Boris will be on the side of free speech, of causing offence, of uttering heresies: Thank God!

Cartoon by Inkgall

This morning’s Telegraph headline ‘New Prime Minister to be announced as further resignations expected,’ captures neatly the immediate political dilemma of the new prime minister.

One’s immediate reaction is ‘good riddance!’ The advent of Boris may finish off the Tory Party, but then a ‘continuity May’ Prime Minister is just as likely to finish off the Tory party, only in a different way.

There are so many imponderables, ‘Will we leave on 31st October?’ ‘How will we leave?’ ‘Can we leave at all given the parliamentary arithmetic?’ etc – that speculation concerning the result of a forthcoming general election, which, depending on the former, may or may not see the vote split four ways, seems pointless.

For Tory Brexiteers, he is the only hope. Will he ‘deliver’ on his promises? No-one can tell. And even if he does ‘deliver’ Brexit, will it usher in a golden age that true conservatives could welcome – the rebirth of our nation state; or will it usher in global liberalism in an even more virulent form, the continued selling off of our national assets under the mantra ‘global Britain’, continued mass immigration – for Johnson appears to support open borders? Again, we cannot tell.  

Nevertheless, there is something essentially English about Boris. If May was the puritan Liberal (her last act was to tax milkshakes), Boris is the rumbustious fun-loving cavalier. If nothing else, Boris will be on the side of free speech, of causing offence, of uttering heresies – how could he not be? If he could follow through on the curse of ‘hate crime,’ then that would be one thing for which we would be eternally grateful.

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35 Comments on Boris will be on the side of free speech, of causing offence, of uttering heresies: Thank God!

  1. Have another read. The article doesn’t mention prison populations. The sentence starts “The trouble is…” and lists majority non white population towns completely unqualified as part of that trouble.

    So you can now confirm that the Daily Mail, Sun and Telegraph, although masquerading as newspapers, which they are undoubtedly registered as, are in fact no more reliable in matters of fact than the Beano, and you accept that all those stories were lies to discredit the EU?

    Could you explain this to the countless apparently brain dead callers to radio stations who repeat these stories as justification for them wanting a no deal brexit, such as the woman recently who thought the EU was stopping her eating fish and chips from newspaper? There are plenty of others, hilarious and depressing in equal measure. That would be great, and then we can stay in and just get on with it.

    • Do you know, I’m starting to think we will never agree.
      The tales of the EU are prevalent and plausible because the EU is as totalitarian as the USSR and the Mafia – and ex-commies and gangsters have done well out of it. Like I said, the dull facts of corruption and waste need no embellishment, so leave the unlucky ‘deplorables’ to their stories. If we had truly compassionate and principled rulers, those phone-ins would not be attracting so many unhappy people besieged by injustice as they think with some justice that they are.

      I recommend Jesse Norman’s book on Adam Smith. It shows where Conservatism has gone awry and how it might be refocussed. he’s often presented as the patron saint of selfishness, but it was a word he abhorred. He saw the inestimable good that flowed from enterprise and trade but was a stern, Scottish moralist and just the man we need at the moment.

  2. Andrew – ‘terminally stupid, cloth-brained, racist about non-whites’ … So sorry, I mistook those cool, dispassionate reasons for personal abuse.
    No one is defending BJ lies (though you provide no examples – evidence eh? what a pest it is) but lying is a fact of life, approve of it or not and especially prevalent in public affairs.
    As to lies about the EU. You jest? What lie could be worse than the truth? Corruption and waste inherent in the entire system. A ‘parliament’ with as much power as a school debating club, and a management as out of reach of the law and votes as the Kremlin was. Have you no standards – even about the gang of four crooks now running the place and the malice shown to the UK after all we have done for that nest of rats over the past 100 years?

    • You’ve put together a varied selection of comments. It is racist about non whites to suggest that a majority non white town in Britain is undesirable. That is fact.

      Terminally stupid and cloth brained are descriptions of a man who thought IoM was in the EU and forces us to pack kippers with protection against bacteria, paints wooden boxes red and thinks he’s making a model bus (!), thinks we even need to know he does that, blames his own mistakes on others and lies to manipulate people’s opinions. That’s not an ad hominem attack, it’s a comment on his actions and opinions. Oh yes, and he thinks he can do in 3 months what a hard working PM failed to do in 3 years.

