May will deliver a Brexit as soft as a lightly boiled egg

14th May 2017 3

Behold, I show you two mysteries: the one mystery the greater and the other mystery the less. The lesser mystery is of why the Daily Telegraph is so enamoured of Theresa May. This mystery is only partly explained by the fact that the Telegraph has sacked so many of its intelligent writers – including, by the looks of the layout, the grammar … [Read on]

Britain’s Free Free range Windmills

9th May 2017 1

Theresa May is turning out to be a Red Tory who takes her economic policies from Ed Miliband. When Labour pledged a cap on energy prices at the 2015 general election, this policy was rightly rubbished by the Tories – because such manipulations of the market always end up in higher prices in the long run. Anyone but a blockhead, or … [Read on]

Suffer the Little Children

30th April 2017 3

We can always count on the Church of England to come up with an exciting new wheeze to stave off the final throes of bankruptcy.  So they have got Rev’d Canon Dr Sandra Millar, head of projects and development for the Archbishop’s Council, to produce an exciting new order of service to help facilitate this exciting new wheeze to put bums on seats … [Read on]

Same old Frogland

25th April 2017 5

In an uncertain world, it’s reassuring to fortify oneself with a few truisms such as All Cows Eat Grass, All Men Are Mortal and All Entries For The Eurovision Song Contest Are Bound To Be Trash. Let me add another: All French Politicians Are Lefties. From time to time a new face appears on the French political scene who is … [Read on]

Leading Archbishop endorses Trump

4th April 2017 2

It is encouraging to read that George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury (1991-2002), has suggested that Donald Trump might be a “good Samaritan” for the dispossessed American working class – the millions scorned, neglected and betrayed by the US political elite for decades. As the result of the presidential election in the US, the vote for Leave in Britain and the growing strength … [Read on]

Westminster Bridge Killings; The hills are alive with the sound of cliches

23rd March 2017 6

[pullquote]I don’t blame the Muslims for wanting to acquire Europe. It’s a much better place than the filthy, barbaric countries from which the millions of immigrants and would-be conquerors emerge. [/pullquote]All over Britain escaped horses are running through the streets and that deafening noise you can hear is the slamming of stable doors. We are told that there will be … [Read on]

All the devil has to do to win is to convince us he does not exist

8th March 2017 1

Don’t imagine that we live in a society which has abandoned the Ten Commandments. It’s much worse than that. We have actually kept the Commandments but inverted their teaching. This amounts to practical satanism: we are effectually saying, “Evil be thou my good.” To be specific: God said, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Western societies have rewritten … [Read on]


28th January 2017 3

Shall we ever comprehend the mystery of evil as exemplified at Auschwitz and in the Germans’ slaughter of six million Jews in Europe? The Holocaust has taxed our brains, baffled our imagination and poisoned our feelings for more than eighty years. Are we any nearer an explanation? Yes, it was all the fault of Donald Trump and the Brexiteers. Well, … [Read on]

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