An unsayable epidemiology

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The priest’s sermon this Sunday concerned the integrated nature of things, all reaching up to that great controlling intelligence which lies somewhere beyond our ken. I think that was it anyway. I was having happy thoughts about how well Christmas with my friends had gone.  

As I walked home in the weak winter sun, I passed an Asian grocer’s and saw a woman, part of the owner’s family, without a mask, in a paroxysm of coughing. She then spat the contents of her throat and mouth onto the ground outside the shop.

I called to her, asking if she spoke English. She did, and I politely said that spitting into the street is not a good idea, especially at the moment. 

‘What do you want me to do with it?’ she yelled.

‘Put it into your handkerchief,’ I replied. She looked blank, then started expostulating about the terrible illness she was suffering from and how ‘sick’ she was. I walked away and as I did, she screamed, ‘Virus,’ at me with all the spitting venom she could muster.

It’s unpleasant to be called that and my festive spirit slumped.

I didn’t see the Queen’s Christmas Message, as we were still too involved with the lunch, but reading about it, relishing the joys of cultural ‘inclusivity,’ I felt a tinge of annoyance. It was hard not to wonder who the people are around HMQ, telling her for instance that Mary Seacole was a nurse who risked her life to save soldiers in the Crimea. Seacole kept a mobile canteen behind the lines, and wrote about her adventures in her excellent memoir which is still readily available. She was never a nurse and never referred to herself as black.

The Queen is a very good Christian woman, but she doesn’t have to walk down streets where people display their dangerous ignorance of basic hygiene, or have them shouting abuse at her. Multi-culturalism is hard for those that have to live it and the virus has made that tension worse.

South Asians, five million according to the 2011 census, are twenty percent more likely to die from the virus than other ethnic groups, and twelve years younger. But successive governments worshipping at the shrine of multi-culturalism have ignored the need to tackle them with basic public health education. Instead, the BBC blamed the Asian death rate on the government for not testing enough. But it was they who shone light on the issue, last October, with their Radio 4 documentary, ‘Born in Bradford,’ based on a hospital study of 12,500 mostly Pakistani pregnant women, and 14,000 babies, recruited between March 2007 and December 2010 and tracked for several years.   

Bradford has some of the highest rates of childhood illness in the UK. It is now a world centre for the study of public health, or rather the lack of it. Bradfordians suffer from a huge scale of obesity, type 2 diabetes, forty percent of five-year olds have tooth decay, compared to a national average of 25%, others have disabilities caused by first cousin marriage. There’s a high infant mortality. The town now has the third highest number of COVID-19 deaths after Rochdale and Leicester.

Manzoor Moghal, Chairman of The Muslim Forum in Leicester, where adult diabetes is fifty percent higher than the average, making the population more vulnerable to the virus, has bravely written about the practical impact of political correctness.

 ‘The problems were hidden because of the city’s social, economic and cultural make-up. It’s an inescapable reality that ethnic minorities face particularly acute challenges when it comes to coronavirus,’ he wrote in The Mail on Sunday.

He had, ‘Growing concerns that my city was heading for a severe COVID-19 outbreak because, since the end of April, lockdown here has been observed in name only. Watching this play out was like living in a parallel world. Some pleaded ignorance of the lockdown rules. Others claimed that the council had not informed them of any measures. This was laughable, but what concerned me was that the local authorities were turning a blind eye and, until (a Sunday Times report) continued to do so. A Covid-19 outbreak was inevitable but no one wanted to take responsibility to stop it.

‘The rules should have been enforced to protect our community,’ he added bitterly.

Rather than any kind of ‘enforcement,’ more ‘outreach’ has been suggested. But the NHS spent £64.4 million on translation services in the last three financial years. That’s £59k per day and rising. ‘Lack of English’ is code for Asian women at home or in the shop, like the one I unfortunately saw today, with no possibility of education.

It would have been simple enough to tackle this if dreams of ‘multi-cultural’ harmony had not got in the way. Welfare benefits including child benefit, available for every child and just increased, could have been dependent on women learning English. British Asian men could have been discouraged from seeking peasant wives in Pakistan rather than women already in Britain. Labour’s abolition of the Primary Purpose Rule in June 1997, under which applicants had to prove that their marriage was not motivated by desire for immigration, greatly increased the number of female spouses granted settlement in the UK. Those vulnerable girls now form one of the largest categories of migrant settlement, forty per cent in 2010.

