Check your Black Privilege

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In Specsavers there was nothing to read except stuff about glasses, so I glanced over the walls with their brightly coloured posters. Perhaps my eyes needed testing but there seemed to be only young black faces up there and older couples; one white the other black or Asian. Black and brown faces outnumbered white by six to three, a strange ratio in a country where the ethnic population is only three per cent. All the couples looked blissful, but only seven percent of Britons are in interracial love-nests, nearly half of those with an ‘other white.’

Advertising chooses to reflect a reality which most of us don’t see. Thirty- seven per cent of commercials now stick in a black face for the sake of diversity. Ethnic minorities must be seen in every TV adverts and drama no matter how incongruous. They must also appear in disproportionate number in every walk of life. Even The Museum’s Association, a membership organisation for museum, gallery and ‘heritage’ professionals, is currently offering a hundred free places to their events for members who ‘face barriers due to ethnicity, disability, socio-economic background, gender identity or LGBTQ.’

‘We are passionate about delivering diversity and equality and recognise there is still more work to do in challenging barriers to entering and progressing in the museum sector,’ explained Yosola Olorunshola, who runs their web-site.

This skewed diversity imperative has entered all our institutions, even to the awarding of literary and art prizes. The origin of this topsy-turvy fantasy world has just been exposed in all its sham. Maths Professor Bryan Thwaites, 96, tried to leave a million pounds in his will to Dulwich and Winchester Colleges, where he was a scholarship boy, to assist white boys from poor homes. Only a third of them pass maths and English GCSE, below all other ethnic groups. He got short shrift.

The top schools replied that to accept his money would contravene the 2010 Equality Act, originally drafted by Harriet Harmon. Dulwich retorted that merit should be the only consideration for scholarships. Yet none of that applied to rap star Stormzy last August when he funded scholarships at Cambridge University for black British students.

Trevor Phillips, former chairman of the Equalities Commission, took Sir Bryan’s side, but expressed this support in terms which no white man could use about another race.

‘I doubt that I’ll ever work out,’ he said, ‘why the British appear untroubled that so many of their children emerge from over a decade of expensive, compulsory education with scarcely more in the way of literacy and numeracy than the average Neanderthal.’

The British, by which I think he meant white, are not ‘untroubled,’ by their ‘Neanderthals.’ The middle-classes often move house to get their children into schools well away from ethnic minorities and poor white kids, but they would rather die than admit their motive. This leaves a white under class struggling in sink schools where they are often in the minority, and seeing they have no choice or aspiration, just accept their lot.

Phillips gave us a wonderful truth about white ‘Neanderthals’ but no one, even in news reports, ever mentions the ethnic identity of black boys even though extraordinary numbers of them have given up mugging white people in favour of stabbing each other to death on our streets. The very language used by black and white is different; careless use of the term ‘coloured’ rather than ‘of colour’ can wreck a flourishing white career, yet the racist term ‘gammon’ for white men, is hurled about freely by proud ‘anti-racists.’

As black man, Trevor Phillips OBE, unlike Sir Bryan, is not up against the 2010 Equality Act. He is right over what he has called, the, ‘Be Kind to Blacks Act,’ but it doesn’t hurt him the way it does his white fellow citizens.

First developed in 2005 by Labour’s ‘Govt Equalities Office,’ following an ‘equal treatment directive’ from the EU, it was known as ‘Harman’s Law,’ and turned a raft of social and race legislation into a catch-all ‘equalities’ bill. In one crass stroke this privileged black, Asian and other minority groups over the white majority.

As ‘Harman’s Law,’ went through, agreed by the new Coalition Government, Polly Toynbee called it ‘Labour’s ‘biggest idea,’ ‘a public-sector duty to tackle the class divide in a way that no other policy has. This new duty to narrow the gap would permeate every aspect of government policy. Its possible ramifications are mind-bogglingly immense.’ It was also called ‘Socialism in one clause.’