      • Look. I don’t know what the matter with you is but do you think every tabloid story counts as a lie? …. you might just as well say Biffo the Bear is an untruth.
        As to racism or any other ism – that is to condemn people for what they ARE not what they do or believe. If someone says a named place is dangerous, whether or not they have the evidence, it does not become racist because brown people or white people live or do not live there. To be racist you have to believe that 1. there are distinctive races (I don’t) 2. that such and such characteristics adhere in selected groups and are reprehensible whereas your own are praiseworthy 3. and (probably) act on your belief rather than just mutter about it.
        For example, there are several traditions (in Bukhari) of Mohammed claiming to be white, offering to behead anyone who demurred, and referring to Ethiopians as raisin heads. That’s racist, but in line with the totalitarian repressive supremacy that Muslims around the world think God has granted them if they are men. Before you shoot back with accusations – I worked with Muslim Arab victims of brother Muslim atrocities, and at THEIR request.

        • A story is a lie if it is knowingly untrue. All of those stories were untrue, regardless of where they are printed. Presumably the editor will have checked the veracity prior to publication and will have known them to be a lie.

          Your Biffo comment is beneath contempt.

          In the article by Myles Harris, a list of undesirable things in Britain was headed by majority non white towns. That is describing something as bad because of the colour of the skin of the majority who live there, nothing else. It doesn’t mention how dangerous or otherwise those places are. That is an explicitly racist comment. Do you agree or not that it belongs on the list?

          • Come on. One of the tabloids carried a follow up to the story of a dog being carried off by a seagull – with a photo of the ‘chief suspeck’ That was a lie?? I’m sorry you so protective of Biffo the Bear. Takes all sorts.
            I have had to read the piece twice more to get what you are complaining about. You’re mistaken, but since racism is misused universally, that’s not unusual. To say that drug-dealing gangs, rape gangs, knife crime and the prison population are disproportionately non-white – even if it were untrue, which it is not -would not be racist. To be racist you have to believe that said criminals are criminal because of their colour/biological inheritance. As we all know there are social and psychological and environmental factors at work, child-rearing practices, educational attitudes, joblessness etc etc. Don’t you see that? It is precisely this fear of being mistyped that has allowed the police and soc servs to ignore ‘community’ crime, and is the motivation for the BBC et al to not report the cases that are processing through Yorkshire courts now. palpably false claims about Cliff Richard, heath and others got the full news and helicopter treatment. I bet you didn’t even know that the Pakistani heritage rape gangs number in the 100s and that some of those convicted have already been released back to where they did the crimes.
            People like the BNP or whatever would have no traction if we all openly confronted social problems and let the censors howl.

  3. With that very expensive education and simply attending Eton in the first place that isn’t such a massive achievement. More than a quarter of Eton pupils get to Oxford or Cambridge. And he finished with a 2:2. I know two people from my comprehensive in Sunderland who went to Oxbridge and got firsts, and it didn’t cost a penny.

    Which of those places did he learn it was ok to lie constantly?

    • It is a common mistake to link virtue with intelligence. It is true that the present Labour line-up is a particularly stupid one but it has not always been so (Dennis Healey for example). There are many scholars besides BJ in the present Tory Party. The Left have no one of the calibre (and virtue) of Kwasi Kwarteng and Jesse Norman for instance. The latter’s recent book on Adam Smith is so spectacularly good that the (ultra-Right) IEA condemned it as labourite.

        • Be prepared for a surprise or two. If you adhere to the view that The Market can solve anything and that an invisible (and assumed godly) hand will see us all right, you end up backing commercialising cannabis and other dodgy morally questionable positions.

          I have wondered whether their position on drugs is a result of being stoned all day in Lord North Street. I have twice entered their annual essay comp only to be unplaced, so there’s obviously something radically amiss there.

