Schopenhauer on Twitter

28th October 2017 10

In the eternal life of fogeydom anything new is to be condemned. Twitter will addle our brains, mobile phones will give us brain tumours, the net will lead to a paralysing illiteracy. Eventually, by epigenesis, babies will be born with their necks already angled toward their future mobile phone screen ……  Schopenhauer (1788–1860), a world class fogey, had this opinion … [Read on]

British Red Cross thinks its donors are too white

14th October 2017 3

3.9.17. British Red Cross chief Mike Adamson, £170,000 a year, claimed the charity found it difficult to help the victims of the Grenfell Disaster because its staff and volunteers were too white. He did not specify why it was too difficult, (did some of the black victims refuse blankets and tea from white hands?) but then went on to say … [Read on]

Does the term ‘Far Right’ mean a return to the gas chambers?

26th September 2017 12

As I understand it, ‘Far Right’ means Nazi. So why do the media, especially the BBC, refer to any party that opposes unlimited immigration as ‘Far Right’? Huge numbers of the German population voted for Alternative for Germany. Does this mean they were voting for the re-opening of the concentration camps, gas chambers, the looting and burning of Jewish shops, … [Read on]

The True Meaning of Parson’s Green

20th September 2017 7

Hitler’s left us no doubt of his intention to conquer Europe when he marched his troops into the Sudetenland in 1939. Similarly the Parson’s Green attack has left us in no doubt of the intention of Isis, to use remote controlled bombs carried by fanatics to bring the capital’s transport system down. Like Hitler, no appeals to conscience, no amount … [Read on]

The Hunt for The Great White Defendant

16th September 2017 11

On the day of the Parson’s Green terror attack Sadiq Khan, London’s Muslim mayor, suddenly surfaced to accuse the Tories of underfunding the police and thus contributing to the rise in terror attacks in London. Khan, a grey man after Boris Johnson’s spectacular term, has always been keen to put terror attacks on the same footing as muggings, murders, burglary … [Read on]

Food bomb North Korea

5th September 2017 11

In the tradition of beasts in the field Kim Jong-un knows that if he does not want to be tied to a post and executed with an anti aircraft gun he has to keep the threat of an American backed invasion by South Korea alive and well in his peoples’ minds. The threat of a US proxy invasion by South … [Read on]

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