The effect has been mind-bogglingly destructive, permeating all aspects of society. For the first time it listed ‘Privileged characteristics’; age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy, race, religion, sex and sexual orientation. That quickly came to mean black or Asian not white, and religion meant Islam. This drastic social engineering festers at the heart of identity politics, the most divisive rather than inclusive poison running through our society.

Rather than harmony, Harman created a such a distortion that many suspect diversity isn’t just about black faces being made more visible but white faces disappearing. Not so much all must have prizes but that whites must be seen to fail.

Underlying this identarian quagmire is the failure of state education which has not just destroyed the lives of white working- class boys, but halted the social mobility we should all have enjoyed, and dissolved any possibility of ‘meritocracy,’ which the great and the good at Dulwich cosily pretend exists. Surely it has also reduced our national ability to think and talk with reason and clarity.

It’s less than twenty days since the last election, but this dispute between an old man  trying to help the most disadvantaged children in Britain pitted against others keen to manipulate the idea of ‘protected status,’ exposes the fantasy world of socialism, where minorities in the UK triumph over their hated colonial oppressors with the cudgel of crude legislation.

In local shops, watching TV, visiting the theatre or art gallery, or listening to TV or radio news, it often seems that the hypocrisy and complacency has let the socialists win after all.

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  1. Andrew, I have a house on the delightful Wirral peninsula but fortunate to also have a house in France where I can enjoy the ‘toys’ that people like you have deprived me from having in England. Your foam-flecked poisonous comments reflect the very criticisms I have made of today’s Britain. Yes, Stratford was a ‘shit-hole’ as you choose to call it but not due to the inhabitants; it was from German bombs and post-war (real) austerity complete with rationing of goods and food but no dope peddling or daily stabbings.

  2. Dear Andrew. Try telling that to the relatives of the victims of the 7/7 Muslim bombings, the Manchester Arena Muslim terrorist attack, and the killers of Lea Rigby.

    • I’m just going to gloss over your hypocrisy objecting to foreigners living here while you’re happy to tell us you lived abroad.

      A white British doctor killed more than all of those events combined, not that we should get into that kind of tit for tat.

      As an opposer of brexit I’d be more worried about white supremacists such as the one who murdered an MP and that we know are increasingly empowered.

      As it happens I also lived at Maryland and on the Romford Road at different times in the 80s, and in fact was back in the area last month. If you think the centre of Stratford today isn’t infinitely preferable to the shit hole it was even then, then there really is no hope for you. Do you really feel more threatened walking down Green Street today, over when the ICF were terrorising visiting football fans? Stay in France with your toys – if they let you.

      I’m increasingly mystified how just 3% of the population has rendered the entire country seemingly not recognisably English any more. Who’s paranoid?

  3. I think that Andrew is missing the point here. In general, those who are under the age of 30 have bought into the multicultural doctrine which has been inculcated into them through several means and, as these younger people fill jobs of influence, they automatically impart their general mindset of an ideal Britain, buttressed by a daily affirmation of their liberal-left attitudes through T.V. and radio, which in every walk of life propagates the social model conceived by the stealth-revolution political elites who have gained power through the battalions of their foot-soldiers in education and the media. The problems that mass-immigration and multiculturalism has brought to Britain is probably seen by the young as the price for transforming an ‘insular and bigoted’ indigenous people to the bright new utopia they envisage.

    • Jesus Christ that’s a lot of verbal diarrhoea!

      On the whole I think “those who are under the age of 30” get very little of their information and influences through T.V. and radio any more. Just how deep in the sand has your head been buried these last 30 years? If it’s even the sand.

      Columnist Jane opines that the ethnic population is “only” 3% – her word, which in attempting to criticise the sheer number of black faces forced on her by those posters also throws into sharp relief just how ridiculous your claims of cultural suffocation are.

      Culturally, I no more feel I have to ’embrace’ islam than I ever did christianity, however much that was forced on me at school, and still is on TV and radio. In fact, the baptists from the church at one end of my street regularly ring my doorbell to try to tell me their truth about Jesus, while the muslims at the islamic centre at the other end completely mind their own business.

