Theresa May. For God’s sake go!

23rd September 2017 3

That’s it then. It’s all over, folks. We are going to leave the EU, but “leave” will effectually mean “stay.” Theresa May has already amply earned from me the epithets “spectacularly incompetent” and “sublimely inept.” To these we can now add “traitorous .” In her last Friday’s Florence Speech, the prime minister gave away the household silver – £20million worth – when she promised … [Read on]

Master of Lies

22nd September 2017 6

I sympathise with the writers and performers of W1A, the BBC comedy drama which has just begun its third series. W1A is advertised as a satire on the BBC itself This is an impossibility, for the BBC is beyond satire. How would you go about satirising a Corporation… Whose economics and political presenters constantly bash the bankers and other fat cats but then … [Read on]

Comrade Theresa

12th September 2017 4

Someone must have bought Paul Dacre a new alarm clock – one that works. For this morning the Daily Mail is reporting the deputy Labour leader John McDonnell’s call for an insurrection. The word “insurrection” means a violent uprising. But, sometime during Mr Dacre’s protracted sleep, McDonnell had called for the insurrection a long time ago: in fact he issued his bloodcurdling cry … [Read on]

Ship of Fools

11th September 2017 16

“O brave new world that hath such people in it” – The Tempest, William Shakespeare The ancient categories of boys and girls have been abolished and now gender is infinitely malleable. “He” and “she” replaced by the single pronoun “zie.” Any registrar who in conscience refuses to officiate at a homosexual marriage will be dismissed from post. Contraception is free … [Read on]

Rockin’ and Lootin’ ; It’s the culture now.

6th September 2017 3

“I’ve never known of a single murder at the Glastonbury Festival,” said Commander David Musker, the man in charge of policing this year’s Notting Hill Carnival. He was replying to an accusation by a “rapper” known to his fans as Stormzy who had claimed that the police precautions against looting and violence at the Carnival targeted only “black events.” (Wasn’t it … [Read on]

Mrs May. Britain’s Socialist Prime Minister

27th August 2017 6

“A creeping sense of hostility to business” has taken hold in the Conservative party, says George Freeman, former head of Downing Street’s policy unit. This hostility is not “creeping,” George; under Mrs May it is galloping. Last Saturday the prime minister denounced “the unacceptable face of capitalism.” I suppose her statement was a follow-up to her disastrous election manifesto which … [Read on]

Britain’s Potemkin Education system continues to fail

24th August 2017 3

All shall run and all shall win prizes, and even those who don’t run shall receive prizes. That’s how it is in the UK’s state education system. You think I’m just a nasty elitist being sarcastic? Well, don’t listen to me. Listen to Sally Collier, chief regulator of examinations at OFQUAL: “All our kids are brilliant.” That is a remark of outstanding idiocy … [Read on]

‘When beggars die there are no comets seen’

21st August 2017 2

The USA is about to be plunged into the darkness of a total solar eclipse. Might this physical darkness be an outward and visible sign of a political darkness descending on that nation? Ironically – weirdly – the last time a total eclipse occurred exclusively in the USA was in 1776, the year of the Declaration of Independence. Is the belief in signs … [Read on]

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