Do you suffer from migratism ? Will there be clinics for it ?

Six years ago, in a lovely part of Tuscany, there was some tension between my married friends, an English solicitor and his Albanian wife. She was obviously miffed about something but every time she started telling me about it he hoved into view. They united as a couple, against me, during a conversation about mushrooms. We’d picked some for tea and I mentioned raids on English woods by foreign gangs and similar depredations on Kent oyster beds.

He dismissed the stories as racist poppycock and I couldn’t have been more unpopular if I’d mentioned Rochdale grooming gangs or foreign criminals avoiding deportation. When they saw me off at the ferry, I knew I wouldn’t be invited back.

Their objection to any mention of fungi theft was explained, well almost, in the latest Private Eye Pseud’s Corner, in an extract from a lecture at Loughborough University: ‘Othering Mushrooms; Migratism & its racist entanglements in the Brexit Campaign. Deploying the ambivalence of mushrooms in the cultural imagination as an analytical lens, and drawing from Sarah Ahmed’s (2010) theorization (sic) of ‘othering’ as an embodied process, the presentation examines the Brexit campaign’s migratism and its racist entanglements.’

Their suspicions about me were correct; I worry about mushroom theft aka I am a racist, a Brexiteer and other words I’ve not read before:   

‘Dr Lenka Vrablikova argues that research on how forests, mushrooms and their foragers have figured in the formation of white hetereopatriarchy is vital for contesting the re-emergence of right-wing populism that, in Europe, is exemplified by events such as Brexit.’

Since 2014 the Guardian and the Daily Express have reported on the destruction of our mushroom crops. Two years ago, there was a report that the City of London Corporation, which manages Epping Forest where there are 1,600 fungi species across six thousand acres, is greatly concerned that the area’s biodiversity is threatened by foreign foraging gangs which regularly harvest huge numbers of fungi on an industrial scale. These are sold illegally to London restaurants for high prices. According to Graeme Doshi-Smith, chairman of the corporation’s Commons Committee, ‘Hoovering up fungi on a large scale is ecologically damaging and is simply unsustainable.’

In her online CV Dr Lenka Vrablikova described her work: ‘During this Postdoctoral fellowship, I focused on developing existing scholarship as well as initiating new collaborative research projects in feminist thought and practice, connecting research conducted at the School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies with other spaces of feminist scholarship around the world. In particular, this includes research projects by ن سوي ةال قرائ ات ش ب كة /Sdružení feministických čtení/Feminist Readings Network and ‘A feminist Space at Leeds’, a research collective initiated at the School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies in 2017, as well as a research project with Dr Elspeth Mitchell (Louborough University), which interrogates feminist academic work through the practice of feminist reading and mushroom hunting.’

(Amid this display of brilliance she might have spelled Loughborough correctly) Her theory on the ‘cultural significance of mushrooms’ is based on previous work by Rd. Sara Ahmed, from the University of Surrey.

Ahmed, who wears a Niqab, is Assistant Professor in Organisational ‘Behaviours,’ (sic) and HRM, PhD, MSc. BA, FHEA, MCIPD. She was the worthy winner of the 2015, ‘Remarkable Brunel Women Award,’ and a British Academy/Leverhulme research grant award worth £10k.

This doesn’t seem to be a hoax, on the lines of Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay in the US who submitted twenty absurd academic papers to journals of Sociology and got almost all of them published. Success in academia does now partly rest on inventing clumsy, sententious neologisms such as ‘migratism,’ and ‘othering,’ to form a new language of woke discourse. This provides both group identity for believers, and ironically, ‘others,’ outsiders.  

The pervasive attitude behind this new tongue is not so laughable. Ethnic minorities and groups are now not just legally ‘protected,’ by the 2010 Equalities Act, but cannot be criticised. Those that do might be guilty of ‘migratism,’ ‘othering,’ and worst of all ‘Brexiteering.’

