Editorial. Summer 2016

6th June 2016 0

On May 1st Brussels decided, in effect, to extend the EU border to the frontiers of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Armenia and Georgia. They have offered visa-free travel to the EU to the citizens of Turkey, and are in negotiations to offer the same to the Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, and Kosovo (totalling 125 million people). Meanwhile in return for a fat bribe, … [Read on]

The BBC’s Cult of Negritude and the Relief of Raqqa

4th June 2016 4

Today Saturday the 4th of June, I wanted to hear news of the relief of Raqqa and the city’s population which has been trapped by ISIS gangs for months. Conditions are so bad, it is reported, that some refugees have drowned their children. There is no food or water, and, as is usual with ISIS, reports abound of men been … [Read on]

The € – WRONG THEN – WRONG NOW – the E.U.

4th June 2016 0

Leading Big Business figures and politicians now claim the EU is vital to our prosperity. But we remember when they all said joining the Euro was vital for British prosperity. They are so EU-blinkered that we can’t trust their judgement. Thank goodness we didn’t listen. What a disaster that would have been! _______________________ Lord Peter Mandelson “Until we come off … [Read on]

EU Referendum? Its a ‘no brainer’

13th May 2016 7

Despite Brussels’ protestations that the EU Referendum is a once-only offer, if Britain votes ‘out’ the EU will be forced to come cap in hand asking us to reconsider. We are the fifth largest economy in the world and unlike Brussels (23 years trying conclude a trade deal with the US and still trying) we hold an open door both culturally and financially to the entire globe. Without … [Read on]

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