      Frankly, only the simple minded need ever be worried about anybody of a different culture sharing the same land.

      • Dear Andrew. You may be irritated by polite Christians ringing your doorbell but you can rest easy that they won’t murder you for not believing.

        • Having asked them not to do so, I think it’s very impolite to carry on regardless.

          I am 100% confident the muslims won’t kill me for not believing.

          Your characterisation of all christians as “polite” and all muslims as murderers is telling. I see you’ve been brainwashed by the loony right wing British press.

          • Of course they won’t kill you, but try being an unbeliever in Pakistan or similar places. In a recent case (one of numberless similar ones) a man and woman, Christians, were burned alive while their children were made to watch. No one arrested as it is not a crime – the scripture is quite clear on that.
            Stand by to hear British Muslims condemn such behaviour, demand the building of churches and synagogues in 57 Muslim states where there are none, and press for Christian education and morality.

      • What era were you in school? I was of the late 1960’s through 1970’s and parents could request you be removed from religious assemblies. So no need for any enforcement.

        You write:
        Frankly, only the simple minded need ever be worried about anybody of a different culture sharing the same land.

        Are you sure about that? Well what happens when the host culture/natives become less in numbers? What happens when another culture more vigorous dominates?
        What happens when several different cultures/people start to push for dominance of their culture and perceived right to be top dog?

        I’ve lived in many areas of this Country, I’ve seen it happen and I’m now in an area full of, and filling up with those who once shared your views and who believed themselves superior to us “knuckle dragging racists”
        Some still shout their devotion to multi culti and diversity but from the safety of a nice English town. They still look down their nose at you but the truth is there.
        Then there are those who openly tell you why they left London.

        No one is talking about the individual immigrant they encounter along the way, but the wholesale change that has taken place here without any consideration. People will take issue, and have a right to, no matter how many laws are passed and no matter how much scorn or ridicule poured on them

        If you believe all that has happened here could happen elsewhere without any recourse, because everyone else everywhere else is more understanding and tolerant and have thrown off the backward ignorance of cultural and ethnic identity in the land of their ancestors, then you are exceptionally naive.

        • Dear Michelle. Amen to your comments. I was born inn1943 and lived in Manor Park (now Newham) Barking and Ilford (in Essex at that time) until 1957 when my father built his own house in Loughton Essex and I lived there until 1965 when I sold my beautiful 1955 AC Ace I had bought for £350 18 months earlier to work for 6 years in Canada and then to Westcliff-on-Sea when I started my own business in late 1973 just before the myriad of strikes, the three-day week, rationed electricity, and rampant inflation! I struggled through and thought that the sunny uplands would continue after Margaret Thatcher dealt with those evils but then the Blair Creature and his acolytes -John Major and David Cameron – brought us a new crop of problems with a much changed Britain. Manor Park, Barking, Leytonstone, Leyton, and Wanstead – engulfed by greater London – is now mostly foreign to the English as are many other hitherto recognisable English areas in Britain. In 1957 – still a schoolboy – I bought a secondhand 12-bore double-barrelled shotgun from a junk-shop in East Ham (he had several in the shop) for 15 bob as it had a crack in the stock. It was a perfectly functioning gun and I walked home with it over my arm down East Ham High Street with no one taking a blind bit of notice. It was an England where paranoia, envy, and mistrust in your fellow man was virtually unknown and the local policeman was able to make a sensible judgment instead of a mandatory arrest or fine. In today’s Britain, people have been shot by a paramilitary police ‘armed response unit’ for having been reported by a paranoid citizen for having a ‘firearm’ in public which turns out to be a toy; I own and shoot guns now – but in France of course where paranoia over such things is absent. Which era and make-up of society in Britain would you prefer? Only those who have lived both can judge truthfully.