As the vicar said this morning, everything interconnects. In the UK lack of initiatives from the centre to integrate migrants into the whole modern state has led us to an epidemic much larger than it need have been. It’s not just a vaccine we need but a belated cultural change among the wealthy, pusillanimous elite who still run Britain, from Buckingham Palace down.

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65 Comments on An unsayable epidemiology

  1. To Harry Black,

    “By what sets of personal experiences and with references to what array of wider and deeper evidence have you decided to be skeptical of formal marriage?”
    I am sceptical of it personally, and I am not sure it works for everyone.

    “I encourage you towards proper empiricism and away from marxist-inspired superstition.”
    I shall get married pronto and write up my evaluation.

    “And I note with appreciation your continued use of respectful salutations in your replies to my comments.”
    Well, I’m pleased to hear that my efforts are not completely without merit.


  2. Harry Black, replying to David Ashton, writes: “… if we are to retrieve and secure a good enough form of Western Civ, it will be necessary to let go of certain aspects of the past.”

    I’d be interested to know what you’re willing to “let go of”. It seems to me that there’s very little left of thousands of years of accumulated human wisdom that hasn’t already been “let go of” by our cultural-marxist lords and masters. It’s more a question of what we try to revive.

    Which elements of the past would you try to revive? Which would you “let go”?

    • PJR, your important question requires more time than I have this evening.

      I will say in brevity:

      In my view, we will benefit by letting go of the naive insistence that in a democracy we must hold as legitimate the existence of political parties which to (excessive!) degree seek power by promising free everything to everyone from anywhere, and which insist that violent criminality is a consequence of “a bad society” -and is not a result of human propensity to violent criminality.

      And, we must revive the insistence on the citizen’s responsibilities to the community/society and deflate the idea that “rights” are supreme and are to be endowed on any “resident” who blows in -as opposed to productive, contributing, responsible citizens.

      Along these lines PJR.

      Best, Harry.

      • Harry Black: I can cheerfully subscribe to all of that.

        But you’re right that there is much more to be worked out, and not enough time in which to discuss it.

  3. Dear David Ashton.

    I admire your bravery and honesty at that time in highlighting a problem that has mushroomed to the much changed Britain of today and largely to the detriment of the indigenous English people. This was prophesied by the patriot Enoch Powell of course who paid the ultimate political price for speaking out in response to his constituents concerns, woes, and losses due to mass-immigration. The unforgivable humbug of the Conservative Party and Edward Heath as opposition leader was that it was their stated policy to promote and enact assisted voluntary repatriation at that time.

  4. You’re right, Jane, but I’m surprised you haven’t moved from Acton yet. I enjoyed reading this and the Telegraph article you did. All too true, I suspect. If people don’t speak English, they naturally can’t comply with the Covid guidelines. Hasn’t the Primary Purpose Rule been repealed yet?

  5. Dear Harry.

    Thanks for your praise on what was a belated – almost throw-away – line on the posting. However, as you say, it’s important to keep that realisation in the forefront as that power can and is coercive and could be likened to a sheep dog herding a flock into a pen for market. We should never forget that China is a terrifying model of complete tyranny and in bed with the west. The smug consumers of Chinese products in the west would be outraged if you suggested that they would have bought cheap German goods made by economic slaves in eastern europe had Hitler won his war against the Soviet Union and come to an accord with the British Empire as he had intended and planed for.

    • A very true, very significant, very consequential point you make here Derek-

      -and one that must be more widely discussed and the implications comprehended by those many hundreds of millions in the West now on the verge of passing into slavery.

      Thank you for stating the issue so clearly, so simply -you have given me a sharp and excellent tool to use in my work.

  6. The Covid is being used as a scam by elites to crush uppity popularists, such as those who voted for Brexit. If you do not go along with their narrative you will be punished, apparently. Although they are so obvious now they look foolish, and will only bury themselves further. Stay away from all corporate media. It only teaches you fear. Fear of your fellow man.

    I suspect most of this illness has derived from our disgusting lifestyles, not a virus.

  7. I have a dream(!)

    I dream I live in a world, well in a Western precinct, in which white males, old and young, are not demonised by feminists whose real complaint, if they’d think about it, is with the results of three billion years of evolutionary biology.

    I dream I live in world/Western precinct in which the blacks, Muslims and other non-whites who live in this place, are open, effusive, and frequent in their expression of gratitude to whites for making things so nice for them, compared with the conditions that pertain in Black, other non-white, and Muslim lands.

    I have a dream in which China’s elites figure out a way to feed and control their 1.4Bn compatriots without resort to Chinese dominance of all Western institutions.

