Brexit: The Poles – BBC’s ‘victim of the week’

29th June 2016 4

I am old enough to have been brought up on tales of Polish heroism during the Second World War. Every small boy knew about Monte Cassino and the sacrifices of Polish pilots during the Battle of Britain. The other night following the spraying of anti Polish graffiti on  the doors  of the Polish Cultural Centre in London,  the TV showed a … [Read on]

Brexin. Vote until you get it left

25th June 2016 0

Over a million and a half signatures have been gathered asking for the EU Referendum to be voted on again. Complainants say that the margin of the Leave side’s victory of less than 20% was too small in a turnout of 75% to properly represent public opinion. Solution: At birth everybody would be given a social security card containing a voting licence. Guidelines on how to vote would … [Read on]

Volunteer Web Developer

25th June 2016 0

The Salisbury Review is in urgent need of a web developer to assist our advertising. Pay nominal, political reward, immense.

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