A Stark Warning

David Starkey blotted his copybook again, allowing one foolish word, ‘damn’ in a fifty-minute interview which of course got picked up by the left- wing cohorts eager to destroy him and all those like him. Of course, he shouldn’t have said ‘blacks’ either, but ‘black people,’ or better still ‘people of colour,’ or better still not mentioned them at all.

He no longer appears on BBC TV or radio, and has now lost his Cambridge Fellowship, a teaching job at Canterbury University, and his publisher has dropped him. Punishment by publisher also recently happened to J K Rowling.

We are getting ever nearer the time when our cultural Marxists will have achieved their ends; equality of opportunity and equality of outcomes, uniformity, the outlawing of risk of any kind particularly in thought and speech. Words, such as ‘damn blacks’ are seen not just as rude but as violent, requiring stringent control and condign retribution.

Ironically some of the people the Left greatly approve; Karl Marx, Gandhi, Mary Seacole, Mrs Pankhurst, Lady Astor, Marie Stopes, said far worse things than ‘damn blacks.’ All were racists and mostly eugenicists. They survive un-toppled because their admirers haven’t bothered to look up their true opinions.

At present the unsmiling Puritans hold the whole cultural and moral agenda in their power. A tragic casualty is humour, nuance, and increasingly British irony, but also flair and colour.

At the Oxford Union in 1916, Churchill said, ‘If you can speak in this country, you can do anything,’ meaning if you can speak well, people will forgive you for anything. We now seem to mistrust oratorical skills and wit. The ideal orator for the Left is the likes of Corbyn and Harriet Harman.

I am old enough to remember the 60s when TV and radio was replete with good speakers who were dangerously independent but always got away with it. I heard adults talking fondly about radio and TV personality Gilbert Harding, a terrifying alcoholic who’d risen from Wolverhampton orphanage to Cambridge University, and took no prisoners.

Like Starkey, Harding, who was homosexual, unable to ‘come out’ in those times, and notorious for his irascibility. He revelled in the title, ‘Britain’s rudest man,’ and ‘The bilious bachelor of broadcasting.’ His dummy in Mme Tussaud’s called him, ‘The most famous man in Britain.’

Ninety percent of TV owners in the 1950s watched What’s My Line? less for the quiz than for the chance of a live Harding outburst. Historian Andrew Roberts noted, once established on What’s My Line, he managed to undercut the enterprise’s gentility by announcing that one contestant was too elegant to hail from Leicester and once being plastered on air.’ He told another contestant they bored him.

He often lost his temper on air and once stated that women should be banned from universities. After one clash between Harding and chairman Eamonn Andrews, the BBC was swamped with nearly two hundred phone calls and six telegrams protesting about his behaviour.

 Harding even argued violently with the puppet Archie Andrews.

The public loved him and he became increasingly unable to move anywhere without being stopped by adoring fans. He wasn’t always that smitten with them, once asking a mother on a train if her child was ‘crippled,’ as it was sitting down while adults were standing.

He compared his TV career to an Elizabethan bear pit. One wonders what Britain’s earliest troll could have achieved on Twitter, before he got banned for life.

Lord ‘Bob’ Boothby was another popular character in public life, also known as ‘Palladium,’ after the twice nightly theatrical show. Parliamentary private secretary to Churchill between the wars he led the delegation to get us into the EU from 1949 – 57 but best known for appearances on BBC radio’s Any Questions.

He advocated the virtues of herring as a food and called for homosexual law reform, ‘to remove the fear and misery in which many of our most gifted citizens were then compelled to live.’

Meaning himself. He was wildly bi-sexual. Referred to by the Queen Mother as, ‘A bounder but not a cad,’ from 1930 he had a long affair with Dorothy, wife of Harold Macmillan, but later moved on through two wives, to an east end cat burglar he met in a gambling joint and Reggie Kray the gangster, a story reported in the Sunday Mirror in 1964

Once the Krays were convicted, he embarrassed fellow peers by campaigning for their freedom in the Lords. Such inclusiveness didn’t bother the public or the BBC at the time, who remained charmed by his rakishness, in much more sexually repressive times than now, amused by his hinterland of sin. Today only his blunt speech would get him into trouble.

My memory of wild men in public life really started in the 1970s with George Brown MP. As Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary his drunken antics caused great amusement to an electorate depressed by economic chaos including devaluation of the pound.

At a function in South America, he’s said to have asked a gorgeously crimson-clad figure to dance. The recipient of his amorous intentions declined, giving three reasons; ‘Firstly you’ve had too much to drink. Secondly, this is not as you suppose, a waltz but the Peruvian national anthem for which you should be standing to attention, and thirdly I am the Archbishop of Lima.’