    I dream about other things too -such as having a system of laws, policing, courts and incarceration that protects law-abiding, peaceful, productive whites from violent and other criminally-motivated whites and non-whites.

    And oh, some are other things I dream of too:

    Proper education at all levels, for all age groups, and a pro-Western arts-entertainment industry and a pro-Western mainstream media industry all of which are actively and devotedly on the side of the striving, law-abiding middle and lower classes whose values include attentive and effective and child-raising in the context of heterosexual marriage.

    People will say I’m a dreamer, I suppose.

    But I’m not the only one.

    • The numbers of homosexual marriages are too tiny to be any threat to you. Mind, you don’t seem to like the working classes much either. I could sympathise with a lot of what you had written otherwise.

      • Daniel Goldstein, my comment does not condemn homosexual marriage or homosexuality.

        My comment and my strong view is to support effective parenting of children within heterosexual marriage -and to ask for that view to be clearly and strongly promulgated in the education systems and in the mainstream media.

        Perhaps you are yet to realise that the positions I present on child-rearing within heterosexual marriage and non-condemnation of homosexual marriage/homosexuality are not in conflict in logical, empirical, or moral/ethical terms.

        I am deeply versed in matters of how human beings can flourish in their lives if educated and trained in proper development of feminine and masculine characteristics-

        -as those terms are used in “classical” ways -not in the context of the current attempts to deconstruct heterosexuality, and in the context of the marxist-inspired intention to destroy the heterosexual nuclear family, and in context of the marxist-inspired feminist war on men.

        It appears you are without knowledge of such matters of the classical masculine and the classical feminine qualities, as many are.

        Also it seems you might be conflating “liking” a person or group with “must never point out negative behaviours” that are apparent in a person or group.

        But actually, there is no logical, empirical or moral/ethical conflict in noticing and pointing out the negatives in the behavior of those one likes and/or loves -esp if such is done gently, at the right times, in the right ways, and in the genuine and sincere attempt to help the other person/s to make the best of their lives.

        All sincere best wishes to you Daniel Goldstein, and I gently encourage you to broaden and deepen your understanding of the factors of human
        flourishing and of human relationships, and how these can be developed in full and fulfilling richness over the life-span.

        • Dear Harry,
          “My comment and my strong view is to support effective parenting of children within heterosexual marriage -and to ask for that view to be clearly and strongly promulgated in the education systems and in the mainstream media.”
          Where have you been? That view is promoted at every opportunity in the mainstream media. Most couples on TV, in drama or advertising, are heterosexual. I am unfamiliar with the education system these days, but I don’t think it should be the role of schools to promote one type of marriage as superior to another. Loving and stable relationships for raising children are preferable on the whole, and I see no issue with that being encouraged. However, surely two parents of any gender are preferable to a single-parent household.

          You wrote:
          Also it seems you might be conflating “liking” a person or group with “must never point out negative behaviours” that are apparent in a person or group.

          Not at all. However, not everyone can grow up in your idealised environment, and I feel it’s best not to exclude them. Children may benefit from having heterosexual parents, but not if they are neglectful abusive drug addicts. Conversely, they may have a better start with parenting from caring, law-abiding gay parents. Your original post sounds as if you think there is a threat to heterosexual marriage.

          You wrote:
          “Proper education at all levels, for all age groups, and a pro-Western arts-entertainment industry and a pro-Western mainstream media industry all of which are actively and devotedly on the side of the striving, law-abiding middle and lower classes whose values include attentive and effective and child-raising in the context of heterosexual marriage.”
          So I wonder if education and those industries should not be on the side of people whose values include child-raising in the context of gay marriage – although the numbers really are too small to make an impact, I feel.

          I gently encourage you to make friends with couples in non-heterosexual marriages, as it may help you to realise they have “decent” values too. Perhaps I am making an assumption, and you may already be friends with them, in which case, forgive me.

          Then again, I’m sceptical of marriage in any case. A stable relationship for children’s parents is the main thing, although many will opt for marriage. (Our prime minister is raising his new son out of wedlock; the key thing is that his parents have a happy and secure relationship, surely.)

          Good wishes to you, Mr Black.

          • “However, surely two parents of any gender are preferable to a single-parent household.”

            No. Almost anything is preferable to allowing perverts access to children.

            “Our prime minister is raising his new son out of wedlock; the key thing is that his parents have a happy and secure relationship, surely.”

            What makes you think that Boris’s latest transitory relationship is “happy and secure”?