    • The education debate is live and real. My point is that you must be bloody bright to gain a scholarship to Eton, even if your upbringing has been highly privileged. I know – I’ve taught the papers. There are by all accounts plenty of privately-educated duffers, including at Eton – but not on scholarships. Likewise, there are probably plenty of Eton-educated duffers at Oxford – but again, not on scholarships. What Boris ‘finished with’ might just reflect the amount of work (or lack of it) he put in.

      On the other hand, Jeremy Corbyn was highly privileged (prep school, local manor house and all that) but was apparently too cloth-brained to succeed academically.

      But as you suggest, no-one should be judged solely by their academic ability.

      • Absolutely not. I’m happy to judge him as a compulsive liar. It’s a pity 92000 think that’s a qualification to be PM, although it’s hard to see how he can be when, as leader of an already minority party, he doesn’t even have the support of all of his own MPs. He’s already effectively lost one vote, and hasn’t even taken office yet.

        And by the way, it’s really not enough to say “I would have done better if only I’d tried harder”. And it doesn’t bode well for what is to come, because he is going to find it’s a bit harder than he could imagine.

        • Come to think of it, I suppose he must have been bright enough to realise that once you go to Eton you don’t have to bother to try hard, because that will get you everything you want.

          • That is certainly true but not in all cases. Welby didn’t get very far for instance. You are also confusing what a person wants with what they (as a child) had no choice over. As to your wounded remarks above – you began the ad hominems and, like all the totalitarian left, have to have jests explained to you. Example: I don’t really think you need psycho-actives, just a dose of reality, and a good place to start would be trying to do something positive about the victims of successive governments’ callous indifference to life’s losers. Experience, not conversing with self-infatuated theorists, or listening to our Nazi party (formerly Labour) is the way to save your soul.

          • I think your complacency and apology for Boris’s lies speak volumes.

            Politicians will tell you what they think you want to hear. What you call the lies of other politicians are mainly what they tell you they are going to do, what they will hope to achieve when in government. They probably believe what they say to be true. Those that don’t need to be vilified, not tolerated.

            Boris’s lies are deliberate, cynical, false information about matters of fact, in order to manipulate people’s opinion. The kipper lie being an excellent case in point, whipping up a frenzy of anti EU feeling in the room. He did it as a journalist for years.

            The fact you’re happy to endorse that behaviour (even with regard to other politicians lying) actually speaks volumes about your character and ethical standards.

          • “you began the ad hominems and, like all the totalitarian left, have to have jests explained to you”

            I’m intrigued. Do you actually know what an ad hominem attack is?

            And you’ve done it. Gone for the Nazi gambit already. Congratulations. I think you’ll find the racist and potential Nazi is the one who declares that a “non white majority” town or city is literally top of a list of undesirable things in Britain, ahead of murder.

            P.S. Indulge me, was I supposed to find it funny that you think “People like me” are mentally ill? I wouldn’t open with it if I were you.

  4. I’m just stunned. 92000 people can’t see that Boris is a muddle-headed, cloth-brained, proven liar, right down to the kipper nonsense last week.

    The country it seems is now to be governed by the terminally stupid.

    • Muddle-headed perhaps but definitely not cloth-brained. I recommend taking a look at the scholarship papers for Eton. Boris also gained a scholarship to Balliol. Don’t be fooled.

    • Might I suggest if you are going to grace our comment pages, you check your blood pressure with your local NHS doctor. Oh I forgot, most of my socialist friends have private health care, I believe it’s that awful fear socialists have of accidentally touching a member of the working classes in an NHS waiting room as they turn the pages of their Guardian.

      • I don’t have private health insurance, and I don’t read the guardian. Sorry if that doesn’t fit your lazy stereotype. Although I am white which should reassure you as you seem to have a deep-seated fear of “non white” people per your other article. You don’t sound like you have a lot of respect for these “friends” either, to be frank.

        But you see, there you go again, another unsubstantiated assertion, like the ones littering your article describing Britain as some sort of dangerous battleground. Well, with the possible exception of Millwall F.C. on match days, this is at best a gross exaggeration, and certainly not my experience at all. I’ve never felt afraid of going out after dark – not since I was about 10 anyway. But you just can’t help it can you? Just like all of Boris’s lies about Europe which have led us to the mess we are in today. Smoke me a kipper!

