Put May over the side

9th June 2017 8

How bad do you have to be to get scuppered by Jeremy Corbyn? You have to be very bad indeed – as bad as Theresa May, in fact. There was no need for her to call this general election, as she had a working majority with three years to run. She called it because she regarded Corbyn as utterly unelectable, which … [Read on]

Suicide vests; two for a tenner!

8th June 2017 0

This morning the BBC reported more police raids on houses in the East End of London as “part of their ongoing investigation into the terrorist attack on London Bridge.” It’s ages since I paid a visit to the East End, so I thought I’d pop along and see how the land lies these days. The place has changed beyond recognition and … [Read on]

Good news from Iran: A major Sunni Shia war is in the offing.

7th June 2017 4

At a time of prolonged bad news – the indisposition of Diane Abbott for example – it is cheering to have a refreshing report from Iran. This week there occurred an agreeable carnage in the form of successful suicide-bombings of the Iranian parliament and the tomb of Ayatollah Khomenei. Saudi proxy forces (Islamic State) attacked Iranian heartlands (the Republican Guard) and killed more than a … [Read on]

Mrs May; Easing the jihadists’ job ?

6th June 2017 5

Following the London Bridge atrocity, Theresa May has declared “Enough is enough.” She went on to blame social media for making the jihadists’ job easier for them. Might it not have been the home secretary who made their work easier? Mrs May was the longest-serving home secretary since the Second World War. During her term of office, she did nothing … [Read on]

Manchester Police Shock: Mancunians said twice as many horrid things to Muslims than last week.

30th May 2017 4

It’s reassuring to know that Manchester police are on top of their job. They have announced that, since last Monday’s slaughter, the daily tally of “hate crimes” has doubled from 28 to 56. Excuse my ignorance, but I am baffled. What is a “hate crime” and how does it differ from say a “love crime” or an “I’m-not-your-friend-any-more” crime? The police have published details … [Read on]

Why we are losing to jihadists and suicide bombers

25th May 2017 5

Let me try to explain why we are losing to the jihadists and suicide bombers. For 1400 years Islam has made war on the West. Mohammed commanded from the very first that Muslims were to seek conversions at the point of the sword. There are 300 verses in the Koran urging the killing of Jews and Christians wherever these might … [Read on]

Tories sniff Karl Marx’s Fundament

20th May 2017 1

Since, under the leadership of Theresa May, the Conservative party has been turned into the Labour party, we can see signs of class war and the politics of envy  breaking out all over the place. The party’s manifesto declares that at least 100 of the public schools must sponsor schools in the state system. This is a proposal of such palpable … [Read on]

Labour’s Mad Hatter Economics

16th May 2017 0

 Jeremy Corbyn has announced that the Labour party’s manifesto will include a promise to gather together a great many £billions in high denomination notes and throw them all on the fire. Not literally, but their policies amount to the same. Labour will raise taxes for the better off – despite the fact that every piece of research ever conducted on the subject … [Read on]

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