Animal Rights Human Wrongs

1st June 2017 0

It was late afternoon and once again I sat in the shade of the black trees and watched the crackling autumn leaves. With extraordinary caution I lit a cigarette, hoping no scandal would follow. But soon as I took a few puffs a sour-faced woman wearing tattered pig moccasins perched on a bench directly across, so I reluctantly tossed it … [Read on]

Mark Mantel; The Smallness of Trump?

15th November 2016 2

Is Mr. Trump great-souled or small? Can he be ruffled by a tweet? Is he subject to the whisperings of an Iago? Does Washington need such an outsider? Might the qualities that make Trump good in business prove a tragic liability in the political world? All the above. Trump is both larger and smaller than most of our recent presidents. … [Read on]

Donald Trump Political Wrecking Ball

14th September 2016 0

One of the first books I ever bought was Trump’s The Art of the Deal. Yes, I readily scorned the stuffy volumes of Balzac’s Human Comedy under my native roof, to go roll in the hay with Trump’s paperback. And what is worse still, a kind of affection lingers in my heart for him, in the same way I can’t … [Read on]

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