          • Daniel Goldstein,

            By what sets of personal experiences and with references to what array of wider and deeper evidence have you decided to be skeptical of formal marriage?

            Just because guru figures such as Germaine Greer and ilk might have said “marriage is bad”, or that a celebrity such as Boris Johnson might act he does, does not translate into guidelines for the non-productive masses, or even the striving classes.

            I encourage you towards proper empiricism and away from marxist-inspired superstition.

            And I note with appreciation your continued use of respectful salutations in your replies to my comments.

            All best to you DG -Harry.

          • Quote from PJR:
            “No. Almost anything is preferable to allowing perverts access to children.”
            Perverts, eh? Gosh. What decade are we in? The 2020s? 1920s? 1820s maybe? Hopefully you will be able to live your life free from any contact with “perverts”. Dare I say, I think your views on this matter are somewhat backward. I wonder if you’ve had your telegram from the Queen yet.

            I wasn’t making any assumptions about Johnson’s relationship. Pass the smelling salts.

  8. Dear Jane:

    Before I begin, why is it that when a boy wants to break up with girl he writes her a Dear Jane letter ? I didn’t write one to my first girlfriend when I broke up with her at 16, even though her name was Jane.

    But getting back to your account of confronting that Asian:

    “I passed an Asian grocer’s and saw a woman, part of the owner’s family, without a mask, in a paroxysm of coughing. She then spat the contents of her throat and mouth onto the ground outside the shop. I called to her, asking if she spoke English. She did, and I politely said that spitting into the street is not a good idea, especially at the moment.”

    To which the Asian yelled in reply:
    “What do you want me to do with it ?”

    To which you, in your respectable upper middle class fashion – which we all admire and to which we all aspire, I must say – calmly replied:

    “Put it into your handkerchief.”

    The beginnings of an excellent comedy sketch featuring you as Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet, I believe), and with Priti Patel in a supporting role, don’t you think?

    But yet again, I digress:

    As for Asians spitting whilst having “a paroxysm of coughing” – does civilisation depend upon a Karen, or even upon a Jane, having anything to say about the matter?

    How often do most people change their pillow cases?

    • And here is another nice, simple question for you to answer (but you won’t – you will run away):

      We know why corporate CEOs want foreign colonies in our home. But why do liberals and leftists want it? Why don’t they love their own people enough to know it is extraordinarily wrong to replace them with foreign peoples?

      • GW, please perhaps consider:

        1. Few people -CEOs, politicians, civil servants at any level, people in all walks and stations of life- act on the basis of love for persons outside their immediate families.

        2. After 1945, in the West, a large and rapidly increasing proportion of the populace had had enough of contributing to/defending their “own people” and accepted the politicians’ offer to become clients of the Big State, to varying degrees.

        3. And an increasing number of Westerners, incl English, could see no point in putting in the effort to be productive in any way at all.

        4. The economic surpluses required to fund the life-styles of these increasing numbers of low and non-productive peoples are made possible only by the mechanism of free enterprise corporations exploiting the products of the West’s pure and applied sciences and associated technology, engineering, manufacturing, financial services, etc.

        5. Corporate executives will source from anywhere those people, foreign if necessary, who have the required skills and willingness to work effectively to ensure those economic surpluses within their own enterprises.

        6. Love, of the kind you ask about, went out the window some time ago -not only among the managerial classes, but all over the shop.

        7. All over the West, we see it:

        The higher-ups have lost faith in the lower-downs, and vice versa, with good reasons all ’round.

        8. And yes, with the conflicts and complications caused by bringing in large numbers of foreigners, and esp non-Westerners and anti-Westernists, there is scant opportunity for Westerners, incl English, of the various levels to talk through their differences and seek new understandings and mutually beneficial settlements.

        • Harry, I just offering our friend here the opportunity to explain himself, be it personally or in terms of universal principle (as he doubtless supposes). The sad constant in such invitations is that these people know they cannot defend their words and deeds, and do not defend them. They take flight.

          • Very good GW.

            And many people who are generally on the side of the Good pay insufficient attention to economic factors in their assessments of why people such as CEOs and others do what they do, and why things are as they are.

            And many people cannot distinguish love from
            interdependence, or from co-dependence, or from lust, or from romance, or from ill-conceived sentimentality.

            Generally, far too few folk seek to comprehend the nature of human beings, esp as to why they seek safety above freedom -and the responsibilities and unending hard work that are the natural consequences of freedom.

            For too many people regard freedom as consisting in the right to slack off, booze up, and feed without cease.

            Add in watching TV, playing video games, and traveling to distant lands.