  4. “Advertising chooses to reflect a reality which most of us don’t see. Thirty- seven per cent of commercials now stick in a black face for the sake of diversity. Ethnic minorities must be seen in every TV adverts and drama no matter how incongruous”

    No, advertising tries to sell you stuff. Putting aside for a second the ludicrous notion that most advertising reflects any kind of reality (white haired old men sitting on the moon? Russian speaking meerkats?), or that anybody should pay any heed to your obvious racial prejudice when designing their advertisements (or posters etc. that you refer to), there’s an obvious flaw in your objection to anything other than a precise mathematical determination of the number of non-white faces allowed. Any fewer than 34 faces would mean even a single “incongruous” black one would exceed your 3% allowance, unless you allow the correct fraction of said face to be obscured, or perhaps ‘whited out’.

    It’s a bit ridiculous really. At the end of the day, if their advertising didn’t work, they’d change it.

    Jane, why is the colour of the person’s face the first thing that you see? Doesn’t the fact they appear “blissful” mean anything?

    Can’t you just see a person, rather than a black person. They might even be more like you than most white people, like the same music, food, authors, art and so on. In the end, we’re all just human beings, and anthropology tells us there’s not more than about 5000 generations between any two of us on the planet.

    You might find you’d be happier, instead of grumbling about something as entirely inconsequential as this and writing lengthy diatribes to try to impress in what must be the smallest echo chamber on the entire internet.

    • Jane, why is the colour of the person’s face the first thing that you see? Doesn’t the fact they appear “blissful” mean anything?

      Can’t you just see a person, rather than a black person.

      Well this is a question that could be put to the many who lobby for more and more BAME quota’s in everything. Why do it if it doesn’t matter, or can it only matter to certain people and not others.
      Sharon White the former head of Ofcom delivered a speech about diversity in TV not improving fast enough.
      What’s the rush? If it shouldn’t matter for one it shouldn’t matter to another surely.

      While there is no actual law as such I believe demanding X amount of types of people appearing over and above any others there seems a lot of fearsome and prolific lobbying for such in all areas.

      • “this is a question that could be put to the many who lobby for more and more BAME quota’s in everything. Why do it if it doesn’t matter, or can it only matter to certain people and not others.”

        Because it’s counteracting the discrimination against individuals because of their ethnicity, rather than their being allowed to be considered on their achievements.

    • The large number of TV adverts which present exclusively or almost entirely “Black” (far other ethnic minorities) in disproportionate representation of population numbers is MEANT to be noticed by viewers, or this relatively new phenomenon would not exist. An unintentionally amusing feature is the “Black” market for fast-food. Another feature in adverts for e.g. bedroom furniture is the frequent Black man & White woman combination.

  5. Equality isn’t now and never was the intent,it’s just a nice sounding word that gives a softer edge to what has been forced upon us.
    Where is the equality in everything having to be inclusive from our side of the fence, and yet minority groups can and often do claim “cultural appropriation” to safe guard their identity and culture. All backed up and encouraged of course by politicians of all stripes and the mainstream media/arts world.

    Why should the history, heritage and culture of millions of people who have their ancestry of centuries and therefore their very essence bound up in this Nation, be just another group standing in line hoping for crumbs to be thrown from the progressives table. Why should they move along and make way for others to be slotted in to everything to tell a different “modern Britain” story to satisfy those who seem to think it a good idea.

    The author points out a blatant example of where this is all leading to, (and many warned decades ago of such things becoming the norm) in her example of the financial aid for education, Thwaites versus Stormzy and there is no shock in that outcome and of course no huge debate in the mainstream media about such, and neither would I expect today’s politicians to do much about it either.

  6. What puzzles those of in Asia watching what is happening to your country is the that those in the vanguard of the army bent on destroying Western civilization are predominantly white people.

    What also puzzles us is the way in which the imposition on you of the dogma of compulsory diversity does not extend to diversity of thinking and viewpoint.