        Anyway, I’m going to freely assert my right to free speech on here, and possibly offend if you want to take umbrage like this, as long as Boris encourages it, or I get barred first. Ok? I hope your blood pressure can cope.


        • Nobody is stopping you unlike the left we don’t no platform people who have different views to ourselves. There are no safe spaces in the Salisbury Review. Enter at your own risk!

        • I spent 20 years working with dangerous teenagers in dodgy neighbourhoods and another 20 years in three universities, and can assure you there is no difficulty finding places where you need to be careful in daylight, never mind after dark.
          Dr Harris has implied you might need Amlodipine. My experience of people like you in both my working milieux is that Chlorpromazine might be the drug required.

          • Unsubstantiated ad hominem attacks are about the lowest form of argument, more so when delivered in such a sneery, supercilious way. “People like you”??? A judgment based on the scantest of information about me. I wonder what you genuinely thought of those “dangerous” teenagers in “dodgy” neighbourhoods. Or people in their own environments as most people would say.

            Don’t speculate on my health, physical or mental, there’s a good chap.

    • The kipper nonsense (there was joke there you missed) was irresistible entirely because it was so plausible in illustrating the chasmic gulf between the Eurocracy and human beings.

    • Who is being punched when a Turk by the name Boris Kemal is the Prime Minister of the UK? Certainly the Left can’t call him out for being a racist, even though they do. He just ticks too many boxes at once! This man is a googly.

  5. We haven’t seen a Conservative leader in recent years who has been willing to stand firm agains the onslaught of our liberal left media. Much easier to show oneself to be broadly in agreement with the politically correct orthodoxy rapidly being enforced as this nation’s only moral code.

    If there is another pro-Brexit rally it should take place outside the offices of the real power in the land: not Parliament but The Guardian and the BBC.

    • On yawn, change the record. The BBC has at least as much right wing content as left, and against the guardian you have the mail, express, torygraph, sun, all printing lies about the eu and the Labour party.

        • Really? There are literally dozens, if not hundreds. They’re really not hard to find. Ok, you asked for it.

          Clampdown on off-licences (The Sun 21 February 2005)
          EU health chiefs are drawing up plans to close thousands of British off-licences… The proposal is said to be part of a drive to curb alcohol abuse across Europe. Other measures include a Monday to Friday ban on off-sales and huge booze price hikes through tax rises. A blueprint masterminded by EU health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou also contains moves to control sales through a state-run monopoly…

          EU’s crazy bid to bar weekday sales (Daily Star 21 February 2005)
          Supermarkets and off licences will only be allowed to sell booze at weekends under secret plans by barmy Brussels bureaucrats. A leaked document reveals EU chiefs want to ban take-away sales of alcohol from Monday-Friday in an over-the-top clampdown on binge drinking. They also plan to raise the tax on drink sold in pubs.

          The EU has no plans, nor secret documents proposing to clamp down on off licenses by closing them or banning Monday-Friday sales. The EU does not have, nor does it seek, the power to propose such measures which are a matter for national governments. At the request of all EU health ministers, including the UK’s, the EU is looking into ways to reduce the harm caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, particularly among young people. The document referred to in these articles is a working paper, not adopted by the Commission, which seeks to draw views from the drinks industry and European countries (including the UK) on possible ways to combat excessive drinking. It contains a review of measures in place in different member states.

          The euro made me impotent… (and it’s not doing much for inflation, either)
          So far, it’s hardly led to virile economies. In the countries that have adopted it, the euro’s performance has been flaccid, to put it mildly. But now a German man claims the switch to the single currency has had a similar dire impact on his personal life – robbing him of his manhood.
          (Daily Mail, 2 March 2002, page 23)

          Euros left me flop in sack
          A bus driver claims chemicals in the new ten euro note have left him a flop in the bedroom. Wolfgang Fritz, 55, says he hasn’t managed to get an erection since he started handling the cash and is suing the German government.
          (The Sun, 2 March 2002, page 10)