            And yes: Expressing complaint and grievance, and yelling advice to players from the sidelines.

            All this, instead of organising themselves in local Tory branches and figuring out how to influence Tory Central, and how to use communication technologies to usefully inform the masses, and thereby working to retrieve the civil services, the BBC and the education and law industries from the marxist people and the naive idealists who are marshaled by those marxists.

            All of this requires unceasing sacrifice, unstinting resilience in face of resistance and counter-attack, and unconstrained willingness to learn from errors of all kinds -all of the highest order.

            Power, power, power -power in action, every day, in perpetuity, to maintain Proper Institutions that are designed and managed to promote human responsibility in the context of freedom and the vast ranges in quality, kind and degree, high to low, in skills and in willingness to work and to contribute to the civil order and to create useful products and services, and consequent economic surplus-

            -this must be the focus of Proper Leaders of, and Contributors to the White West.

            Or, non-elite whites will have to accept enslavement.

            And that we already see, daily.

            All best, Harry.

  9. Let me see if I have this right. All our honourable incomers from non western countries are in bad health. This may mean a shorter life span I would think. Perhaps they are aiming for the death rates and life spans of their native lands. Should we be interfering?

    • Hello Helen Jones,

      On the subject of death rates and shorter life-spans, I see that that are more Somali and Sudanese doctors now living/working in London and other Western places than in their home precincts.

      As this is a direct result of policies enacted by the UN and Western governments, I suppose it must be alright by standards I find hard to fathom.

      • When Oswald Mosley’s son Max supported the Impress organisation over IPSO as a press regulator, enabling ordinary people attacked by the media to have the otherwise legally non-existent opportunity to reply, he was fiercely attacked by the “Daily Mail”, who produced an ancient election leaflet he had endorsed but forgotten saying that immigrants brought in unchecked disease, a point that both the “Daily Mail” and the BMA had made at the time, and which recently applies to Covid, and he was then accused of “vile racism”. Because I was briefly acquainted with Max at Oxford, though never in contact thereafter, and he had invited me to supply hard questions for a question-and-answer book his father was writing, an opportunity not missed, the “Mail” then dragged me into their vendetta, digging out a teenage article I had written which argued that our health-service should be national and well-funded, with foreign doctors best employed in own their homelands dealing with the diseases then being imported into Britain. The newspaper not only frightened my wife with false allegations on our doorstep but published an appalling gratuitous smear campaign against me by means of a few selective quotes set in a context of innuendo and falsehood. IPSO defended this farrago of filth dumped on me, but I had no money to risk legal action. In particular, readers were left with the untrue impression that I was a lifelong Jew-hater, despite the fact that I worked with Jews like Josef Josten against communism, and Alfred Sherman against multicultural mass-immigration which “Mail” journalists like Hitchens and Littlejohn deplore now it is too late.

          • “Since March millions of potentially infected people have been waved in without screening./Other countries have successfully asked passengers for proof they are disease free.” – DAILY MAIL, 6 January 2021.

    • Helen asks:
      “Perhaps they are aiming for the death rates and life spans of their native lands. Should we be interfering?”

      A very eugenical observation, my dear, but speaking of death rates and life spans in countries south of the equator, I was just reading elsewhere yesterday that in 1800, in the primitive country now called Bangladesh, the average life span was less than 26 years, but now it’s more than 73 years; and child mortality has apparently fallen from 40% to around 3% – no doubt largely due to interference by western countries. So yes: we should interfere in their lives. They are fortunate (and glad) that we do.

      • Yes, do-gooding Westerners, in using Western medical science/practice and sanitation engineering, have ensured massive population increases in precincts with peoples who could not and cannot feed, medicate, house, organise themselves.

        This, when those same (and other) Western do-gooders reckon that economic activity must be severely reduced to save the Planet more generally.

        Greenist Theory, if implemented, would require the Earth’s population to reduce to no more than 10% of its current numbers.

        Which 10% I wonder, and who would decide?

        Just that it is productive economic activity that creates the surpluses that can be transferred to those population groups, now very large and fast expanding in numbers, that cannot fend for themselves.

        • “…do-gooding Westerners, in using Western medical science/practice and sanitation engineering, have ensured massive population increases…”

          Very true, Harry Black:

          “Western do-gooders” – David Livingstone, Albert Schweitzer and St Jozef Damien of Molokai (the man who spent years caring for lepers in Hawaii until he died of leprosy – not to be confused with my favourite St Peter Damian who laid an eternal curse on Catholic homosexual prelates in the Middle Ages) will be the death of us all. Statues commemorating their lives need to be pulled down.