    • The “race, gender, class” revolution initiated in the mid-1960s USA has been spread deliberately and incrementally across the western world, one of its successes being the UK Equality Act. The main object has been to paralyse resistance to global socialism, with non-western immigration – what Lord Elton identified as “unarmed invasion” when it was legal to do so – as part of the process. “English nativism” is opposed as “racism”, and an endless influx from all over the world and territorial occupation is ironically labelled as “anti-colonial”. The well-funded BLM movement and its organised direct action is the latest development. Oswald Spengler predicted it as a phenomenon of western decline in the final chapter of “Hour of Decision” (1933).

  7. Jane says: “Maths Professor Bryan Thwaites, 96, tried to leave a million pounds in his will to Dulwich and Winchester Colleges…”

    I’m trying to remember – wasn’t P.G. Wodehouse a Dulwich boy?

      • I probably have most of his stories, some just Penguin paperbacks – but with those very fine Ionicus cover illustrations – and some other fine Folio editions. Guessing entirely from memory, not going into the bowels of my basement to look for it, was not his very first book called “Tales of St Austins” published in 1914, presumably based on his Dulwich recollections?

  8. Can I add this: if I was to say what I think about Diversity, Inclusivity and Equality (“D.I.E”), I would be dead struck off the rolls of my profession. In fact, in 2019, I was required to take a one hour online DIE course, supposedly monitored by my profession’s admin department, but I pressed the mute button and watched porn instead (joke!).

    Now I’m retiring. Does that make me free to speak my piece? No, it does not. Aside from the fact that human rights legislation threatens conservatives who speak their piece by awarding heavy fines against them for even civilized good faith critiques of DIE, like most of us I have children in the early-to-middle years of their employments, who will also be harmed if it becomes known their father is antediluvian. [“Oh, so your the son of johnhenry, who I’ve just Googled and found out to be an islamaphobic, transphobic homophobe? NEXT!]… not to mention fascist progressives who might think nothing of breaking my childrens’ windows and slashing their tires.

    It’s one thing to Fight the Good Fight and bear the consequences. It’s a different thing to expect our families to bear those consequences, when they didn’t volunteer to fight our battles and which they may find secondary to their own lives.

    • So, johnhenry, allow me to check that I have understood correctly: speaking out against DIE etc. in modern Britain, even if using rational, civilized argument (e.g. the propositions that diversity is acceptable so long as it is the result of a voluntary choice, the argument that diversity does not always result in better outcomes, and includes the right to hold a diversity of opinion too) could well lead to persecution (or worse) of one’s relatives and descendants as well?

      • Sheilagh: I posted a reply to your above (5:17 a.m.) comment yesterday. Don’t think that I ignored it, but it’s still, after 12+ hours, “awaiting moderation” whilst Jane Kelly finishes knitting a winter coat for her Shih Tzu. Either that or I used too many links (three) in it, which is always a worry for websites concerned with spam and other things.

    • Indeed, Derek. Oscar Parland, a Finnish psychiatrist (his day job) and man of letters, and his family fled St Petersburg – in 1914 actually – and moved to a village in Finland bearing my family name, living there all year round until 1919, never returning to what was to become the USSR in 1922.

      There is nothing wrong being an escapist when one weighs the alternatives and decides, without cowardice, that resistance, in the short-to -medium term is futile, which I submit is where we now stand in the Anglosphere and in Europe.

      Save the ammunition and live to fight another day.

  9. Oh Jane: just give it up. You’re younger than me (and look it) but why spend the rest of your youth obsessing about what you can do absolutely nothing about? The world is unfolding exactly as it should, which is not to say I like it, but I’ve decided to let the world pass me by and spend the rest of my days reading all the thousands of books I’ve amassed over a lifetime rather than gnashing my teeth (which I still have). Find a good man and plant some flowers. There’s a good girl.

    • Bet if that happened to YOUR daughter or sister or mother you wouldnt be so bloody smug.
      Jane Kelly has EVERY RIGHT to talk about what happened to her..though her experience has obviously interrupted your excuse for a life..

