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27th September 2016 1

The Church of St Jargon & All Gobbledegook – formerly known as the Church of England – is affectionately called “Jarg’s” or “Gob’s” by its devotees. It is “a resource  where exciting things are happening.” Last year, for example, they appointed Mike Eastwood, Liverpool Diocesan Secretary, to the “exciting” two days a week job of Director of the nationwide Reform and Renewal movement, aka “The … [Read on]

Archbishop Pokemon of Lambeth.

3rd August 2016 5

Is there no wheeze the Church of England won’t try, no stunt it will decline, no straw it won’t clutch at to halt the precipitous and catastrophic decline in its congregations? Sunday attendance has halved since 1970. Of course, these shocking figures are relentlessly massaged by the boys and girls in C. of. E. PR and Marketing PLC. The “overall” … [Read on]

Peter Mullen; Mother Theresa Mark II

1st August 2016 1

Our saintly new prime minster has promised to end slavery and trafficking not only in Britain but she has set up a fund – personally to be paid for by the taxpayer – to combat this evil in “the developing nations.” But this will be only the start of her plan to abolish everywhere all those things which are “not … [Read on]

Medieval Personality Disorders?

3rd December 2015 0

On every visit to the National Gallery, I’m always drawn to the early Italian paintings. They are in room 51 in the Sainsbury Wing. I was in there for an hour and a half yesterday. As the 14th century ends and we come into the 15th, it is hard not to notice a change in the style of these paintings. … [Read on]

Kissing the Sword of Islam

30th November 2015 1

Lord Harries, aka Richard Harries, former Bishop of Oxford, suggests that the Koran should be read at the next Coronation. He says this will make Muslims feel “embraced.” Well, you hug who you like, Richard, and I’ll hug who I like. This suggestion is a form of apostasy, a sin not unusual among the modern bishops – for the Coronation … [Read on]

Eton Comprehensive

27th November 2015 0

We can always rely on the Labour party to come up with plenty of creative thinking. Here’s their  latest dollop… Britain’s private schools will lose £700m in tax breaks unless they agree to break down the “corrosive divide of privilege” and do more to help children from state schools, according to Tristram Hunt, shadow education secretary. His logic is impeccable. … [Read on]

“When boys be talkin’ ‘bout their bitches”

12th November 2015 0

A bishop has praised the pop star Lily Allen for her feminist songs and claimed that misogyny is “still very evident” in the Church of England. The Rt Rev’d Martyn Snow, our youngest bishop, said Allen’s lyrics on the single Hard Out Here “poignantly” capture society’s sexist double standards. He commends the song to his thirteen-year-old daughter. The edifying ditty … [Read on]

‘Why such a short term in prison?

5th November 2015 0

A jailed terrorist who wrote a letter from a British prison proclaiming jihadis as heroes is trying to avoid deportation from the UK on human rights grounds. Internet jihadi Younes Tsouli, 31 – who was once described as Al Qaeda’s most influential cyber-terrorist – was jailed for 16 years in 2007 for distributing bomb-making instructions as well as beheading videos … [Read on]

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