Health and Unsafety

30th December 2016 5

It’s a bit parky out there this morning, so I’d better not stray beyond the front door. Public Health England (PHE) has told the aged to stay indoors. And they define an aged person as someone over 65. Well, I’ve been aged for nine years, going on ten and I’m afraid I’ve not been behaving myself. When, aged 70, I … [Read on]

We don’t need no Edukashon

7th December 2016 0

When it comes to edukashon, the UK is still lagging behind many countries and has made little progress in international rankings since the results of three years ago. The widely respected Pisa rankings, run by the OECD, are based on tests taken by 15-year-olds in over seventy countries. The UK is behind outstanding performers such as Singapore and Finland, but also trails Vietnam, Poland and Estonia. The … [Read on]

Sarah Olney, newly-elected MP for Richmond Park torpedoed by TalkRadio

3rd December 2016 5

[pullquote]The December paper edition of The Salisbury Review Magazine is out now. Fifty pages of intelligent and original articles, book reviews, science and the arts. Subscribe. Also a Digital Version. (All Platforms) [/pullquote]O joy, joy and more joy! Here’s a treat rarer than any blue moon: A radio interviewer with brains, articulate and sharp enough to ask the killer follow-up question to any politician’s … [Read on]

Peter Mullen; “The Starry Heavens above and the Moral Law within.”

24th November 2016 3

On Thanksgiving, Abraham Lincoln urged the American people to offer, “Thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the heavens.” Barak Obama omitted all mention of “God” or “prayer” in his message to the nation. By contrast, Donald Trump declared America “blessed,” referred to “my prayer” and ended with “God bless you all. God bless America.” I just … [Read on]

Peter Mullen; Thickos of the world Unite

10th November 2016 3

D’you remember how the metropolitan elite said we voted for Brexit because we’re thick? Well now the American branch of this elite is saying the same of those who voted for Trump, describing these poor, afflicted and unenlightened citizens as “low information types.” That’s what we thickos call “thick.” Moreover, we thickos can’t be expected to pull our socks up. … [Read on]

The Supreme Court; Whigs in Wigs

7th November 2016 7

Picture ( Hamburg Parliament delegate announces the end of the nation state) Just what authority do these superannuated pseudo-patricians on the Supreme Court think entitles them to subvert the will of the people? These Whigs in wigs are nothing but a sinecures metropolitan elite; conscienceless men who presume to set themselves up as guardians of the nation’s conscience. In the … [Read on]

Peter Mullen; Is the Catholic Truth Society now the Catholic Feelings Society?

25th October 2016 7

There is a certain irony about so called Liberal Catholics’ impatience with the liberal Pope Francis (Magazine 21 Oct). They complain that the Pope’s reform programme is “rapidly becoming overdue.” In the 19th century, John Henry Newman predicted that the emerging choice for Christians in Europe would be between “liberalism and its antidote Catholicism.”  He stressed repeatedly that liberalism is … [Read on]

Modern democracy is the tyranny of secular values.

30th September 2016 9

You know how it is when you get a puzzle buzzing in your brain and you can’t rest until, as they say, you’ve got your head round it? I have such a pestering question in my head – it’s been there for the best part of a week: is Christianity compatible with democracy? Usually when I’m bothered by one of … [Read on]

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