          Are you related to famous Anglican cleric, Thomas Malthus?

          • johnhenry, I am unaware of any lineage I might share with T. Malthus, in actual genetic terms.


            Adding to the list of badly-oriented do-gooders:

            Gates, Gore, and many similar, in these modern times.

          • Search for the opinions of Albert Schweitzer on African blacks in his notebooks before expurgation. Be aware that more than a few publications by various authors are published with cuts that are undisclosed to readers; e.g. the philosopher George Santayana against miscegenation. Other such writers are permanently out of print, withdrawn from libraries and/or vilified by “anti-racist academics”.

  10. It’s about time we talked openly of this burning issue. And I did notice the reference to M Seacole in HM’s speech. It was obviously included for reasons of ‘diversity’ rather than true fact.

  11. “Happy New Year” seems a bit banal given where we are, but anyway I wish all the usual TSR suspects well for the coming year, and may we all be strengthened in our principles and in our effects upon the world, whatever fresh horrors it visits upon this benighted land.

    • Thank you GW.

      My contribution in this matter is to wish you -and all contributors to the Proper pro-Western Project- A Flourishing 2021.

      And for the Rest, I wish they’d either wake-up to Reality and make themselves properly useful to the Western cause, or depart for non- or anti-Westernist locations.

      If they do leave, I suppose we will have to send them cash, food, medicine, and everything else in perpetuity -but it’d still be a better life for us.

      Best, Harry.

      • Happy New Year to Guessedworker, Harry Black, and all men and women of good will (hominibus bonae voluntatis).

        And Happy New Year to all the magnificent people who write for the SR or otherwise work for its continued excellence.

        Long may we continue to argue furiously!

  12. Within all groups of people, as grouped by colour, creed or culture, there is range of capacities to perceive and deal with Reality, a range of practical creativity in response to challenges and opportunities, a range of propensity to violence, and a range of inclinations to self-sufficiency and to assist others in need of help.

    Now obviously, blacks and some other non-white groups, and Muslims from everywhere have, by proportion of base numbers, fewer individuals with the skills and motivation to live peaceful and productive lives and create and manage communities in which members of all skill levels and all genders can flourish, as human flourishing is conceived by various white judges of the matter.

    And many non-whites and Muslims from everywhere agree with this assessment -as evidenced by their insistence that they must live in places established and maintained, hitherto anyway, by whites.

    That the truth of all this is being suppressed when not demonised, and that beliefs in opposites of this truth are being enforced by white elites, will result in the collapse of the white-created systems that make life such a breeze for non-whites and Muslims from everywhere, and for non-productive and/or violent whites into the bargain.

    Yes, such is obvious.

    And yet, it’s down the drain we go.

    Fight back or lose the lot.

    That’s all.

    • It is obvious, Harry, but well put by yourself all the same.

      Phil Rushton’s “Race, Evolution, Behaviour” (available free as a PDF, either in its abridged or original form) remains the best guide to human difference, and therefore the most attacked by the marxian forces of sameness.

  13. HMQ is “Head” of the “Commonwealth”. Have a look at the “human rights” record of its non-white republics. Well, we shall be a largely non-white republic deprived of rights to free speech and free association, if things go on as they are, if not in her own lifetime.

    For evidence of replacement and examples of how the “White British” are blamed for bad behaviour by New Commonwealth “fellow-citizens”, see “The War against Whites” by the “evil racist” Arthur Kemp.

  14. I see that demands by blacks (and their white-enablers) for massive reparations to be paid to blacks by whites are rising in frequency and idiocy.

    Well, it is time to set out the bill for services rendered to blacks by whites -and it’s a big one, when it’s all added up.


    Vastly more blacks are alive today, and living well, than would be the case were it not for Western/white medical science, sanitation engineering, transport infrastructure, agriculture and massive supplies of medications, vaccines, food and much else, sent from white precincts to black precincts.

    Gee, and every Spring, squadrons of white school children go to various places in black Africa and build houses for blacks -while being observed by blacks whose great-grandparents also observed white school kids building houses for blacks.

    Why there has been limited uptake in house-construction methods by blacks in black Africa is yet to be explained by the nature of racism directed at blacks by whites.

    Meanwhile, consider the massive benefits enjoyed by many blacks by way of Western/white-invented sports and entertainment projected by Western/white invented TV and Hollywood, all greased by Western/white finance/banking methods.

    And there is much, much more.

