Brexit; Independence Day. Still wondering how to vote?

22nd June 2016 0

[pullquote]Editor. Salisbury Review. Despite Brussels’ protestations that the EU Referendum is a once-only offer, without Britain the EU cannot survive. If Britain votes by a narrow margin to leave Brussels will be forced to ask us to reconsider.  The danger is that David (double-talk) Cameron will remain PM by offering to negotiate a ‘better’ deal.  There will be a leadership contest which, hopefully, Boris Johnson wins.[/pullquote] Boris Johnson’s speech … [Read on]

Brexit; Turkish Delight

22nd June 2016 1

Source;  Vote leave Take Control. David Cameron strongly supports Turkish accession. In 2010, Cameron said he was ‘angry’ at the slow pace of Turkish accession, that he was the ‘strongest possible advocate for EU membership’ for Turkey, and that ‘I want us to pave the road from Ankara to Brussels’ (Prime Minister’s Office, 27 July 2010, link). In 2014, he said that: ‘In … [Read on]

Jo Cox; As we approach the final chapter

17th June 2016 0

Roll of Honour. List of politicians murdered or assassinated in England Wales and Scotland.(Wikipedia) Victim(s) Assassin(s) Notes 293 Carausius, usurper of the Western Roman Empire 946 Edmund I, King of England Stabbed at a banquet 978 Edward the Martyr, King of England 995 Kenneth II, King of Scotland 1100 William Rufus, King of England Walter Tirel Shot in the heart … [Read on]

Brexit; The Robes of a King

14th June 2016 0

In her book, ‘The Suicide of Europe’, Ingrid Detter de Frankopan, the distinguished European jurist who held the Chair of International Law at Stockholm University, warns us of the danger we run if we vote to remain in the EU next week. If we do we will be governed in perpetuity by an organisation run by unelected, unqualified and unaccountable … [Read on]

Brexit; Notes from the Berlin Bunker

12th June 2016 1

It is on the night of the European Referendum. In a bunker dug deep below a banana straightening factory in East Prussia Hitler learns that exit polls show the ungrateful British, who like curved bananas, are going to leave Europe.

Roger Scruton, founding editor of The Salisbury Review, honoured with a knighthood.

11th June 2016 3

We are delighted to learn that Roger Scruton, the founding editor of The Salisbury Review, has been honoured with a knighthood in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. ‘Roger Scruton was the Editor for the first eighteen years. During the eighties The Review became known in underground circles in Eastern Europe and a regular column gave dissidents behind the wire the opportunity … [Read on]

Brexit the NHS and TTIP; Tea for two but not for you.

11th June 2016 0

The EU and the US are conducting secret negotiations – in which the European Parliament will have no say – to allow US and European companies to sue national governments if they allow state run organisations such as the NHS to interfere with their profits. This means that if a US company tenders to take over an NHS hospital and can show … [Read on]

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