The Soviet Republic of Great Britain

22nd April 2020 1

Old Soviet Joke “The difference between communism and capitalism is that under capitalism you are paid to work, under communism you are paid not to.“ Yesterday HMRC started to pay workers to stay at home, for how long ? Covid 19 has turned out to be Labour’s most effective electoral agent ever. Subscribe to the quarterly print magazine Subscribe to … [Read on]

The Virological Consequences of Shopping

17th April 2020 4

So, you thought you could go on a weekend trip to the Seychelles last year celebrating Saffron’s GCE results and not find the equivalent of the Wuhan virological laboratory in a street near you? I know you need that Chelsea Tractor to shop in Waitrose and as soon as this crisis is over you will be taking a trip to … [Read on]

Are the Chinese lying as usual ?

20th March 2020 1

The Chinese government, a permanent stranger to the truth, claims the Covid 19 epidemic is over. Does anyone believe this? Is the Chinese government, which began by lying about the outbreak, now lying again? Why are there so few cases in the rest of China compared with Wuhan? What is different about Wuhan? One explanation is that the authorities locked … [Read on]

The NHS: Covid 19 will kill this Ponzi scheme.

16th March 2020 2

If the directors of an insurance company took premiums off its early customers then, a few decades later, signed up huge numbers of non-paying customers to boost their chances of being re-elected to the board, they would be in prison. This has happened to the NHS. Those who have paid most into it, the over 70s, are now being told … [Read on]

Covid 19. Should we flee into the mountains?

9th March 2020 10

We now know the basics about Covid 19. If it behaves as it did in China, it will burn through the population in three months, vaccinating 80% as it goes. Unless it mutates, once you catch this strain of the virus you cannot be infected with it again. A greater proportion of older people with serious conditions will die, ordinary … [Read on]

Editorial: Christmas Edition of Magazine

10th January 2020 28

Most teachers don’t pay much attention to Pol Pot these days. If a pupil asks about the Cambodian dictator they will explain he was an inevitable complication of the struggle to create a classless society. It is true they will say that Pol Pot killed two million of his subjects, Stalin twenty million, and Mao Zedong, seventy million, but there … [Read on]

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