Born to Fail

Artist Lindsey Dearnley

It will take about 6 weeks to vaccinate all those over 80 and that is not fast enough. Doctors and nurses should be employed training (45) minutes lay people how to vaccinate and who not to. A procedure about as difficult as making a cup of coffee. Reinforcing lessons should be given hourly on TV and the net.

Once the Oxford Vaccine is available it should be available in GP surgeries, hospitals, chemists, supermarkets, markets, railway stations, churches, police stations, anywhere safe.

For a few weeks queues stretching out of thousands of buildings should be a common sight. If not we will know that Whitehall and the Department of Health has failed yet again.

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9 Comments on Born to Fail

  1. Some are saying 2020 has been the bloomin’ worst in livin’ memory.


    Well, there was Vietnam and Korea -essential wars, and their costs, to signal to wavering Europeans who thought that maybe inviting the USSR to take over Europe might a good thing.

    And there are those whose livin’ memories include 1939 – 1945.

    Oh and I, myself, have many memories of men and women who told me of their memories of 1914 – 1918, and the Boer Wars.

    And fact is, the virus is not the worst of the current attacks upon our well-being.

    Multiculturalism; open-borders to people will always be nett costs to nett productive tax-payer; the education dumb-down; the Big State; Big Media; extreme censorship of the costs of who does what violence to whom, and the non-educability and non-trainablility of certain groups; the welcoming of anti-Westernists and endorsement of their anti-Westernist activities after they arrive and are provided with free everything; the insistence that hurt feelings be remedied by government legislation, cash reparation payments and removal of statues…

    These insidious attacks upon the Western peoples all exceed the virus in their negative consequences.

    Yes, what I have said is well-known to SR readers.

    And what shall we do about it?

  2. As I thought for months past, the Government’s fear is lack of bodies not beds.
    The BMA Chairman says that Britain usually sees about 1000 new respiratory-related admissions a day this time of year; it is already close to double that for coronovirus alone (“Sunday Times”, 27 December). Thousands of NHS staff were off last week, either infected or self-isolating. The service was over 80,000 short even before the pandemic took hold.

    Our polyethnic “health service, admired worldwide like our police” (!!) lags far behind monoracial Switzerland pro rata in nurses and monoracial Latvia in doctors.

    Hope on the distant horizon…? Africa’s population, if things go as the UN statisticians expect, will double in 30 years and triple during the next 80 years, approximately one in three humans will be black. Britain will remain an inviting migration target; see e.g. Asfa-Wossen Asserate, “African Exodus” (2018) & Stephen Smith, “The Scramble for Europe” (2019). A blessing hardly disguised for “The Guardian” which editorialised: “Developed countries are facing the problems of ageing and declining populations…while Nigeria’s will almost quadruple….PLANNED and humane POPULATION MOVEMENT – avoiding the creation of permanent underclasses – could BENEFIT both growing and SHRINKING COUNTRIES….” (23 July 20).

    So just think how importing hundreds of thousands of young African men could provide us almost overnight with all the brain surgeons, junior doctors, medical scientists, GPs and sensitive carers that we need! The bind moggles.

  3. Civilian vaccinators?


    Now, my spies tell me that Meghan and Harry Sussex-Windsor seek ways to make ’emselves even more widely-loved and well-known, while doing good.

    Have this glorious couple repatriated asap from LA, as models for the UK’s New Jabbing Army.

  4. Would it were so simple, how long to learn to deal with anaphylaxis ? I`ve seen seasoned
    doctors break into a sweat when presented with such an emergency !

    • There are usually big notices up in vaccination clinics saying: ‘Are you on warfarin (a blood thinner) ? Do you carry an Epipen (an emergency antidote to anaphylaxis) or are you allergic to anything ? Have you a fever or a serious medical condition? The ideal of course would be an oral vaccine..but not yet or ever?

  5. Would a risk averse HMG nowadays consider the consequences of self injection Not the least being the vast numbers of lawsuits arising from a now largely illiterate, uncomprehending but pugnaciously litigious public, as they applied needles into every possible and available area of their epidermis?

    • Surely it would be alright for junkies to inject themselves as they do it at least three times a day anyway. And people with a certain type of diabetes. On the other hand why should they jump the queue?

  6. Or we could just accept this flu outbreak as normal, carry on and acquire community immunity in the normal manner.
    But there’s no need for politicians, mandarins and vast expenditure of the national resources in that approach.