Chinese takeaway our Nuclear Power

One Million Vanished into Chinese Forced Labour Camps

It seems that the Johnson government is getting cold feet about Chinese involvement in the building of Britain’s new nuclear power stations, whereby China puts up a share of the money for Hinkley Point C and Sizewell (whose reactors are being designed and built by EDF of France), and then build their own (Chinese) reactor at Bradwell in Essex. The deal is the legacy of the Cameron-Osborne ‘golden age’ trade deal with China.

Johnson has no problem with selling strategic national assets to the Chinese or letting them manage our strategic infrastructure. The last significant British manufacturer of microchips, Newport Wafer Fab, has just been sold off to them, and it was only American pressure that forced a U-turn over involving Huawei in Britain’s 5G network. The Chinese are now the major funders of high-tech start-ups in Britain. British steel was acquired by the Chinese last year. Our innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology flow one-way through a virtual pipeline direct to Beijing. No problem at all.

It is just that, according to Whitehall sources last week, the government is concerned that the building of a controlled nuclear bomb (which is essentially what a nuclear reactor is) by the Chinese 30 miles from London might be ‘politically unpalatable’. In other words, it might look bad. The public might just get the idea that Johnson and his friends care nothing for the national interest or our national security; that their sole interest is in the profits, share dividends, consultancy fees and kickbacks that are generated in the City of London – that is, to them and their friends – by the sell-off of our assets, often to private equity firms with anonymous funders. And no-one wants that. The problem is that if the Chinese do not put up the money, the British government may have to instead, and it is already mortgaged to the hilt with record borrowing. We await with interest to see how they square the circle on this one.  

Yes, the Chinese have played the long game and played it well, dumping under-priced manufactures on world markets, running huge trade surpluses (which are mirrored in other countries’ deficits), and using their foreign currency earnings to buy up strategic foreign assets via the so-called Belt and Road Initiative. Revenge for the humiliation of the Opium Wars cannot be far off and it will be sweet.

The Australian experience of Chinese investment ought to have been a warning to us. Last year, the CCP’s flagship news daily the Global Times memorably described Australia as ‘chewing gum on China’s boot’, and all because Australia dared call for an independent inquiry into the origin of the pandemic. But Johnson, a declared ‘Sinophile’ – what is there not to like about Chinese money? – is keen for normal trading relations to resume.

Never mind belt and road. It is bondage, and we are the willing victim. 

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15 Comments on Chinese takeaway our Nuclear Power

  1. The government can spend uncounted hundred of millions on fast food subsidies like ‘eat out to help out’. But the government can’t find the money to fund its own nuclear power stations. I don’t believe the money isn’t there, I believe that the govenment’s priorities are utterly remiss.

  2. On the topic of the Chinese menu, I suppose Variant Lambda will be a very hard one to manage, as will all future variants, increasingly. Clever, these variants of this particular virus. One could think that a large dose of artificial intelligence -that is, a product of the computer-combined intelligence/knowledge of many very intelligent/knowledgable human beings- had somehow got involved with a virus that came from a bat or something.

    Anyway, be a hard job being a non-Chinese, esp Western, politician these days, realising that the Future Variants will be increasing virulent and that most Westerners, esp in the Anglosphere, do not like bad news regarding risks to their health&safety.

    • I suggest you keep your eye on the Arizona audit. i repeat my earlier point which you failed to address at the time, namely . Article II. Section 1. Clause 2 – “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, …” It is factually correct that certain states breached this provision in the constitution to change the election law. As a direct consequence it can be shown that enough votes to change the election result were illegal. The supreme court did not hear the evidence but should have.
      The constitutional issue is in addition to the vote rigging being investigated by the audit. America is in the grip of a Marxist take over which gravely threatens the future of the west in general. Some call it American Marxism (Suggested reading under that title by Mark Levin – currently number 1 NYT book list). This take over is being orchestrated by The Democrat Party, mainstream media and big tech. Closely backed up by big pharma (Covid lies/misinformation) and all major institutions of the state including now, to some extent the, military and intelligence services.
      I can see no way out of this other than for Republicans to purge RINO from the party, win in the mid terms and for a return of Donald Trump in ’24.