    Perhaps mention that trillions have been spent by whites trying to close the white/black education gap, to no avail.

    Send ’em the bill.

    Oh and attach a flyer explaining that the enslavement of blacks was enabled by black African tribes who have always enslaved members of other black African tribes both in black Africa and in Western/white precincts, and continue to do so today.

    Time for the truth, which will set us free, while being an unpleasant pill for the denizens of the various multiculturalist shake-down industries and those who encourage them from perches in the education and “news”/opinion industries, and in the civil services, and in elective politics.

  15. Hi Jane,

    A couple of correction. Sorry.

    1. We English do not want to integrate the foreign peoples who have come into our home without our consent since 22nd June 1948. We want them to leave us to live at peace on our own ancestral soil. Integration is death for any native people confronted with an endless foreign ingress. We, on the other hand, must find our way to life.

    2. Likewise, we do not seek a “cultural change” from our current elite class. We see the defenestration of that class and its replacement by healthy and whole, loyal and loving Englishmen and women. We are philosophical revolutionaries and not conventionalists and only civic reactionaries. We are, whether or not we know it today, English nationalists and nothing less. As we radicalise that knowledge will become inescapable.

  16. Perhaps Her Majesty was simply sending a friendly wave to Meghan Markle?

    The Prince of Wales too, very possibly.

    Oh yes, he has long been an environmentalist.

    But now in recent days, he has said that the contemporary Peoples Of All The Earth should perhaps live in ways as did the pre-industrial, nay, the pre-agricultural peoples.

    Be alright, I suppose.

    Just that the population would need to reduce itself, by some means -and I expect the Prince and Meghan Markle-Sussex-Windsor would recommend that those means be humane- to approx 5%, or better perhaps 1%, of its current numbers.

    Now, speaking of humane means, whom would Charles and Meghan recommend as the best humane decision-maker to decide who should be in the lucky 1%?

    Or perhaps they will ask nicely for volunteers?

    • The PoW has quoted his father on overpopulation as an adverse ecological factor and discreetly endorsed Attenborough over this. He did not describe himself as a defender of every faith but of faith as such. Let us appreciate his explicit defence of English things – our icons, our lanes and villages, the KJV and PB, our armed services.

      • If, as someone with some power but much privilege, the PoW doesn’t defend our people in this time of politically engineered existential crisis he is perforce attacking us. There is no comfortable fence on which he may sit, no way to prattle on about inclusivity and respect without preferring the foreign coloniser over the British native. It’s a zero sum racial game.

        • The subject is complicated in his personal case because of a sympathy with mysticism (cf. Idris Shah on England) due to the influence of Laurens van der Post. He benefited from “education” with “Rab” Butler and non-PC Anthony D. Smith. He is not in a position, nor equipped with a discourteous pyschology, to attack or offend his mother’s non-white subjects with the relish ooccasionally expressed by his father, the amusement barely concealed by his present wife, or the comments made by his valued grandmother. He has few remarks against political correctness on record.

          The Monarch acts constitutionally on the advice of Ministers and it is up to the electorate to ensure that we have a British government of the British people, by the British people and for the British people. Our job, not his. There are better targets than the now officially restrained Charles Philip [Man on Horseback] Arthur [King] George [Saint]. If you are religious pray that the Middle English poet Layamon was “sooth” in that our final national extremity “an Arthur should yet come to save the English”.

      • Yes David Ashton, I give the PoW my full respect and gratitude for the good things he does, and represents.

        Ditto the entire Royal Family.

        Going further, I appreciate and am grateful for the good things, indeed the nett good, provided to myself -and others here down my end of the totem pole- by all those individuals who are, in their various ways, leaders and/or influencers, as those terms are used these days.

        All who do good also do bad, to paraphrase Acton.

        And, best to take the good with the bad, as my Old Grandma used to say.

        • The best bit in the play “Charles III” is his arrival in Parliament to dismiss the chancers with more (short term) success than his murdered predecessor, and can be enjoyed on You Tube. (The dig therein at the future Harry Markle ne Windsor is also amusingly prescient.) Worth noting that in original Arthurian legend the king was in love with a Saxon girl Camille, and yet “betrayed” by his official serially adulteress wife. Incidentally, the woke portrayal of Guinevere as a black woman is doubly ironic in view of what her name actually means. John Boorman’s “Excalibur” is by far the best of all the Arthur films (
          [and his “Hope & Glory” is also a pretty good re-creation of the (wartime) England that “The Guardian” crowd tell us “never existed].

