Lindsey Dearnley on Radio 4. Chesteron ‘We are the people of England that never have spoken yet’

13th February 2017 2

BBC Radio 4 Monday 13th February. Patrick Wright in his series ‘The English Fix’ discusses the plight of the English working class now faced with immigration, unemployment, and loss of culture and identity. Wright maintains this is not a new problem it occurred during the struggle between ‘Little Englanders’ and international liberals over the Boer War. He then follows by discussing the theme … [Read on]

Spring Edition of the Salisbury Review

13th February 2017 0

The online Spring Issue of the Salisbury Review is now on sale. The paper magazine on March 1st. 58 Pages of Comment, Book Reviews, Film, The Arts, Religion, Science, Religion. Articles. Homosexuals and the Law – fifty years on. The Transgender Movement Zhe and Wormself. Did Big Pharma push China’s one-child policy? President Pence – after the assassination. AI: Robots … [Read on]

Smile you are going to live for ever – on a trolley

14th January 2017 6

I am a GP. Yesterday during the height of the A & E rush hour, seven p.m. to midnight, I sent a patient to my local district hospital. She had a complex disorder requiring an MRI scan, extensive blood work, the opinion of a specialist, and a decision on admission. A mistake would have had dire consequences. Within five hours a … [Read on]

Gibbon; The Emperor Elagabalus

13th January 2017 4

A rational voluptuary adheres with invariable respect to the temperate dictates of nature, and improves the gratifications of sense by social intercourse, endearing connections, and the soft colouring of taste and the imagination. But Elagabalus, (I speak of the emperor of that name,) corrupted by his youth, his country, and his fortune, abandoned himself to the grossest pleasures with ungoverned … [Read on]

Overturning the Religion of the 20th Century

12th January 2017 11

Fred Hoyle, Plumian Professor of Astrophysics and Experimental Philosophy at Cambridge in 1958, and an atheist, made many enemies as a result of his opposition to Darwinism which was the religion of the day. He and his fellow workers William Alfred Fowler and Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar discovered that we are literally made of stardust, that in a process called  (nucleosynthesis)  carbon and the other elements … [Read on]

No London brothel or Casino for you this Christmas Sheik

20th December 2016 10

Attacks like that on the The Berlin Christmas Market will get more frequent as radical Muslim groups realise that asymmetrical warfare is cheaper, has a greater propaganda effect, is sparing on personnel, and does not require heavy weapons or costly ground to air defences. The attacks will  get worse as the Russians gain physical control of ISIS territory and drive out its ISIS killers, … [Read on]

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