          The source of these stories is a German Greenpeace article and a test carried out by a German laboratory with one 10 euro banknote on behalf of the magazine ‘Ökotest’. Before the launch of the euro notes, the European Central Bank (ECB) tested all seven denominations against the most stringent European health and safety regulations which confirmed they do not cause any health problems in normal use. The laboratory working for ‘Ökotest’ has confirmed that traces of the stabiliser TBT found in a 10 euro banknote are in no way large enough to impact on the health of the users of euro notes (TBT is used as stabiliser in food packaging, textiles, wood preservatives, disinfectants). In order to reach the recommended Tolerable Daily Intake of TBT, the average person would need to eat more than 2,500 euro notes per day over a significant period of time!
          Despite the reassuring outcome of all earlier tests of euro notes, the ECB has recently commissioned a specialised laboratory to look into this specific matter and further detailed analysis will be conducted.

          Now EU puts speed limit on children’s roundabouts (and slides must not be too steep)
          (Daily Express, 28 October 2004, page 12)
          Speed limits will have to be placed on children’s roundabouts in the latest bizarre EU rule imposed on Britain. Playground slides will also be placed under the bureaucratic microscope in a bid to bring the UK in line with the European guidelines. Roundabouts will be restricted to rotating at just over five yards per second – and the angle of a slide will be limited. The latest madcap scheme from Brussels was last night blasted by furious MPs, parents and children’s play campaigners who branded it ” barmy”.

          PC prats put speed limit on kids’ roundabouts (Daily Star, 28 October 2004, page 7)
          Barmy Brussels bureaucrats are now demanding that speed limits be enforced on kids’ playground roundabouts. The killjoy officials have also ruled that only two swings can be hung in a row and insist that slides mustn’t be too steep.

          Going round in circles… (Daily Star, 28 October 2004, page 6, leader column)
          The politically correct brigade has found a new target – children’s playgrounds…Bureaucrats have drawn up new EU regulations to make them safer. Speed limits of precisely five metres per second will be placed on merry-go-rounds. The rules also lay down how steep slides can be and the number of swings allowed in a bay. It would be laughable – if it wasn’t so serious.

          Some playground antics are in evidence in these articles as the europhobic press get their facts wrong over swings and slides. This “madcap scheme from Brussels” was not drawn up by the European Commission, but by a body quite separate from the European Union. Having “European” in an organisation’s title may draw the ire of some newspapers, but it does not mean it belongs to the EU. The organisation concerned is the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN), a non-EU body made up of national standards groups from 28 European countries, including the British Standards Institution. It sets voluntary guidelines for products in order to improve consumer safety and boost trade. If a product is imported from another country, it is surely desirable that the buyer can purchase with a guarantee that it will not pose a threat to the user’s health.

          Rolling acres are outlawed by Brussels (The Daily Telegraph, 21 July 2008, p1)
          The acre, one of Britain’s historic imperial measurements, is to be banned under a new European directive. It will no longer be allowed in measurements when land is being registered and will be replaced by the hectare – 2.471 acres.

          Acreshaker – EU meddlers sneak in a ban on our historic land measure (The Sun, 21 July 2008, p6 and p8)
          EU chiefs have secretly BANNED Britain from using the acre – one of our oldest forms of measurement. Ministers killed it off when they put up no objection to a European Commission directive outlawing its use…… British farmers and estate agents will have to use the word “hectare” from January 1, 2010.

          Now the EU is to ban the acre (Daily Express, 21 July 2008, p10 and p12)
          The acre is set to be banned after the EU announced that Labour has agreed to the abolition of yet another part of the British way of life. The Government’s surrender – buried in the small print of an EU document last week – would also make it more likely that rules will be removed from road signs in favour of the kilometre.

          After 800 years, the acre is history (Daily Mail, 22 July 2008, p17)
          The use of an ancient British imperial measurement – the acre – is to be restricted under a new EU ruling. It will no longer be allowed for land registration from 2010 and will be replaced by the metric equivalent, the hectare.

          Brussels, stay off our little patch of land (The Times, 22 July 2008, p24)
          …. Brussels now insists that the acre is one anachronism too far. From 2010, the word must no longer be mentioned. From 2010, the word must no longer be mentioned.

