Migration without Borders

30th November 2018 12

Forget the EU, forget the nation state. The UN is about to rule national borders to be extinct.The world’s people will, by right, be able to move anywhere they like, just as you or I might move to another town in Britain. You will have the same rights, so when the entire population of Somalia moves to Britain, followed by … [Read on]

It’s not supposed to have a mind of its own.

1st July 2018 1

Why are we negotiating with the EU over Brexit? It’s obvious they are going to turn all our proposals down, and it is obvious that Mrs May – the worst prime Minster we have had for decades – hasn’t got the bottle to pull off a hard Brexit. Instead she will call for a parliamentary vote knowing she will lose. … [Read on]

Obituary Professor Christie Davies

15th October 2017 0

(Christie Davies was a member of the board of directors of the Salisbury Review and a regular and valued contributor to the magazine for many years. This is an obituary, one of many, from the Magazine Freedom First, India – Editor) I knew Prof. Christie Davies just by his name, as friend of Mr. S. V. Raju and contributor of … [Read on]

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