When presented to Princess Margaret at a reception he knelt to kiss her hand and couldn’t get up again. Quite a number of photos show him recumbent on pavements.

No one was too important for his forthright honesty. In April 1956 when Soviet leaders Nikita Khrushchev and Nikolai Bulganin visiting the UK, invited a Labour Party delegation to dine with them, Brown had a well- publicised shouting match with them.

Invited on TV after the assassination of President Kennedy, who he claimed to know well, he was obviously drunk and had a fist fight with another guest.

He once boasted ‘Many members of parliament drink and womanise. I’ve never womanised,’ In fact his secretary, Maggie Haimes, half his age was his mistress.

On 2 March 1976, Brown announced that he was leaving the Labour Party in protest at  legislation which strengthened the closed shop. The press was distracted from this bomb-shell when he fell into the gutter. The Times the next day opined that ‘Lord George-Brown drunk is a better man than the Prime Minister sober.’

Image.  https://pcolman.wordpress.com/2017/04/13/tired-and-emotional/

Churchill was of course an eccentric, toothless drunk himself. Even Hitler (who was TT) commented disapprovingly on his drinking. He hardly ever got up until mid-day and worked from his bed accompanied by his pet cats, sometimes startling young secretaries by walking about nude. His would be protegee Boris is probably going to be the last of the proudly eccentric, fun loving bad boys.

‘But Boris is a buffoon,’ a Corbynite friend said recently, incredulous that someone so playful and wanton could be in public office. Her view is now a weapon in our culture wars.

We were once entertained on TV by Jeremy Clarkson, hated by the Woke because like Dr. Starkey enjoyed tweaking the Puritan nose. In 2011, he was forced to apologise after the BBC received 5,000 complaints and the trades union, Unison, proposed to picket his house,  after he jokingly said  on The One Show,  ‘How dare public sector workers go on strike when they have these gilt-edged pensions that are guaranteed while the rest of us have to work for a living?’ Adding that he wanted to shoot them.

In what has become increasingly familiar language, Dave Prentis, general secretary of Unison, said: ‘We are pleased Jeremy Clarkson has seen the error of his ways. It is only right he apologises for the huge offence he caused to public sector workers and their families.’

The union had been busy seeking legal advice about whether he could be referred to the police for his remarks.

Writer Ian Dunt commented back then that: ‘We need to reaffirm some long-established British values; patience, broad indifference and perpetual sarcasm.’

A decade on it’s more important than ever to do that, those uniquely British values were among the greatest national characteristics a country could possess. As they gradually fade from memory and are unknown to the young, how can we do it? As David Starkey said when he was still a popular pundit on the BBC’s Moral Maze, ‘If you want freedom, you just have to go out and take it.’

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18 Comments on A Stark Warning

  1. What is wrong with eugenics? Look up my articles in the SR and Quarterly Review archive.

    What is wrong in thinking that population lineages have different average characteristics? Read the studies by Richard Lynn, John Baker, Vincent Sarich, Stanley Garn, for starters.

    What is right about the illegality of making adverse comments about any ethnic group OTHER THAN the “White British”.

  2. In my view it smacks of the same genus, our old friends Marx & Engels, given lots and lots of teeth by the charming Lenin. The best remedy is ridicule and irony, and of course they know it, hence the massive latest assault on our language and way of speaking. The communists under Lenin and Stalin sorted it all out with pure terror, and a really great 1936 Constitution, that on paper guaranteed more rights than any other state in the world & that our lefties of the day thought was wonderful. It gave you absolute freedom of speech….so long as you didn’t lie. I recently read of a university student defending complete freedom of speech….except for hate speech, and hate speech included anything he disagreed with. Sounds sort of familiar, doesn’t it.

  3. That adjective “damn” did it. Otherwise he could have followed John Bright’s advice, “Never apologise.”

  4. We of course we do have that. There is plenty of criticism of Johnson and the other cretins in government and their appalling behaviour which is now costing significant numbers of lives. I can openly offer my opinion of him as an unkempt idiot and a liar, say Cummings breached regulations by going to Barnard Castle, and even call out the royals, the actual ruling family, as useless freeloaders, without any fear that I’ll hear a knock on the door at 5am and be dragged off, never to be heard of again.

    Unfortunately, they just seem to ignore it, and sadly a good percentage of people believe their lies and even seem to think they’re actually doing a good job.

    The problem is too many ignorant people in the country, not a lack of freedom of speech. You’re confusing the desire to belittle and abuse with the ability to challenge constructively. I also think that perhaps your idea that the “establishment” – whoever that is – is against your existence – whatever that means – is a paranoid delusion.