          Back to the Heir to the Throne: (1) His alleged affection, and secret shahada, for Islam is contradicted by his condemnation of the persecution of Christians in the Dar al-Islam, which put other Anglican “nobility” to shame; and (2) the “Daily Mail”, which has obsessively sniped at him for decades past, often over cooked-up details, had this to say on 30 December 2020: “Completely dotty. That, says Prince Charles, is what many thought in 1970, he first warned about the scourge of plastics. Today he seems clairvoyant. The future king blasted the blight of environmentally damaging microplastics. The Mail has fought tirelessly to rid our planet of these toxic timebombs, The prince makes a powerful case for us all to raise our game.”

          He once said he had no enthusiam for ruling over a divided Britain. So a bit more clairvoyance is needed – of ecologically damaging over- population, and the mixture of Indian Hindus, Bangladeshi Muslims, Chinese “Socialists”, African Animists and Irish Republicans, in the future “U”K. Write to him, readers, using the proper form of address, even if you only receive back a courteous response from one of the naval cuties seconded as secretaries to the “royals”.

  17. If only this were Channel 4’s alternative Christmas Message. Not only for the common sense embodied in it, but also to demonstrate the channel’s commitment to diversity of opinion.
    Imagine how many public libraries could be reopened if there was no need to waste money on interpreters in the public service. All those closed in my city, to begin with.

    • I wish I could watch an alternative DeepFake version of the Queen’s Speech, in which Her Majesty apologised for her 68 years of doing nothing whatsoever to resist the gradual destruction of the kingdom and people she promised to protect and the faith and tradition she promised to defend.

      • Just perhaps the situation would be far, far worse if HM not done some things quietly and unseen, of which we will never know.

        And perhaps not.

        Main thing now is whether enough white folk will rouse ’emselves, soon enough, and pay the price of survival by retrieving the institutions that made White/Western Civ as good as it was for both whites and non-whites.

        Seems we do not live in a time when Great Leaders or Single Saviours can make everything nice for the common folk.

        (Side note to Greta Thunberg and the legions who share her kind of, erm, disappointment with Life: It’s the Big Statists who have robbed ignorant, needy teenagers, of all ages, of their dreams; or more important than dreams, the prospect of a properly flourishing life.)

        PJR, I know I say what you and others present know full well -I merely repeat these things with the thought that it might encourage among several readers more constructive activity in the right direction.

        • We need a coalition of white folks (I don’t mind “allyship” of a number of pro-western non-whites) to defend the western civilization; not a leaderless coalition but a collection of able leaders in all affected countries.

          What helps define England’s “identity as a NATION [?]…some of the most beautiful scenery in the world…fields, moors, forests, villages and market towns…the toil and care of generations…it embodies ENGLAND’s VERY SOUL…as precious as any Cathedral…the hedges, the thatched cottages, the village churches, pubs, post offices and shops…at the heart of WHAT IT MEANS TO BE ENGLISH, as are the people whose…craftmanship keep them alive….WE WILL NOT ALLOW OUR TRADITIONS AND HERITAGE TO BE SWEPT AWAY…all to work tirelessly to preserve everything that is best…at the very heart of our GREAT ISLAND STORY” – HRH The Prince of Wales (2010). He who is not against us is for us/

          • All strong and valid points you make David Ashton.

            And yes, I agree re allyships with the right Others.

            I will add that the declaration “We will not allow our traditions and heritage to be swept away” requires implementation in detail-

            -declarations being rather different from actual decisive action.

            And also that if we are to retrieve and secure a good enough form of Western Civ, it will be necessary to let go of certain aspects of the past.

            And also that we require new forums to argue all this through, and new forums to form strategy, and new forums to assess progress in implementation and to re-direct efforts and resources as we learn more about the forces that are now destroying Western Civ and new tactics they will develop, and new enemies that will arise.

            Bit of work involved in this.

            All best, Harry.

  18. You nailed it, Jane. At the risk of lowering the tone of these columns I seem to recall a little ditty from long ago:
    There once was a chap from D……………..
    Who got on a bus bound for Ealing.
    It said on the door
    ‘Do not spit on the floor’
    So he looked up and spat on the ceiling.

    • When did “Darjeeling” become a forbidden word?

      There was a young man from A……..
      Who arrived in West Ham on a tram.
      With Herculean labours
      He blew up his neighbours,
      But the MSM don’t give a damn.

      • An excellent chuckle PJR.

        But soon as I chuckled, I had the feeling of great sadness for those neighbours.

        Oh and the familiar disgust for the MSM and their peoples.