What do you mean?

2nd May 2017 1

We hear a lot of analysis of recent and forthcoming elections: which disappointed voters chose Trump in November, why Macron’s policies appeal to France, is Merkel leader of the free world, and so on. Even with pollsters misjudging majorities, it still sounds fairly scientific. There’s something curious beneath the surface though. The weird pieties of our age – “3rd wave” … [Read on]

Mark Griffith: Draining the Deep State

21st February 2017 0

Rumours that Donald Trump was assisted in last November’s election by Russian hackers have reached frantic levels, and several US intelligence agencies seem to have fallen behind this project. It might be too soon to suggest that an American ‘deep state’ is attempting a slow-motion coup against the flamboyant builder of gold-plated office blocks. Nonetheless, what used to be called … [Read on]

Year of the Trumpster

1st February 2017 2

This February, China’s traditional calendar enters the Year of the Cockerel – or Rooster. Even more, within their zodiac it’s a year of the fire rooster (the last fire rooster year was 1957), associated with responsibility at work, precise timekeeping, and (wait for it) getting things done. In honour of this new year a shopping mall in China a few … [Read on]

Swiss francs on the Rates

30th January 2017 2

Brexit taught us two things. Firstly, many pro-EU Britons fear for their red-tape careers and get a submissive thrill out of taking the side of foreigners. Secondly, we learned real Britons buy and invest more just on the strength of added freedom to come, even if they know working round the euro-quislings will take time. So rather than just trying … [Read on]

Christmas, Scrooge, & The Internet

26th December 2016 3

Charles Dickens’ tale ‘Christmas Carol’ is rightly popular this time each year, but widely misunderstood. Almost everyone misconstrues what his nightmare visits by the three ghosts actually teach him. Children at Christmas frankly express joy at getting things they desire. We grown-ups laugh indulgently, yet dimly know acquisitive materialism is one of the major causes of human unhappiness. Although we … [Read on]

The Honey Monster, Two cats and a Dishwasher

6th December 2016 1

December 1st; Thursday. Online chum Nick Jordan (no supporter of President Honey Monster, I should add) reports that “Last night I dreamt I was having dinner with Donald Trump. I gave him some much needed advice – something about making quick decisions like a businessman, not slow ones like a politician – and he gave me a battered, secondhand Rolex … [Read on]


6th December 2016 1

Exitalia: Is Italy Next Out of the EU? On Sunday, December 4th, Italians voted decisively in a referendum, rejecting a proposal by prime minister Matteo Renzi to alter the country’s constitution. This effectively forced his resignation because Renzi had repeatedly promised to resign if the proposal was rejected. The proposals were complex (to reduce the powers of the second chamber … [Read on]

Mark Griffith Budapest; Orban’s stranger referendum, 98% say no but…

4th October 2016 1

On Sunday October 2nd, Hungarian voters were asked to decide in a national referendum whether or not Viktor Orban and his Fidesz-dominated government should refuse EU-mandated quotas of resettled Syrian strangers. Whether they are mostly refugees or mostly economic migrants is itself politically contested. Overwhelmingly, those who voted said no. However, in a confusing twist, too few Hungarians voted for … [Read on]

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