Religion of Peace

4th September 2018 7

From top class members of the Establishment, we have a right to expect top class bollocks. And indeed this is exactly what we get. Sentencing Naimur Zakariyah Rahman to thirty years in prison for his plot to kill Theresa May, Mr Justice Haddon- Cave told him: “Let me say the same to you as I have said to other similar … [Read on]

Comrade Corbyn offers us a cup of socialist Kool- Aid

28th August 2018 5

“Thanks Hugo Chavez for showing that the poor matter and wealth can be shared. He made massive contributions to Venezuela and a very wide world……………..President Maduro has shown the world there is a better way. It’s called socialism. Venezuela is inspirational.”                         Jeremy Corbyn According to The Latin American Herald Tribune, … [Read on]

BAFTAs – Bloody awful tat always.

27th January 2018 6

F.R. Leavis said, “Show me what you value and I’ll tell you what you’re worth.” One glance at the most popular shows on TV, or at the sort of “music” most listen to, must make us conclude that the worth of the British public at large is not very much. Most of the productions of what is now called “arts” … [Read on]

Behold, Esau my brother is a hairy man, and I am a smooth man:

1st January 2018 8

The Archbishop of Canterbury has delivered his New Year’s message to the nation in which he praises the responses of what he calls “communities” to last year’s terrorist atrocities and to the Grenfell fire. Actually, “communities” is not a helpful word, Mr Welby if your aim is to promote social cohesion. There is one community and we are all part of it, whereas “communities” … [Read on]

The president who threatens the culture of liberal entitlement

28th December 2017 12

Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool, is displeased by American Christians who support Donald Trump. He says, “Some of the things that have been said by religious leaders seem to collude with a system that marginalises the poor, a system which builds walls instead of bridges, a system which says people on the margins of society should be excluded, a system … [Read on]

The Kangaroos of Canterbury

19th December 2017 4

“Hung out to dry,” those are the words of Lord Carlile in his judgment on how the Church of England authorities treated Bishop George Bell The Church operated a kangaroo court. Here are the facts… Bishop George Bell (1883-1958), Bishop of Chichester, has been judged and condemned without any case brought for his defence. An elderly woman came forward in … [Read on]

History on Repeat

17th December 2017 8

Here is some good news: Europe’s sensible parties have held a meeting in Prague. Of course, the mainstream media – that is the socialist, Europhile media in thrall to every word that proceedeth from the mouths of the dictatorial Brussels bureaucracy – do not refer to a meeting of the sensible parties, and prefer the description “far right parties.” Or … [Read on]

Society of sexual snoopers

14th November 2017 2

All the clergy are obliged to attend safeguarding courses which are designed to help us spot the physical, emotional or sexual abuse of children or adults. Dutiful as ever, I went along to Hailsham Parish Church to do my bit. But of course it was nothing like a parish church. Fifty years ago there would have been pews, copies of … [Read on]

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