  3. No mention of your preferred leader on the world stage, Mr Miller? The dementia party “leading” the free world doing a great job aren’t they? Oh yes, just great.
    Missing Donald Trump yet are we? After the shambles in Afghanistan (oh I know, Trump started it didn’t he – yeah right) what’s next? China invades Taiwan? Watch this space. Trump would have messed that up too I suppose, would he – yeah right.
    You anti Trump people (along with the entire “conservative” party it seems) are all naïve fools

  4. Over a million Chinese are coming from Hong Kong and the churches are lined up to accommodate their desires (Sunday Telegraph, 15 August). What about all the other millions, Christians or not, who would prefer to live in England than where they are now, but can reach the coast or the airports, or pay the people-traffickers? Shouldn’t we GO AND GET THEM ALL and bring them to safety and welfare, as a previous Progressive Christian vicar in a Norfolk parish suggested some time ago? Isn’t that what “Our Lord” – a black man, according to the Archbishop of York – would have wanted? Anyway, why shouldn’t the world buy up Britain’s industry and farmland – isn’t that what “diversity,inclusion, equality” mean if we are to have a TRULY non-racist, multi-cultural, multi-faith (or none) society?

  5. I can recall a time when Britain led the world in atomic power and had more of it than the rest of the world put together. Now, we must import this expertise.

    If we can’t succeed in high- tech area like this, what on earth is this country to live on?
    We can’t rely on paper shuffling in the City and elsewhere, a lot of it parasitical on industries we no longer have.

    • The last reactors Britain built (in the 80s) were of its Advanced Gas Cooled (Magnox) design, incorporating major design improvements on the previous generation, and the most advanced in the world. They are still doing good service. Sadly, electricity privatization marked the end of our civilian nuclear power industry.
      However, Rolls Royce has expertise through building the pressurized water reactors for our nuclear submarines, and is currently seeking financial backing for the development of a new generation of ‘small modular reactors’.
      I wonder which Chinese-funded US private equity firm will step forward with the funding?

    • The UK government has taken an incalculable number of wrong turnings, decisions with unintended (?) disastrous results, white elephant investments, short-term gimmicks, from 1929 onwards, including the risk of German occupation in 1940-1941 because of a war-declaration bluff without adequate preliminary defence preparations. The list of major and minor, sadly mostly predictable, mistakes, from suicidal foreign adventures and carriers-without-aircraft to “comprehensive” schools and farmland mismanagement, is extraordinarily extensive. Failing to develop oil from still-workable coal seams and wasting the providental accident of north sea oil, closing the Blue Streak experiment and withdrawing from space exploration, ignoring the Royal Commission on Population warning against immigrants of “different race or religion”, honours for rogues, HS2, the destruction of our best universities by illiteracy, crap degrees and woke indoctrination, &c. From zenith to zero in 100 years. The great nation of England – yes, it DID exist – turned into a dirty, mob-drunken, crime-ridden, disability-idolising, Afro-Asian-Mulatto “society”, with both its ruins and few remaining assets controlled by assorted aliens, and its demographically dwindling native youth on drugs, rap-gig and social media addiction, taught to despise what little they are told of their ancestors…but all jumping with delight, with the A* confetti as a passport to expensive but rubbish courses at Yoony. However, we are getting a $100m Holocaust Museum stuck next to Parliament to tell the Brits henceforth to combine Wokeism with Zionism, in perpetual reparation for our centuries of zenophobia, colonialism, racism, antisemitism and snobbery.

  6. Yes, this article sounds the right alarm. The news/opinion media parrot stories about the great military threat from China. But the last thing the CCP wants is a shooting war. To feed its teeming billions, China must control imports of vast quantities of food and other reaw materials and export vast amounts of manufactured goods -for the cash to buy the imports. And all of this requires no shooting wars.

    And to secure the right terms of trade, CCP agents have infiltrated all institutions of all of non-China. This is very obvious -esp in the Anglosphere and much of the rest of the West, but also on all continents. (See Africa, Middle Asia and South America.)

    And what farce: The West is fast installing solar and wind “renewable” energy infrastructure. Almost all of this is manufactured by use of low-efficiency fossil-fuel-generated electricity in China and India. But such arrangements cause great happiness for naive -that is, supremely ignorant- Western idealists (and their husbands, some of whom are prime ministers) and the many Western middlemen who scoop up subsidies funded by the fast-declining Western striving producer classes, and the Western bankers and lawyers who make the deals.

    • Large, coal fired power generation is highly efficient and 24/7 continuous power. Wind generators and especially photovoltaic wafers are very inefficient, and not 24/7 continuous power.

      • PM -yes. Now, extant fossil-fuel systems range from high to low in efficiency. China and India typically use low-efficiency designs. Meanwhile, I am all for fossil fuel systems generally. And yes, it is clear that the “renewable” systems are not only inadequate in reliability, but their full life-cycle costs exceed that of fossil-fuel systems. Proponents claim that new storage technology (batteries of some kind) will fix problems of reliability. But the costs of total life-cycle infrastructive, tangible and intangible, technical and political, of “renewables” are not only ignored, they are deliberately hidden.

      • Furthermore – we only emit 1% carbon against the 60% of China, the USA, and India.- none of whom have any intention of reducing it substantially. Why are we beating up on ourselves to reach this ridiculous zero carbon neutral Nirvana?