Certain groups now seem to be above the law even if their crimes have been largely against women, such as the Pakistani grooming gangs, who were ignored for years, and the convicted Jamaican rapists who have just escaped deportation.

This week eighty-two black public figures, including Booker Prize winner Bernardine Evaristo, historian David Olusoga, lawyers, broadcasters, and Windrush campaigners contacted airlines urging them not to carry fifty-seven convicted Jamaican rapists and murderers, due to be deported in early December. Only thirteen have now gone. Scores were hauled off the plane at the last minute after legal challenges by what the Home Office said were human rights solicitors, ‘on the phones to judges in their pyjamas.’

In our country of mushrooming idiocy, rape and murder are seen by many in our state institutions as far less heinous than the sin of, ‘white hetereopatriarchy,’ whatsoever that may be.

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21 Comments on Do you suffer from migratism ? Will there be clinics for it ?

  1. Yes, we are under massive attack, by an alliance of vast numbers and many types of enemies.

    How many Persians did the 300 Spartans hold at the pass?

    What were the effects of the Spartan stand?

    The 300 died in what was a delaying action.

    And it was up to the women-folk of the 300 to hold it all together after the inevitable deaths of the 300, until the rest of Greece could man-up.

    And among the Spartans, and more widely among the Greeks, there were traitors.

    Lessons, morals, imperatives -what you think?

  2. Also “nativism”.
    The “inevitable consequence…of Englishness”, a longing for a “monocultural England that didn’t exist”, “an intensely nostalgic creed with very shallow and recent roots” that wants to “privilege its citizens over migrants…the nation’s industry not outsourced to cheaper labour markets abroad” that “genuinely doesn’t care whether we live or die”…”reject it” – Zoe Williams, “The Guardian”, 15 December 2020.
    Proof that Englishness existed and remains a real value can be found in my extensive Bibliography for The Royal Society of St George – download it, and join.

    • David, for me Englishness is the sense of the distinctive being and identity of the English. As an Heideggerian I might say that the former is “mit sein” and the latter “sein von”. The sense itself is a thing of the viscera and is not reduceable to its historical, cultural and civilisational effusions.

      • Yes, I am – and have felt – English, like my parents and close relatives, all my life. We English are both a nation and an ethnic group, and therefore inherit a territory, a language and cultural characteristics. We are also historically and (as the “Daily Mail” unwokely said “genetically”) part of the white race responsible for a civilization that includes the Anglo-Saxons, and which is under threat; cf. Kaufmann’s “Whiteshift” and Kemp’s “War against Whites”.

  3. Discuss among yourselves:

    That, nett nett, per capita, per group, non-whites (incl Muslims from anywhere) benefit from the general productivity and law-abidingness of whites, and not the other way ’round.

    Include in your assessments the obvious fact that not all whites are productive or law-abiding.

    Also discuss the implications that the truths involved in this discussion are now all but entirely banned from public expression.

  4. I suppose it should be asked: why do we reward, with academic positions, prizes and even honours, these charlatans who openly mock and spite us?

    There are so many in the Humanities forging careers by emitting an unending stream of poorly written, neologism riddled and tendentious publications. These people are no scholars; they need not research for they already know the answers: their modus is to cherry-pick confirmatory data to ‘critique’.

    The whole field is made rotten by these imposters, not to mention the damage they do in perpetuating their nonsense upon the young. At some point in a bleak future, I suppose, they will become insupportable, along with many other a luxury we presently deem indispensable. But in their case: roll on that day!

    • Why do we reward our mockers, our destroyers?


      We do not have power, or the skills, or the will, to look after our own interests.

      The academic mockers/destroyers are the tools of those who have enslaved us, if they are not enslavers themselves.

        • Yes John Sampson.

          And God helps those who look after themselves, in my experience.

          Though, as in the case of Job, there are those who must learn their lessons, the hard way, over long periods, and awaken to their ignorance, and begin to take remedial action, before God intervenes with His Great Help.

