Elderly and frail white lives don’t matter?

7th June 2020 15

The Evil Adviser, the Murderous Police and the Righteous Rioters The BBC, ITV, SKY and most of the newspapers roundly condemned Dominic Cummings and called for him to be sacked because he had – “perhaps,” according to the police –  committed a mild offence by going on an errand of mercy for the sake of his sick son. The media, in … [Read on]

Government policy on Covid 19; Up and down like the whore’s drawers

7th May 2020 11

To what shall I liken the government’s decision partially to ease the current restrictions concerning lockdown, house-arrest and solitary confinement? It is as if the Mother Superior had solemnly assembled all her nuns and, with great severity, told them: “And remember, you must all remain virgins – except on Saturdays.”  Government policy from the day it was realised the country … [Read on]

Feast of St Mark

25th April 2020 6

St Mark’s gospel was the first of the four to be written. Why do we think this? Because the whole of the gospel of Mark is reproduced in the gospel of Matthew and half of it in Luke. We know only a little about St Mark: that he was a companion of St Paul on one of the missionary journeys, … [Read on]

Covid 19: Pontius Pilate was not the last to wash his hands.

27th March 2020 7

The threat of imminent death leaves no room for political-correctness. In critical times we must put aside the deceitful euphemisms which seek to disinfect the truth. So, for once, I will speak plain… Our present predicament owing to what we have come to refer to by the “C-word” is certainly a medical crisis: not enough respirators, testing-kits, doctors, nurses, beds … [Read on]

Covid 19 explained

19th March 2020 7

Most dear, worried friends and colleagues. For those puzzled and fearful about what’s going on, I will explain the government’s policy in precise detail This policy is in two parts, so listen attentively: Part One: Manufacture a crisis Part Two: Mishandle it Subscribe to the quarterly print magazine Subscribe to the quarterly digital magazine

Mozart’s Other Requiem and some bad music

6th January 2020 8

Some music sounds as if it was never meant to be listened to. In other words, there are pieces which are uninteresting, and others that are just plain awful. But of all the insults to the ear, the worst is when a sublime composition is ruined by a performance so bad it becomes intolerable. I’ve suffered a few of this … [Read on]

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