A future where no lives matter.

9th June 2020 8

It is indubitable that the killing of George Floyd was an unconscionable and repugnant act. What seems however clear is that the multiculturalist agitators are exploiting and manipulating the killing in a shameless effort to further their own destabilizing agenda. The media coverage following the killing makes it transparently plain that the omniscient activists do not value human life per … [Read on]

American Class

6th August 2019 1

About a year ago, I shared a train compartment with a seemingly reticent Canadian fellow, a man heavily shielded by a newspaper, and I doubted I’d catch a syllable from the stolid moose. But after gobbling a handsome steak sandwich with yellow dressing and downing a pint, he eased into a happier frame of mind. And after another pint, and … [Read on]

Animal Rights Human Wrongs

1st March 2019 0

It was late afternoon and once again I sat in the shade of the black trees and watched the crackling autumn leaves. With extraordinary caution I lit a cigarette, hoping no scandal would follow. But soon as I took a few puffs a sour-faced woman wearing tattered pig moccasins perched on a bench directly across, so I reluctantly tossed it … [Read on]


1st September 2018 0

There is an unremarkable passage from Robert Musil’s, The Man Without Qualities that has nested in my cranium several decades now. I’m not sure why I ever squirreled it away there. Maybe to ready me for fates to come? Don’t ask how I dug it up again: There are probably people who still lead personal lives, who say “We saw … [Read on]

The earth cries out for the blood of Tory martyrs

22nd June 2018 2

The bad effects of mass immigration and multicultural dreams have been heralded many times and I see no reason to swell things with my own announcement. The stern silencing of those who question the prevailing orthodoxy has also been adequately noted. The question, then, that bedevils me is why native populations everywhere seize the subordination thrust upon them like a … [Read on]

The Queen’s Favourite Mag?

1st March 2018 0

I have a small confession to make: I have been telling folks around here that The Salisbury Review is ‘the Queen’s favourite magazine’. I didn’t mean to deceive, not at first. It started with just my mother-in-law. She had been gaining ascendancy over me lately. She was soundly winning the propaganda war for the heart and mind of my wife. … [Read on]

Golden Globes. Nonentities with aligned menstrual cycles.

12th January 2018 4

Well, the #Me Too movement has made Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. It seems the land of the Salem Witch Trials and the McCarthy Hearings has done it again. And this time the inquisition is better than ever, for in Salem, there was that needling formality of a trial. How dull, when the good lynching spirit, so inextricable part … [Read on]

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