  10. Politicians come and go but TV journalists seem to hang around, shaping opinion, long after they have overstayed their welcome. When are we going to see the last of Andrew Marr, Emily Maitlis, Robert Peston and Nick Robinson? How much more David Attenborough do we have to stomach?

    Then there are those perennial commentators who get airtime on just about every political discussion show. We all have to make a living but does every event require the insight of Rachel Shabi, Ash Sarkar, Owen Jones and Ayesha Hazarika? Their views are so fixed they might just as well provide a written statement.

    The Conservatives may have Parliament but the Left liberals have the broadcast media and that power to inform, misinform or disinform is enormous.

      • Sorry, E O Anthropus, but I don’t think scrapping the licence fee would break the Left liberal stranglehold on Britain’s broadcast media. It goes further than just the BBC.

        People talk about the media bubble but just think about what that bubble consists of. Not only the “front of house” celebrity journalists and reporters but all the backroom production staff, technicians, researchers and administrators. There is what amounts to a kind of close-knit London based community of ambitious careerists with a limited range of potential employers.

        With much competition from young graduates eager to get a foothold in the creative industries it is important always to keep a keen eye on future career prospects – politics must be kept in line with those of the employers. Then there is the question of peer group pressure – if you work in the elite world of television who are you most likely to socialise with? And of course, failure to show hearty enthusiasm for politically correct beliefs can seriously damage your career. It all sounds to me like a breeding ground for workplace conformity.

        If you can see any substantial difference in the world view promoted by the news services of the BBC, Sky News, ITV and C4 please let me know.

        • You make am excellent observation and point Mana in London. The Gramsci inspired plan for the ‘long march’ through the institutions instigated by Anthony Crossland, Roy Jenkins, and Shirley Williams has matured into todays poisonous establishment and only a concerted ‘long march’ to reinstate a confident true conservative and patriotic (of all political persuasions) society in Britain can this ghastly P.C. Intern style tyranny be rolled back. The age-old problem is that conservatism is a tolerant broad church whereas Marxism – in all its guises – is a ruthless and intolerant dogma and, therefore, not an easy foe to overcome.

          • Revolutions are often swift&unexpected.
            Just like the recent election,though not particularly swift,the resukt was most definitely UNEXPECTED.
            Its not wild to think we’re seeing a pushback…right now!
            The intention to outlaw BDS is an ‘unexpected’ example.

  11. Xxxxx,
    Not one to ignore a good stereotype are you? You would make a good companion for The Banter Merchant. Always the naughty swear-words in the last sentence, just as you run out of “ideas”.

  12. Defining Britishness or any other nationality-based culture is tricky and attempts are easy targets for the ignorant and today’s young. It’s like distinguishing the Aphrodite painting, or the dancing in Mayerling, from pornography: we know it when we see it, but not always with clarity and rationality. Some recent incomers seem obviously at home here – Poles and Indians for example. I sometimes think the Indians are more British than us indigenous whiteys – though my family have only been here since 1875 and would be in America if they hadn’t been tricked into leaving the boat in Liverpool.

    Jane’s and Derek’s points draw attention to something discovered on canvassing – and that is that many people who have never voted Tory did so because they thought the establishment and the Left were forcing them to accept changes while denying that they were changes, and also lying to them about what they knew was happening around them. The BBC like the rest of the MSM has covered up the Asian rape gangs for example, the trials of which run to 100s and continue in my part of the country. Labour has identified itself with Muslim grievances, spurious of course, even to the extent of its blunder over Kashmir. That’s one reason for its losses in the GE. Labour has two parents – non-conformist Christianity and (vicious, failed) Marxism. It needs to revive the former