    • Werdna,
      If you suggest mass immigration is a problem, or suggest, even in jest, that country folk are a recognisable minority, and should be given protected status like other minorities, or try and demonstrate that the establishment are keen to hide the systematic ill-treatment of white girls in England’s northern towns, you may well find yourself “helping the police with their enquiries”, you may even be dragged out of bed at five o’clock in the morning.
      Though that isn’t the usual tactic of the establishment.
      Instead, for expressing opposing views to BLM, or stating that you aren’t too happy with the ‘super mosque’ they wish to build in your town, or just being gently patriotic. The establishment mainly just ensure that you never gain promotion, and are then dismissed from your employment, as many people have discovered, including Jake Hepple, Megan Rambadt and David Starkey.
      It is an approach the Soviets would have approved of “I am afraid comrade, it has come to my attention that you are not a good party member…”
      Contrast the treatment of Andrew Banks who was given fourteen days without the option, for relieving himself near a knee high memorial (on a day when no public lavatories were open) with the non-prosecution of the insolent and ignorant louts who broke Edward Colston’s statue from its plinth and flung it into the Avon, and ask yourself what lies behind those two decisions if not the perceived politics of both those prosecuted and those allowed to escape prosecution. The law is a politically prejudiced ass.

  5. I think Boris’s affectations to being an English eccentric are just that, an affectation.
    The Conservative Party has been pretending to be Conservative with a very small ‘c’ for some time, but has been right behind and right beside all those who have brought us to this ridiculous state of affairs.

    That to me is the criminality. A whole way of life for a distinct set of people gradually eroded away .
    All the signs have been there for a long time, yet so many who were able to halt the rise of these people who rule over us bedded down with them for the sake of career, power, prestige.

    I can’t help but think the article is looking at this in purely the cultural sense, as if nothing else is going on.
    This is not just about a man out of touch with modern forms of speech, it is far more serious than that.
    All we have to do is compare the treatment of Starkey, and others in various walks of life, with as an example Gopal ( I believe that is her name) from the same University as Starkey.
    She gets a promotion despite anti-white rhetoric, and allowed to insult us further with the lame ‘I didn’t mean it’ style excuse.

    Do I want her to be silenced?. No not at all, let her and the rest of them spew it all out but, give equal platform with no fear of any reprisal to those who have an answer for her and her bedfellows.

    • Dear Michelle,
      You are dead on, the way in which ordinary Britons have been betrayed by a wealthy, self-entitled liberal globalist class is criminal.
      It matter little which party they stand for, or whether they run elements of the civil service, or large corporates, they all fail to demonstrate any moral courage, particularly if to do so might prevent next promotion or yet another pay rise.
      What Jane Kelly points to in her article, that there is no difference of opinion in public life, only a desperate attempt to be more ‘anti-racist’ (whatever abasement that involves) than the next commentator, is a sad truth of contemporary life.
      In addition no public figure will tell the truth, for telling the truth, will get them sacked or to use that ghastly modern term ‘cancelled’, an action the Soviet secret police would have been proud to have invented.
      However we are the majority, the Brexit referendum proved that, and though we may have no public voice and precious little representation, we exist, we are many, and in that there is hope.
      No Surrender!

    • Do you think our position as a native people would be improved by there being truly free speech, so we could challenge the Establishment’s struggle against our existence?

  6. Johnson isn’t an “eccentric”, he’s a lazy, lying incompetent. Nobody with that school report or that reference from a previous employer should ever have been allowed near the top job in the country.

  7. The long march seems to me to have arrived.
    What they are doing now is consolidating their position.
    It won’t matter who we vote for because they won’t hold the levers of power.

  8. A nice read Jane, but why can’t people be called blacks if they call us whites? Perhaps we should demand to be called People of Light Colour. We have a history of over-sensitive descriptions. Negroes, then Blacks, Coloureds, Coloured People, then Blacks again. Now it’s People of Colour. I often ask myself Who is it that leads this dance.
    As your article points out, we should say whatever we wish rather than live as fakes.

    • The nomenclature for black people is regularly and confusingly changed in order to catch white people out. The way white people allow themselves to be mocked like this displays their fatal loss of self-confidence after 60 years of Marxist propaganda.

        • Perhaps Nigeria should be renamed. Don’t be niggardly with any nitty gritty suggestions.

          England – Land of the English – will have to be renamed in due course – Diversia? Vibrantia? Inclusiva? Egalitaria? Afritopia? Caliphatia? Mandarina? Pornstrip One. Take your bets now, folks.