Chancellor McDonnell; Murder will Out.

26th June 2017 7

The demagogic statement by the Shadow Chancellor, Mr McDonnell, that the residents of Grenfell Tower were murdered by political decisions, is proof  that he is unfit for public office. It was a grossly inflammatory, as well as erroneous, thing to say; no doubt he would defend it in his own mind as conducing to a Leninist heightening the contradictions. As … [Read on]

Sexual discrimination in the second hand book trade

21st June 2017 7

Ideological obsessions manifest themselves nowadays in all the nooks and crannies of intellectual life. The other day, for example, I received an antiquarian book catalogue through the post and enclosed was a bookmark advertising book fairs taking place in the near future. The bookmark also advertised the 30th Annual Conference on Book Trade History to be held at Stationers’ Hall … [Read on]

Ian Brady

17th May 2017 3

Just over twenty years ago I published a short, fictional self-justification of a serial killer. Shortly thereafter, Ian Brady (who died recently as one of the most unlamented men in the world) published his autobiography. I was asked to review it by the Sunday Telegraph. I was surprised, gratified and horrified to discover how closely Brady’s book and mine coincided. … [Read on]

Back to Marie Antoinette

15th May 2017 4

It is a commonplace of modern social thought that western societies are dividing into two opposite castes: those who are doing well (and whose children will do well) and those who are being left behind (and whose children will be left even further behind). This thought is common both to left and right: they differ mainly in the supposed causes … [Read on]

Call Centres; the west’s version of North Korea

8th May 2017 3

Recently I bought something on-line. My payment was twice refused until I had contacted my bank – by automated call, of course. It was very efficient and after I confirmed that it was indeed I who was making the purchase the payment went through. A few hours later, I received a message asking me to phone the vendor which I … [Read on]

Worst Architect Prize

3rd May 2017 4

Two or three weeks ago a headline in the Guardian newspaper informed a no doubt flabbergasted readership that refugees to this country were disproportionately allocated to reside in its poorest areas. Personally, I did not find this very surprising: it is true that there are fewer jobs in poorer areas than in rich, but refugees are not allowed to take … [Read on]

The Rich are Different

7th April 2017 1

We like to imagine that the entire population is deeply attached to the rule of law: in other words, that arbitrary government is alien to rulers and ruled alike, and that retrospective legislation, say, is repugnant to them as a deep matter of principle. But this is not so: most people have at least one subject on which they would … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple; The Passion of the Passionless

10th March 2017 0

There was a time in my life, many years ago, when people were not expected to boast about their accomplishments: indeed, they were expected not to boast about their accomplishments. Self-praise was regarded as no praise; indeed, someone who praised himself was thought to be a bad character. These days, however, boasting and the expression of self-satisfaction are essential to … [Read on]

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