  13. I have noticed that on the BBC website ‘Sounds’, the listings for the day show a heavy and disproportionate slant to black/Asian culture, personalities, drama, etc. with a black face usually leering out from the accompanying posting. I have all-but ceased listening to BBC radio as the liberal-left propaganda is relentless. As if that is not enough, the on-line BBC service is now a complete disaster since a ‘wonk’ had to rehash the perfectly well functioning BBC i-player site. The ‘wonk’, who started his every sentence with ‘so’ —, on the feedback program defended the change against an avalanche of listeners complaints (when you can actually get through to lodge a complaint) from the hitherto perfectly well functioning BBC i-player. Will there ever be a fightback by influential people against the deliberate dismantling of England as a culture and identity? Charles Moore was granted a rare opportunity to land a stinging criticism on the smug, biased, and self-regarding BBC on their flagship ‘Today’ program which I’m sure caused some spilt latte coffee in the BBC studios. The referendum vote on Brexit was a cry of ‘enough!’ but the liberal-left are still in power and in control of all aspects of national direction. A recent sign of the times was when I read that the ‘civil partnership’ is now available for ‘mixed-sex’ couples!!! Are you getting that?! mixed-sex!! – not heterosexual. Neither George Orwell or Aldous Huxley saw that one coming.

    • “a black face usually leering out”

      Oh my god, how utterly terrifying that must be for you! Have a little lie down and perhaps a cup of tea. Hopefully you’ll feel better.

      Incidentally, just what aspect of England as “a” culture and identity has been dismantled? Is it Millwall supporters? Glyndebourne patrons? Perhaps Morris dancers? Proper old east end gangsters (you know, the white ones that have frequently been glorified)? Which are you?

      Charles Moore was talking crap, which was immediately pointed out to him. He didn’t really want to listen.

      • And when did our hero last see a Morris Dancer? And no need to point out that anyone who disagrees with you talks rubbish – they all do. Millwall supporters, the usual culprits, Glyndebourne patrons and East End Gangsters will all be happy to be lumped together as opponents of the orthodox.

        • “And when did our hero last see a Morris Dancer?”

          I have no interest in it, and have only ever seen it once.

          A more pertinent question would be: Why have you been forced to stop?

        • He made an idiotic comment about the BBC preaching over Brexit and climate change, probably because he heard something he disagreed with.

          Oddly, he didn’t complain about preaching when the beeb repeatedly showed Johnson chanting “Get Brexit done”, “Get Brexit done”, “Get Brexit done”, “Get Brexit done”, “Get Brexit done”.

    • Itsxgoing to have to be taken back from them..piece by piece.
      Charles Moore was fearless in the lions den.
      Douglas Murray,among others,is another to watch&support

    • The sudden over-exposure of non-white faces appearing not just on TV& throughout media..information posters permeate ALL local govt premises, health centres libraries.
      Its also an EU project after they ‘had a word’ regarding the new religiin ‘diversity’with broadcasters THROUGHOUT EU..could be wrong, but think it started in Finland

      • Dear Peter. Yes, and I have read Douglas Murray’s book – The Strange Death of Europe – along with others on a similar theme. He and David Starkey are excellent in propagating the conservative view as they are very intelligent and good orators. In addition, being self-proclaimed homosexuals makes them fire-proof from spurious accusations of bigotry from left-wing agitators. As you say, little-by-little is the only way but having a voice where it counts is limited as the main-stream media is dominated by left-liberal people. However, the on-line voice has widespread access and on-line magazines like ‘Spiked’ are excellent and carry a strong message of reason against the power of T.V. and radio. LBC radio has made an impact too. A beacon to us all is Nigel Farage’s tireless efforts over more than 20 years to achieve a referendum on E.U. membership which, at times, seemed impossible. Leaving the E.U. is the biggest step forward in the fight to regain England as something like we knew it and, as Churchill said, “it’s the end of the beginning”.

        • “England as something like we knew it” – not if we replace our Saxon, Norman and Celtic relatives with Chinese, Africans and Arabs. Instead of replacing Brussels with Beijing, we now face the idea of moving Hong Kong into the ancestral homeland of the English people.