7th December 2017 8

The BBC opined this week about the death of Christine Keeler aged seventy five. The former good time girl along with her friend Mandy Rice-Davies helped to bring down the old fogey Macmillan govt in 1964, when her affair with John Profumo, Secretary of State for War was discovered.[pullquote]Buy a Christmas gift subscription to our paper magazine[/pullquote] Their tone, grappling … [Read on]

Carry on Transgendering with the Archbishop of Cant

17th November 2017 10

The C of E is at it again; nagging on about the sanctity of Christian marriage, the importance for children of parents staying together, banging on about late term abortion, raging about children facing famine in Yemen and the Congo, with Christmas coming trying to make us all feel guilty about waste and self-indulgence. Well no, of course they haven’t … [Read on]

Should the BBC ban Oscar Wilde?

15th November 2017 11

It seems that this Christmas won’t be Christmas as we know it. This year we will not have the joy of spending three or is it four long hours on Boxing Day playing spot the superannuated actor you thought was long dead, or name the old girl in wig and pearls, playing an amateur sleuth called Button or Bundle. The … [Read on]

Groping For The Truth

2nd November 2017 13

The past is a foreign country and they behave very badly there, not like you and me at all. However, after hearing Oscar winning actor/director Kevin Spacey’s abject remorse for an alleged incident in 1986 which he cannot remember, I was painfully reminded of an event which may have happened to me at sometime or other, when I reached out … [Read on]

Post Traumatic Feminism Syndrome

29th September 2017 6

I used to enjoy A Good Read on Radio 4 at 11.30pm, lulled to sleep by the soothing tones of Sue McGregor and lately the detached calmness of Harriett Gilbert. But like the BBC’s other surviving review shows, guests are now being culled from the stand up comedy circuit, pop radio stations and The Guardian, people one suspects rarely read … [Read on]

Greed über Alles – London’s web cabs are above the law.

28th September 2017 7

‘They won’t be able to stop them now,’ said my London cabby wistfully. He was talking about Uber, the black-cab man’s nightmare. I was on my way to an art class in Chelsea. Many of the younger students had arrived by using Uber, and although the London mayor Sadiq Khan says he will not renew their five year licence on … [Read on]

The BBC has bought a new brand of whitewash

17th September 2017 6

‘As a journalist it’s my responsibility to give people information that is relevant to their lives,’ opined Robert Peston, political editor and presenter on ITV News, speaking on R4, 15th Sept 2017. His sense of duty doesn’t seem to be shared by everyone in his profession. BBC Reporter Lucy Ash presented, ‘The French East End,’ this week without revealing who … [Read on]

Another mother’s son

12th September 2017 2

Strangers to nuance with no feeling for or understanding of the past are busy trying to smash historic statues and rip our colourful ancestors down from their plinths, but some of us prefer to think of many people we’d like to put up there. We want more statues to the great and the not so good, to men and women … [Read on]

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