        • The Church used to exert a welcome restraint on crime and vice. Now what remains of it is largely consumed by the new “faith” of masochistianity.

  5. Yes.

    It’s bad alright.

    And just think:

    The situation will worsen, markedly, as days proceed.

    Extreme Terror -that’s our lot.

    And whenever anyone says: Well, it cannot become more terrible -it will.

  6. Throughout this entire process of anti-white cultural critique big-C conservatives have been looking steadfastly in the wrong direction while the cultural left has assimilated them. Hence, in 2010 David Cameron’s first act as Prime Minister of the coalition government was to homosexualise marriage. It is, he said in his memoirs, his proudest achievement.

    Now, after ten years of Conservatives in government, it is crystal clear that the failure to address Neo- or Cultural Marxist dogma and authoritarianism (aka, the cult of political correctness) in the public institutions has only encouraged the beast to radicalise (as it has this last summer, thereby facilitating a paradigm shift in wider Establishment attitudes). In particular, the race dicta has moved within a hair’s breadth of the general judgement that “white” equals “racist”. It certainly equals “unconsciously biased” – a novel pathological condition that can, apparently, be “trained out”. For now this is the Establishment position. But the possibility of “training” alone holds back the judgement that white lives don’t matter. This is where we now stand, even as we are being replaced in our towns and cities by populations which have been taught to hate us.

    Something truly terrifying is being prepared, and the forces driving this do not have a moral stopping point.

    • Yes, GW, we are surrounded by Idiots.

      And that is the least of it.

      Our daily lives, and our life prospects, are now dominated by evil-doers -that is, persons who act knowingly to inflict great hurt upon the plain folk.

      And we are thusly dominated because of the actions of naive idealists who enable the evil-doers, because well, it feels good to be self-righteous by way of enabling those who would destroy the peaceful, productive folk, because well, acting peacefully and productively, and being grateful for one’s unearned boons and benefits, are all just so old-hat and striving middle-class innit.

      And yes, there not too far back in the shadows, are the marxist-inspired white people, and Islamists, and certain kinds of blacks, and Chinese, orchestrating the whole thing, even if not in close alliance among themselves.

    • Cameron is also on record attacking multiculturalism. Sincere or not, vague or not, worth quoting – like Blair on “black” crime.
      “Happy is he who does his research” (Euripides?).

      • Attacking multiculturalism is a form of elite anxiety about the possible failure of the Establishment’s race project to deracinate the natives of this land. The elitists sense white anger and see white flight and the growing separation of the races, and they express this anxiety. Note that they do not want to end their race project. They certainly do not want the natives to do what they must to save themselves. They want the project to work better and quicker. So their solution is integrationism, by which it is hoped their vile aims will be delivered faster.

        However, integrationism was modelled in France, and it hasn’t worked there. In the end, the only thing these genuine genocidalists can do is to press on with the project. Hence they pass unjust laws, pimp out the police and security services to anti-white activists, commend the media and the big tech platforms to operate as censors, and indulge the hard left race hucksters to prevent our organisation and crush our dissent, the teachers to brainwash our children, and the party structure to totally insulate the possession and exercise of power from us.

  7. A book (c1970) by one Prof. Andreski – “Social Science as Sorcery”. Mysterious language is a means of convincing the credulous that they know something the rest of us don’t, to get power and make money.

  8. Dear Jane, a beautifully written piece, about one of the many madnesses afflicting those who have taken over the our organisations.
    I Have recently watched the HR director of the organisation which I work for, speak about the importance of Black Lives Matter in engineering, I fear that the corrosion is wide spread.

    • The only way to defeat this nonsense is to go into the cultural war jungle like the Chindits, accept it and exploit its advantages. Build a cross party coalition like the Brexit referendum, bringing in people like Paul Embury from the left. Sanity From Lunacy to paraphrase Slim.