          Contrary to the “acres” of press coverage, the EU has not banned this unit of measurement.
          Legislation being brought in to safeguard the use of the mile and the pint simply removes the exemption for the use of acres in land registry to reflect current UK practice.

          The Land Registry has worked in hectares since 1995.

          Hectares have also routinely been used for the past 20 years by the UK government in dealings with farmers.
          Private landowners advertising the size of their land can continue to do so but must give the equivalent in hectares, as has been the case for more than a decade.

          Wealth and Safety
          THE SUN today exposes the “Health and Safety” madness which is taking over Britain…Dogs have fallen foul of the PC brigade in Bradford, West Yorks, where city officials banned butchers from selling dog bones. Council bureaucrats warned butcher John Smith he faced losing his licence if he carried on selling them. The edict was based on a new EU regulation for food storage…

          Zealous officials ripped out a playground swing in Great Somerford, Wilts, because it was positioned too high according to new EU regulations…

          Recently it emerged that new EU laws were set to force trapeze artists and tightrope walkers to wear safety helmets while performing. Charles O’Brine, from Fossett’s Circus, said: “Can you imagine a flying trapeze artist with a hard hat on?” The measure was due to be introduced under regulations affecting people working at great heights…

          In Scotland, bagpipes recently faced the axe under rules to slash noise pollution. The EU proposal was intended to ban noises louder than 87 decibels…Officials have also targeted window cleaners and builders, claiming an EU directive required ladders to be securely anchored to the ground for safety reasons. The proposal meant that labourers would be banned from climbing a ladder while a mate held it steady.
          (The Sun, 2 August 2005)

          The Sun’s initiative to, in its own words, “Make PC Lunacy History”, would stand a greater chance of succeeding if the examples it uses of “‘Health and Safety’ madness” were not complete nonsense.

          Dog owners can still pick up a bone at the butchers. After the spread of mad cow disease, European health ministers took measures to prevent further outbreaks. Strict rules were introduced on the safe and traceable disposal of animal by-products (a major source of the disease’s outbreak), outlawing meat unsafe for human consumption from entering the food chain. Butchers can only sell products that are suitable for humans to eat – the rest must be classified as waste. The rules do not stop a butcher supplying bones to individual dog owners for their pet’s consumption, provided the bone had not already been thrown away, i.e. classified as waste.

          The swings story is not even correct in a roundabout sort of way. There are simply no EU regulations governing the height of playground equipment. The origin of this myth may have come from European Standard 1176-5, drawn up by the European Committee for Standardisation. This is a non-EU body made up of standards institutions from 28 countries, including the British Standards Institution. It sets guidelines for products in order to improve consumer safety, but these guidelines are entirely voluntary.

          Also on the subject of height, the EU is not “set to force trapeze artists and tightrope walkers to wear safety helmets while performing”, nor will builders be barred from holding a ladder steady for a mate. Between 2003-2004, 67 people died in the UK as a result of a fall in the workplace. The new laws on working at height aim to protect workers by improving the safety equipment at their disposal, but it is up to national authorities – in the UK’s case the Health and Safety Executive – to devise the implementing measures. It would be up to the HSE to make trapeze artists don hard hats (though how that would protect them from a fall so high is anybody’s guess) and ban builders from holding ladders. So far, it has not felt inclined to take these steps.

          As for banning bagpipes, Scots can rest assured that their favourite musical instrument is not under threat from EU proposals on noise pollution. While new measures will come into force next year, they are designed primarily for those who work with loud machinery for a sustained period – more than 87 decibels for eight hours in a row. The law, voted on by ministers and MEPs (including those from the UK), will from 2008 cover the entertainment industry, but will apply only to workers rather than audiences.

          If, in the highly unlikely event a bagpipe player is hired to play continuously for eight hours, and the noise created averaged more than 87 decibels, the employer would be obliged to carry out a risk assessment to see where changes can be made – tinkering with the acoustics in a hall to reduce echoes, for example. If that fails, personal protection such as earmuffs will need to be considered, but only as a last resort. Banning musical instruments is not an option. Guarding against hearing loss and stress, which sustained exposure to loud noise has been proven to cause, is the only thing in the pipeline here.

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